Monday, January 11, 2010

Reaching for the sun

It has got to be out there somehow, I mean...we are alive after all.  And when I look outside (through the fog) I can make out the outline of my backyard.  That means the sun must still exist....right?  

Ok, ok - I know.  I AM lucky, it is not snowing, no blizzards here. The temp. stays in the positive and the ice is generally gone by noon.  But I still feel like a prisoner in my own house because it is JUST SO COLD!    My kids want so badly to go out and play in their backyard.  Especially since we got dollar spot swords from Target and Taylor made a pirate flag to go on her slide.  And of course, she knows my biggest weakness as a parent is my small one looking up with those big eyes and saying "mama, will you play pirates with me?"  I do so love playing pirates!

The weather man this morning said that the sun may come out this afternoon (along with saying the fog is "drivable" at least 12 times in the 20 minutes we were watching it.  We were laughing at the obvious amateur-ness of our local news.) Oh but sun, that would be so nice!  Then perhaps Taylor can get her pirate fix and we can bundle up and soak in some fresh air and light....maybe?

When we last spoke I informed you all of my desire to become more organized.  I am pleased to announce that while I have not made huge changes as of yet - I am still fully determined.  The first part of last week went well.  I was getting up early, making my lists and had started some good projects....then the plague hit.  First it was Taylor, then I followed close behind.  The others barely escaped the worst of it, but still had some residual and I believe we were all in bed by 9 last night.  Today we are all much better, just a little fuzzy around the edges.  Of course who knows how much of that is recovering and how much of that is a wet and dreary Monday.  This leads into what I learned from my children this past week....

When mama aint happy - aint nobody happy.

 Oh it is true!  When I was sick Taylor wouldn't play, she would only lay on the floor moping.  Mind you, she was still recovering herself...but the moment dad mentioned getting out of the house for a bit she perked right up.  Ayla lay on the couch with me much of the day and dad kept us all alive.  Funny how you simply go into survival mode, who cares if dishes get done - at least we ate!  Who cares if the room is clean or the laundry done so long as we have clothes to wear and can mostly walk through the living room.   There is time to take care of all that later, for now let us just devote our full attention to being alive!   

I feel having a simple stomach flu is small in the grand scale of things - but during my quiet time this morning I read this:  "You'll never know God is all you need until God is all you've got."  The stomach flu is a small thing, but oh it feels pretty big when you've got it!  And when you are laying in bed, unable to move - praying you survive this...or perhaps praying you can just die and have done with this! (don't we all become overly dramatic when faced with pain?) it is, in itself, a moment when you can think more clearly about life and what is important.  I find myself, in that moment - thanking God over and over for my amazing and wonderful husband.  I know that everything will be taken care of while I am out of commission.    I am so very thankful for family members that pray and call to ask how we are doing and ask if there is anything they can do to help.  I am thankful for kids that are learning to obey and do as daddy asks so mama can rest......ooops, we had an accident! 

Ok - maybe I should clarify that:  AYLA had an accident.   She has been in panties when we are home lately.  She has so enjoyed going in the potty and asks to whenever her diaper is changed.  And usually does!  So I figure the window is open, might as well take advantage.  We are going every 20 minutes or so and she usually will go for me...but she has yet to ask to go herself when she is in panties.  So we are taking it slow and seeing what happens.  I have been pleased.  She had an accident, but only a tiny one and then she finished on the potty, progress!

Oooh, guess what!  I got a bunch of garden stuff at target for 75% off!  k, just for fun I have to add it up...hold comes to $80 worth of stuff if I add it all up based on original price.  So that is right, I walked out spending only $20!  And it is all things I will use, I am so excited for my garden!  Now if only I can find the sun....

Lots of things are on clearance at Target right now - for those interested.  Jewelry, kitchen gadgets, woman's intimates, luggage, kids toys, baby items, house accessories (like hooks and shelves) camping supplies, bed-sheets and blankets and of course, garden supplies though they should mostly be gone by now.  Most of it all is still at only 30% off...but give it all another 2-4 weeks and there will be some good deals there!

Let me see, what is next on my schedule.  After "show" is "laundry!"  And that is also on my to-do list today.  Get control of the VERY out of control laundry in this house!  I also have "start organizing Ayla's room" (my item of the week...was item of the week last week too, but we all know how that turned out) "create the week's menu" and "Make Taylor's chore chart."  She needs another one - and we have decided to start an allowance with her since she has offered interest in saving for items she wants for herself, or to buy others.  So we figure that is a good sign she is ready to start.  Not sure yet what the amount she receives is going to and I still have to finalize that.  

I have decided, as a way to keep myself more on track I may post more often on here.  It will be a way to keep myself motivated and....ok, meltdown from one small 1 year old.  That is my cue - someone needs mom's attention.  So I leave you all for now.  I will try to post again soon.

May those around you have nice breath and clean fingernails.  And may you all have sun!

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