Monday, August 2, 2010

Twosday? Toosday? Tosday? No...that is not right...right?

"You can't help respecting anyone who can spell Tuesday...even if he doesn't spell it right." ~Rabbit

 Sadly - I cannot spell...of course my dear readers know this all too well.  I am discouraged today.  Many of you know I have been on a mission to complete my bachelors degree.   I was very encouraged while calling APU at first.  I  spoke to my department head and while reviewing my file he said that nothing had changed in the COMM major and all I would have left to complete was the math requirement I was originally missing.  I spoke to the registrar and was told that yes, the math and also a year of language is now needed (which I expected).  You need 126 units to graduate.  I have completed 125.  But it was looking like things were going well...until they refused to call me back for well over a month.  My councilor said that there was a new requirement, that a certain amount of your last units HAD to be taken through APU.  I couldn't just take the classes at a JC and transfer them.  I told him to look into it and let me know - while making it very clear that I don't live there anymore.  Unless they are willing to work with me, let me take classes either online or correspondence my hands are tied.  I cannot come onto campus to take classes.  He said he would find the answer and call back....and so I waited.  Called them 2-3 times as I waited to see how things were going and no one could ever answer my questions...always said they would call me back.  Never did. 

Well - I came home after a weekend away to a letter from APU.  Informing me that to complete my degree I now need the math, the year of language and NOW I also need COMM 430, 440, 450 and Presentational Speaking (though they think that my advanced acting might count for that).  Huh?  Why are they telling me this now?  What changed?  And, they were sure to add that 18 of my last 24 units have to be taken AT apu.  Well, all those classes (not counting the one they think I can wave) makes 17 units.  So all of them have to be taken AT apu?  Ummm....yeah not going to happen! 

So tell me, where does that leave me now?  And yes, I know.  Much of this is my fault.  I did wait 6 years after all to complete this.  But to finally have the time and motivation to get it all finished and basically be told it is impossible is very frustrating!  I suppose I will call them this afternoon and see what they say.  I know the squeaky wheel gets the grease and if I am persistent enough there is a chance they will try to work with me.  But oh I am tired just thinking of it.   Does anyone have any tips?  Has anyone one else gone through anything like this?  Am I alone?  Am I really the only one who cannot spell Tuesday? 

On a happier note...we had a prayer answered this weekend!  A few weeks ago, I was coming off of a hard day of carting people around, dropping Ryan off at work, taking other people other places only to have to take Geneva home again before I get Ryan for lunch because we cannot all fit into the frustration I remember praying; "Oh God can't a car that fits us all just drop into my lap!  It would make all this so much easier!"  Of course after praying something like that I cannot do anything but laugh at ludicrous would that be after all!  Well, we were visiting Ryan's grandparents in San Diego this last weekend and as we were sitting at lunch (in the middle of the zoo no less!) His grandpa asks him "so, Ryan - would you like to have my car?"  Ummmm....huh?  This is not a question you typically hear from someone.  But yes, they have decided to get a new one and thought we might have use for another car.  YES!  It is a '94 Buick.  MAJOR granny car.  But I will rock my granny car! It is very comfy and in good shape.  Only thing is we have to get it cleaned because it smells very strongly of smoke.  But that is certainly doable!  Isn't it amazing when those prayers we pray...never really expecting them to be answered...are so completely answered?  A car fell into my lap!  Now, it is not the car I would have chosen...but when are these prayers ever answered how we think they will be?  I am very excited regardless of what kind or how old.  It works and it will seat all of us...I am blissfully happy, blessed beyond reason and so very thankful! We will go and get it in a few soon as we have the time to do so.  Yay!

Ah me...the movie is done. I must sign off.  I will write more later this week.  Much love to you all.


  1. sarah, when you come to get the car, let me know and perhaps we can meet up somewhere. i'd love to see you!!

  2. I am sorry for all the trouble with APU... are they not affiliated with FPU? FPU has a campus in Visalia. I can't imagine how frustrating that must be... I think bugging them will be the best thing. It seems as if they just don't want to think too hard about how to help you. Pray for someone who cares to answer the phone!

    Also, that is an awesome praise report! So exciting! By the way, it is Monday ;-) Although I think that's besides the point. God bless your day!


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