Monday, January 25, 2010

Pussy-cat Mew jumped over a coal,

And in her best petticoat burnt a great hole.
Poor Pussy's weeping, she'll have no more milk
Until her best petticoat's mended with silk.
                                               - Mother Goose

A year or so ago I went to a usborn book party (perhaps some of you reading this were there with me) at this party the host did a "break the ice" game of asking all the ladies there to write down the names of all the nursery rhythms they knew.  Well, the clock started and I started writing....then the clock stopped and I was still writing...  When we counted it up I had more then double the number written down then anyone else there.  And I would have had more if they had given us more time.  Now, I am not saying this in a bragging be perfectly honest I am not even sure if it is even something one should be proud of.  You see, at the time I was able to laugh it off saying I had two little ones and my oldest was in a nursery rhyme craze at that moment...but to be perfectly honest; I could have written all that and more way before I ever had children.

Nursery rhymes have always held a certain appeal to me.  Not sure why, but they itch a literary scratch that I was born with.    It must be hereditary - I believe my mother possesses the same itch.  For instance, has anyone here ever heard the rhyme written above?  I have yet to find it in any mother goose book I have ever bought or looked though.  Perhaps because it is so sad?  But as a child it was my very favorite - it was said often and loved dearly along with many many others.  I suppose even then I must have had a flare for the rhyme?   Now Taylor has heard this rhyme and could honestly care less about it.  My drama princess sees no purpose in a whining kitten who takes unnecessary risks.  Instead she loves the brutal honesty of Humpty Dumpty, I suppose in their basic structure both rhymes somewhat follow the same story line.  Both characters do something that was a bit risky, and both pay for their risk by having to deal with the consequence (unlike the Duke of York who's monotony could make any child yawn). Now that I think of it, Poor Pussy is actually kind of lucky. She only has to go without milk for a day or so while Humpty doesn't make it through at all...I guess my rhyme is pretty cheerful considering!

Nursery Rhyme aside, I want more banana bread.  Taylor already had a second piece so I know it is ok.  I think I shall put some water on for tea too.  I am out of my wonderful mango tea.  I still miss it!  I shall have to enlist someone who has a Trader Joe's close by to send me some...I wonder if they sell online...

So who all is coming to my housewarming party?  Make sure you let me know if you are - I want to make sure I have enough food.  My rule?  If you don't tell me you are coming and you show up, we will be very happy to see you...but you don't get any food!  Well, that is unless all the rsvp-ing guests have already had their fill and we have created, filled out and signed a petition agreeing you may eat.  But it is a long and tiring process so I suggest you simply rsvp to save yourself all that heartache and stress - and of course to save all my "good" guests the inevitable writers cramp.  That just would not do at a party after all.

Speaking of writing - I have decided to take on a second career...or is it third? Either way, I have decided to start looking up and entering some writing contests.   I did one last week and though I didn't win, I had a lot of fun doing it.  So if anyone knows good resources to find reliable ones let me know. 

Alright, alright - I will admit to the elephant in the room (no not that one, I will deal with that one in time - I"m just not ready yet!!) Er....I mean.....never mind.  I mean the fact that I never got around to posting house pictures.  I have no excuse.  I am setting slightly more realistic goals for myself this week.  For instance, I want to get my desk cleaned up.  If I can manage that I will consider myself victorious! 

Ah, tea - lovely!

Alright my beloved readers, I have much to post on what I have learned from my children this week and any other deals or fun things we have been up too - but this turned into a rambling-of-ideas post so I shall leave it that way and promise to do my best to post other things later this week....come on, I do it sometimes!

In parting I shall leave you with another one of my favorites:

Goosie goosie gander where shall I wander,
Upstairs, downstairs and in my lady's chamber
There I met an old man who wouldn't say his prayers,
I took him by the left leg and threw him down the stairs!

So in closing - May you stay clear of geese and may no one throw you down the stairs!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

As we all know, the sky above us is blue...

But wait just a minute, that's not always true.  Sometimes I've noticed, I"m sure you have too. the sky turns a purple, green-brownish gray hue.  And that's just how things were looking today on that planet of Priscilla's not so far away. 

For Priscilla in fact, there had been no blue for days.  It started last week with a yellowish haze.  Each day the sky darkened, it thickened like soup.  And then the whole sky just seemed to droop.  The first raindrop fell, then the second and third.  Then the clouds opened up and rain was the word!

It came down in buckets.  It came down in sheets.  Rain flowed like rivers through backyards and streets.  The fish thought it grand and the frogs sang with glee and the ducks' kooky quacking seemed quite to agree.

Well, Priscilla is neither a fish nor a duck.  By her way of thinking, this rain was bad luck  But bad luck aside, Priscilla's no poop.  She belongs to the do-what-you-gotta-do group.

She passed a few hours reading in bed.  Did somersaults, back bends and stood on her head.  She made up a language to teach to her doll.  But sally couldn't learn.  Her brain was too small!  Instead they had tea, but the water got cold.  The crumpets were crusty; the jam had a mold.  Now this one may stretch the bounds of belief, but Priscilla thought chores may bring some relief.  So she watered the plants and fed her pet fishes.  She swept out the dust balls and did all the dishes.  She fluffed up the pillows ... then flopped to the floor.  "Oh bonkers," she cried. "this rain is a bore!"

It rained all that day and the day after that.  It kept coming down, this was no pitter-pat!  By the third day, Priscilla was in quite a stew.  Spinning in circles.  Cabin fever beaucoup!   "Egads," she groaned grabbing fistfuls of hair. "All this rotten rain is really no fair.  One day of rain, one day would be fine.  But THREE days," she fumed, "is way out of line!" 
(Excerpt from Priscilla and the Splish-Splash Surprise -  by Nathaniel Hobbie and Jocelyn Hobbie)

This is our anthem today!  We tried to be productive and go the DMV (registration frustration...heehee)  but the line was out the door and already curved around the building.  Why!?!  What is going on there that no one has told me about?  Or is it just that all the other people who are experiencing the same frustration as I also got their notifications in the mail yesterday.
Needless to say, we all of a sudden had a un-controllable urge to go to Target and buy Ayla her ball (Taylor got a new ball with some Christmas money.  And Ayla was promised one too as soon as we had some free time) So the girls were happy!  They played in the toys for at least half an hour and then we wandered a bit before coming home to hot chocolate and Sesame Street.   A nice rainy day so far.  Though as a nap time story I want to read the book above.  It has been in my head for the past few days and I need to get it out!  Would anyone like to guess how far into that story I was able to get before I actually had to look at the book to see what came next?  It is a popular one in this house.  You see, it has fancy words.  Taylor likes fancy words.  Oh!  That reminds MUST see the outfit she picked out for herself today!

So fancy!

 ju......................................................................oops, sorry about that.  A couple hours break there. 

We have now eaten lunch, played a bit (Taylor had one tantrum) and the kids are abed.  Ahhh....listen to that silence!  Oh - and Taylor didn't want the Splish Splash suprise book.  "It's too long!" she said.  So Ayla got to choose a book and Taylor decided to go to bed without one.  She has been very sulky lately. 

The little ones have pushed today.  A bit more then is strictly normal.  As a result they will not be allowed any more shows today and they have to prove to me that can have good attitudes in order to earn the right to watch any tomorrow.  I like for TV to not be taken away as punishment.  But rather, as a reward for good behavior...does that make sense?  The result is technically the same.  But instead of me saying "you were bad! No TV!"  I am saying "You chose not to have a good attitude.  The consequences of not having a good attitude and not obeying is not getting the priveledge of watching a show.  When you show me you can control your body and your attitude then you get to watch a show!"  And then we can celebrate together when the attitude is good.  "Yay!  Taylor had a good attitude!  That means, you get to watch one show this morning!!  I bet, if we work really can have a good attitude ALLL afternoon too and then you get to watch TWO shows today!" 

Ok - maybe the second example just had a lot more words in it.  But yes, I"ll admit.  I really do talk to my kids like that.  We have probably had those exact conversation many times.  I figure - use small words all the time and that is all they will use!  Not that I am against using smaller words all the is just not my style.

Want to see one of Ayla's many moments of tempting my patience today? 

                                                                                                             She looks all cute and innocent.  But that mess had gotten under the drawers almost to the back of the frig, not to mention all over her hands (and probably in her mouth).  I am thankful though...that it was only one egg!
Still - we have had a good day.  I  found lacy undergarments at Target for 75% off.  Usually I am a Vicky's only girl.  But who can resist when you are in need of more, they are pretty and the most expensive was only $1!  And Ayla chose a green ball.  She likes it.  "BALL!!" She kept yelling down the toy isle.  Ah, to be so entertained by something so simple.  Shouldn't we all?  Life would carry so much more joy.  All a toddler needs to be in heaven is a butterfly to chase, a ball to throw, a dandelion with the fluff just asking to be blown.  These are true beauty.    

I know, I know, I promised more house pictures.  And I worked hard on my bedroom yesterday.  I put a picture up and everything!   But at the moment I don't feel like making my bed....and I am still waiting on a bookshelf to go in there and my quilt rack needs to be hung.  So it is not technically done.  Though I was very proud of the progress I made!

I have just gotten the craving for another cup of coffee.  So I think I shall flick on the Senseo and sit back and read a bit this afternoon break.  It is a blustery day and sitting with something hot in one hand and a book in the other sounds delicious! 

May you all have grand rain-soaked adventures....

Monday, January 18, 2010

55 paper lanterns.

Well - 6 "string lights" paper lantern sets purchased for my mom and sister.  They are in a pile right next to me, so when thinking of a title for today's post my eyes fell on them and I had a uncontrollable urge to count them all.  10 lanterns in the little boxes and 5 in the big one for Mariel.  They were 75% off...or did you guess that already?   Perhaps I should have gotten myself some?  Ah well, I don't have the mental space to come up with somewhere to put those.

Oh - before I forget.  Consider this your "Save the Date."   We are finally having a house-warming party!  It will be Saturday Feb.  7th.  Most likely late afternoon. Everyone is invited.  I will send out a few invites to people who are far away and don't check email or facebook or answer their phones, but I am going mostly word of mouth here (so don't be offended if you don't get one - you are still invited!).  Come see my new house!  I will have good things to eat.....and perhaps for those that stay late we will have a few Wii tournaments.  Any out of towners are welcome to stay here.  We have a spare room, and lots of floor space.  And if we run out of that we could always put a tent in  the backyard....though there is always a chance of rain here that time of year...just to warn you.  It could be an adventure!

Alright - I promised some pictures (Though you are not allowed to skip out on our party because you have already seen pictures) So to start things out here is some outside photo's!  This also gives me a chance to show off all our work this last weekend.  We have started the garden process!  So exciting...we have our garden boxes...oh, here, I'll show you:

Isn't it so wonderful?  Now we just need to buy all the dirt we need to fill them.  Should be a couple hundred dollars so we have to save up.  And here is our compost pile:

It is small now, but getting there! The pink in there is the streamers we used the other day when we were playing "race" in the backyard.  We tied the streamers between two trees and ran and ran and ran breaking it and tying it back together over and over as we raced.  LOTS of fun, cheap and we were all good and tired when we came in.  I even won a couple times!  Love games like that.  Can't play it again in the same spot though...we transplanted one of the trees:  And the other tree next to the boxes will be going  in the front yard.

Oh, and you want to see my Christmas roses?

There are three plants there - sorry they are hard to see.  But aren't they beautiful?!  They will be pink and red roses.  And we are talking about growing climbing white roses all along our back fence.  I want lots and lots of roses!  And lastly - here is a picture of the front of our house:

You like our gloomy weather?  It was sunny-ish for a couple days and now they say expect rain for the next 2 weeks.  I miss the sun!

 Remind me later, I need to go to the bank soon and buy a roll of dimes.  They are for Taylor and her chore chart.  She gets 10 cents a day if she does all her chores.  And then at the end of the week she has to put one of the dimes in savings and one in tithe.  So 50cents a week to spend however she wants.  If she wants to gain faster she can do extra chores.  But for now we decided this was enough for a 3 year old.  And she is thrilled!

I feel as if this post has been rather boring today.  Hmmm, not sure how to fix that.  Oh, say a prayer that the truck will pass smog today.  We have been working on fixing it at every spare moment and we are smogging it today.   It would really be wonderful if it could pass.  It is hard living with only one car between us.  In order to have the car to do anything during the day right now I have to wake up kids (well, Taylor.  Ayla is already up) at 6:45 to take Ryan to work.  And if I don't do that then we are stuck at home all day.  I would really love to be able to go to the gym every morning again.  It is therapy to me and we are all happier when that can happen. 

Perhaps if I can make it to the gym everyday then I will find my creativity again?  I have most certainly lost it today.  So I apologize everyone for my most boring post to date (at least in my own humble opinion).  I promise to do better next time!

May your day be sunny and your rain wet.  May your knees be muddy and your fingernails dirty.  May your eyes be full of joy and your shoes full of feet. And may you always land with your head up on the top. 

Friday, January 15, 2010

One misty, moisty morning, When cloudy was the weather...

...I chanced to meet an old man
Clothed all in leather.
He began to compliment,
And I began to grin,
How do you do?
And how do you do?
And how do you do, again?

A little known Mother Goose nursery rhyme that rather fits the weather today.  

OK - I have a bone to pick with "Super Why" the PBS TV show my children are currently watching.  For one thing, they sing the ABC song to a different tune.  Why mess with perfection!  The real tune is used in what...3 different songs?  Something is obviously working!  Secondly - the characters use their own created swear words all the time.  "Lickity letters," Oh my Chinni-chin-chin!" etc. I know it is supposed to be cute.  But it bothers me.  And thirdly?  I'm sorry - but Cinderella not only is supposed to leave the ball when the clock strikes 12, but she IS supposed to deal with the pain of losing the slipper and the hardship of evil step sister that care nothing for her self-esteem.  She does not, I repeat NOT choose to stay after her clothes turn back to rags and "be herself" only to discover that they liked her for who she was, not for her beautiful clothes.  OK - I understand the message that they are trying to teach.  But the story doesn't go that way!!!

Of course, this is one of my missions as a parent.  Excepting Disney (that in my head is just telling an entirely different story) I want my kids to know the real stories.  I'm sorry - but the wolf EATS little red riding hood and her grandmother.  He does not shove her in a closet like our "updated" story tells.  That is why there is a woodcutter, so he can use his axe to cut them out of the wolf's belly.  How they survive I am not sure - I figure as in all good stories the answer to that is simply "Magic." It is the fairy tale answer equivalent to the Children's Sunday school answer of "Jesus" for every question ("Who loves us? Jesus!") Not that I am comparing Jesus' love to Fairy Tale magic...though I do believe that Jesus loves fairy tales.  After all, he did tell lots of stories.  And there is much to be learned from hearing old stories.    Of course I have yet to understand the moral of my favorite Brothers Grimm story:  The Story of a Son Who Set Out To Learn To Shiver.  Please do tell if you can figure it out the moral of that one!

Would you like to hear my goal for next week?  Take pictures of my new house.  Yes, I am planning on taking one room a day and fixing it up to the point where I can snap a shot and send it to all you lovely people.  That way you can see my loved house...and of course tell me how much you love it too!  Ok - so that last part is not necessary.  But trust me you will want too when you see it!  I am very happy here, it still feels surreal and such a blessing.

Oh the last few days, after the fog clears, we have been playing in the backyard.  It is so lovely!!  This whole house feels like such a present from God.  Fits our every need, and most of our wants.  And is just the perfect size for us.  But next week you will see - perhaps I shall post a very small post everyday of each room as I make it picture ready. 

My Adventure to Becoming Organized has been going very well this week.  I have started a campaign to make un-savory jobs more acceptable.  For instance; I clean the front bathroom when the girls take their bath.  Just a wipe-down and small cleaning every two days keeps it tidy and clean and I never feel overwhelmed (The only thing I can't do during that time is clean the bathtub.  So that still has to be scheduled). Perhaps once a week or so they should get a special "Princess Bath" in mama's bathtub.  That way I can do mine too!  And I have just decided to find a new fun show to watch (to get on netflex...any suggestions?) that I am only allowed to watch when I fold laundry.  So then at nap time I can relax and watch a show in my room while getting laundry under control.   See?  I'm getting there!   It is a slower process then I thought it would be because my children can't seem to stay healthy for more then a few days (Ayla has a 101 fever out of no where again today).  But I am def. getting there!

Well, I just ran out of words....funny how that happens every so often...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Reaching for the sun

It has got to be out there somehow, I mean...we are alive after all.  And when I look outside (through the fog) I can make out the outline of my backyard.  That means the sun must still exist....right?  

Ok, ok - I know.  I AM lucky, it is not snowing, no blizzards here. The temp. stays in the positive and the ice is generally gone by noon.  But I still feel like a prisoner in my own house because it is JUST SO COLD!    My kids want so badly to go out and play in their backyard.  Especially since we got dollar spot swords from Target and Taylor made a pirate flag to go on her slide.  And of course, she knows my biggest weakness as a parent is my small one looking up with those big eyes and saying "mama, will you play pirates with me?"  I do so love playing pirates!

The weather man this morning said that the sun may come out this afternoon (along with saying the fog is "drivable" at least 12 times in the 20 minutes we were watching it.  We were laughing at the obvious amateur-ness of our local news.) Oh but sun, that would be so nice!  Then perhaps Taylor can get her pirate fix and we can bundle up and soak in some fresh air and light....maybe?

When we last spoke I informed you all of my desire to become more organized.  I am pleased to announce that while I have not made huge changes as of yet - I am still fully determined.  The first part of last week went well.  I was getting up early, making my lists and had started some good projects....then the plague hit.  First it was Taylor, then I followed close behind.  The others barely escaped the worst of it, but still had some residual and I believe we were all in bed by 9 last night.  Today we are all much better, just a little fuzzy around the edges.  Of course who knows how much of that is recovering and how much of that is a wet and dreary Monday.  This leads into what I learned from my children this past week....

When mama aint happy - aint nobody happy.

 Oh it is true!  When I was sick Taylor wouldn't play, she would only lay on the floor moping.  Mind you, she was still recovering herself...but the moment dad mentioned getting out of the house for a bit she perked right up.  Ayla lay on the couch with me much of the day and dad kept us all alive.  Funny how you simply go into survival mode, who cares if dishes get done - at least we ate!  Who cares if the room is clean or the laundry done so long as we have clothes to wear and can mostly walk through the living room.   There is time to take care of all that later, for now let us just devote our full attention to being alive!   

I feel having a simple stomach flu is small in the grand scale of things - but during my quiet time this morning I read this:  "You'll never know God is all you need until God is all you've got."  The stomach flu is a small thing, but oh it feels pretty big when you've got it!  And when you are laying in bed, unable to move - praying you survive this...or perhaps praying you can just die and have done with this! (don't we all become overly dramatic when faced with pain?) it is, in itself, a moment when you can think more clearly about life and what is important.  I find myself, in that moment - thanking God over and over for my amazing and wonderful husband.  I know that everything will be taken care of while I am out of commission.    I am so very thankful for family members that pray and call to ask how we are doing and ask if there is anything they can do to help.  I am thankful for kids that are learning to obey and do as daddy asks so mama can rest......ooops, we had an accident! 

Ok - maybe I should clarify that:  AYLA had an accident.   She has been in panties when we are home lately.  She has so enjoyed going in the potty and asks to whenever her diaper is changed.  And usually does!  So I figure the window is open, might as well take advantage.  We are going every 20 minutes or so and she usually will go for me...but she has yet to ask to go herself when she is in panties.  So we are taking it slow and seeing what happens.  I have been pleased.  She had an accident, but only a tiny one and then she finished on the potty, progress!

Oooh, guess what!  I got a bunch of garden stuff at target for 75% off!  k, just for fun I have to add it up...hold comes to $80 worth of stuff if I add it all up based on original price.  So that is right, I walked out spending only $20!  And it is all things I will use, I am so excited for my garden!  Now if only I can find the sun....

Lots of things are on clearance at Target right now - for those interested.  Jewelry, kitchen gadgets, woman's intimates, luggage, kids toys, baby items, house accessories (like hooks and shelves) camping supplies, bed-sheets and blankets and of course, garden supplies though they should mostly be gone by now.  Most of it all is still at only 30% off...but give it all another 2-4 weeks and there will be some good deals there!

Let me see, what is next on my schedule.  After "show" is "laundry!"  And that is also on my to-do list today.  Get control of the VERY out of control laundry in this house!  I also have "start organizing Ayla's room" (my item of the week...was item of the week last week too, but we all know how that turned out) "create the week's menu" and "Make Taylor's chore chart."  She needs another one - and we have decided to start an allowance with her since she has offered interest in saving for items she wants for herself, or to buy others.  So we figure that is a good sign she is ready to start.  Not sure yet what the amount she receives is going to and I still have to finalize that.  

I have decided, as a way to keep myself more on track I may post more often on here.  It will be a way to keep myself motivated and....ok, meltdown from one small 1 year old.  That is my cue - someone needs mom's attention.  So I leave you all for now.  I will try to post again soon.

May those around you have nice breath and clean fingernails.  And may you all have sun!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sheets in the laundry, Mary Poppins and a second cup of coffee

I know, I said Monday's.  But I find myself faced with a morning off (sort of) so I figured I should take advantage.  I heard those most dreaded words this morning "Mommy, I threw up in my bed."  poor Taylor is sick today.  We tried 1/4 cup of milk and it promptly came back up.  So officially sick and staying either in bed or on the couch.  Due to sickness, I have relaxed my strict 30 min only of TV this morning and turned on Mary Poppins.  After all, that is the only good thing about being sick right?  You get to stay in PJ's and watch movies until you feel better?  Lucky Ayla gets to share in Sissy's sick-day indulgance....oooh, water was a no-go as well.  Poor baby!

So I have a few pictures if anyone would like to see them:

As you can see, someone is a stinker.  She was found recently getting into something she knows is not hers. There was little remorse, mostly giggles as she watched me trying my hardest to look upset and not burst into laughter.  And of course running to grab the camera (I"m not sure that sends the best message) But now we have proof and I can tease her about it forever!

Isn't she so pretty?

 Ah, my child!  It is a good thing you are so very cute!

And as promised - a few Christmas pictures:

 Taylor picked out the tree herself, she was so proud!  We decorated together and Ayla promptly un-decorated.  The bottom three feet of our tree ended up being lights only and our pile of broken/discovered ornaments to the side kept growing.  I am still finding them around the house, popped into various corners.  She had fun this Christmas!

Of  course they wanted to "help" with everything

Taylor put the star up and Ayla "fixed" it.  They both were involved in all parts of the decorating.  As it should be!

Christmas eve we went to Church, then family came over to our house for hot cider and homemade soft pretzels.  Second year we have done that now, that means it is tradition now!  The girls opened their new PJ's.  Ayla went to bed right away, she was a tired girl.  Taylor was staying up until we looked on the Santa tracker on the computer and said "looks like Santa is almost here"  Knowing she had to be in bed for him to come she gasped and dashed into her room as fast as she could!  We had to assure her she had time to go potty, that it was safe - that Santa WOULD come but only after she had done potty.   It took some convincing to get her back out from under covers! Funny, we have not pushed Santa at all - I figure any explaining one way or the other would be confusing for a 3 year old.  So we have let it be as it will be and she had so much fun pretending Santa this year.

Christmas Morning was lovely.  We all got up early - Taylor was delighted to see the cookies were almost all the way eaten.  As was the last pretzel!  Did you know Santa liked soft pretzels?

Ayla learned all about opening presents this year.  She like it!

And look how happy she is to get her very own make-up brushes.  Now she can play with HER OWN and not mama's!

Princess Tiana panties!  Do Christmas's get any merrier? 

Ah, surrounded by Christmas splendor - beautiful!

Ayla loved her bubbles, she played with them forever.

All in all a lovely morning.  After our own morning together we went to Grandma and Granddad's for brunch and  more Christmas cheer.  A beautiful day to be sure.

So we have now thrown-up four times and she keeps running to the bathroom saying she needs to go potty - nothing yet.  This small post has taken almost all of Mary Poppins so far, that is what happens when I have to jump up every 3 minutes to help an ailing Taylor.  I am feeling a bit off myself, though I think that could be nothing more then the power of suggestion.  A powerful thing our imaginations!

"fiddlesticks boy!  You feed the birds and what do you get?  Fat birds!"  Heehee, makes me laugh each time.  So many little known quotes from Mary Poppins that I love.  Such as "I am not a may-pole, kindly stop spinning about me."  Priceless!  I always swear I will enter "spit-spot" into my everyday vocabulary every time I see this movie.  Hasn't happened yet, but it will!   I should see if our library has this book.  I have decided to start reading a chapter every evening of a chapter book to my kids before bed.  I think I may start with Peter Pan as it is a favorite of Taylor, but perhaps Mary Poppins will be next. 

Have you all heard of my desire to organize my life?  I have been forgetting things too much, being generally un-reliable, I always feel behind and overwhelmed by the house and I am sick of it.  So now, every morning I have been getting up at 6:30 (I can do it only through sheer will-power) and taking some quiet time, a moment to pray and ask God to bless my day.   I make my to-do list and check my email without small hands pulling on my and saying "old-ju, old-ju" over and over and over and over and over and over......  Then I get coffee started and breakfast made.  It is one of the ways I can show my wonderful husband how much I love him - by making breakfast for him every morning.  I do so hate doing it, but it makes a good start for the day for both of us.  And if it makes his day better I am happy to do it for him.  And baring ear infections, stomach flues and other illnesses, a good start to the day can make the rest of it so much better.  My list today included:  Call a particular friend, start on organizing Ayla's room; stick to our new daily schedule and write on my blog....well I have done one of those!

Is it really only 10:00am?  Oh goodness this day is going to be a long one.  Ah well, such is the life of a mom.  I will take my leave of you now.  Taylor just said she is feeling a little better now so we shall see if she would like to sit up and hear a story.  I am not brave enough to try any food, but sometimes just sitting up can make a difference. 

Many blessings on you all, and may you stay healthier then us!