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Essential oils 101: Day 3!

Good morning to all! So far this morning I have already gotten to use my Frankincense and Lavender on a bump that my littlest received as she tried to "fly" off our guest bed. I'm hoping it helps prevent a black eye! In the meantime, I"m off to warm my cup of wonderfulness for the back in a moment and we will get started!

I'm going to continue today with some specific oil blends that have been put together to do some VERY specific jobs. doTerra has noted that certain oils are particularly suited for internal consumption. They have put these in ready made capsule form. DDR Prime, Slim andSassy, and DigestZen are available in pre made soft-gels. They also make an OnGuard+ soft-gel, for when you are starting to get sick, and, as we saw before, they have put Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint in a soft-gel for allergies. They call this their TriEase Blend. You also can get empty veggie caps from Doterra (or online) and fill them yourself. Another option is to take the oils like a shot – a few drops in water and down the hatch! This is especially helpful if you have a sore throat or heart burn and you would like to feel the benefit of the oils as they go down.

The oil that I "shoot" most often is Slim and Sassy. It is doTerra's Metabolic Blend and is their #2 bestseller. Not only does it support your metabolism, but it helps to curb hunger and cravings. I've heard of people lose more than 50 pounds just by adding this oil to their daily oil routine.

If you are really trying to lose weight, the recommended dosage is 25 drops/day. The oils aren't time released, so it is important to spread these drops out throughout the day. The BEST way to do this, is to use this oil throughout the day in your drinking water. Some people love the flavor, I am one of them, but I know lots of people that can't stand it. You can certainly put this oil in a capsule, or use the pre made soft-gels. This oil is VERY strong tasting, it is a mix of lemon, grapefruit, cinnamon, ginger and peppermint – (the ginger and peppermint makes your lips tingle!) I personally take about 8 drops a day, and I am convinced that simply tasting it and smelling it contributes to curbing my hunger and cravings.

OnGuard is doTerra's "Protective Blend," and it is what I refer to as my "Zombie Apocalypse" oil, because it is the one oil I never want to be without. I strongly believe that this is the oil that keeps my family well. I make roller bottles of this, and since we use it daily just for prevention, my roller bottles are just 1/3 OnGuard and the rest is fractionated coconut oil. My kids love it because they get to put it on all by themselves. I have them swipe the bottoms of their feet before we go out and about or before playgroups.

Just to be really clear on this, my babies definitely would go to the doctor and take whatever medication they needed to be healthy. Its just that in the last 6 months, with the oils as our first line of defense, we haven't needed to even once! As a mom, I just LOVE that!

OnGuard has several different oils in it, including Clove Oil. Clove Oil is nature's highest source of antioxidants. The ORAC scale (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity scale) measures the antioxidant power of different foods. Blueberries are considered a very powerful antioxidant and they score very high on the scale at 2,500. Clove Oil scores the highest at 1,078,000! I am so glad that this is an oil we get every single day!

People often ask how I get my OnGuard every day. I really don't topically apply it, like I do for my girls. Aren't we always better about taking care of our kids than ourselves? However, OnGuard is such a popular oil, that doTerra has a whole line of OnGuard products and while I don't have all of them (I wish!) there is a good amount I have managed to work into my daily routine.

First, we all use the hand soap, my kids say it smells like Christmas! And if you wash your hands for a good 30 seconds, you do absorb a full dose of OnGuard.

They make little OnGuard beadles and (they also make these in Peppermint.) These are in my purse all the time. They are these tiny, tiny little capsules that just encapsulate one single drop of oil. You can swallow them whole or pop them open in your mouth. I love the flavors, so I pop them in my mouth.

They also offer toothpaste, laundry soap, throat-drops, and an OnGuard cleaner concentrate. It has been shown not only to kill bacteria a viruses such as the flu and MRSA, but counters cleaned with the OnGuard cleaner actually resist new growth! I am sure this is another reason my family stays so well.

Hereis an article that talks about some of the scientific studies that are being done using OnGaurd to fight super bugs like MRSA.

61. Anyone feeling overwhelmed? I know it is a lot of information! You do not have to learn it all at once. For some people, watching a class is simply easier. This is a great one that I love to share!

I have been SO intimidated to write about the Lifelong Vitality Pack. For starters, it is doTerra's #1 best seller. That's right, an essential oil company's best sellers are actually their supplements. These supplements do include 9 essential oils, including Frankincense and Clove, which are oils that everyone should use daily.

Since this feels likes such an intimidating topic, let me start with this GREAT video that will explain the Lifelong Vitality Pack (LLV) way better than I every could.
One thing that really separates the Lifelong Vitality supplements (LLV) from other supplements is that they our sourced from natural, whole foods. They aren't synthetic, so your body absorbs and utilizes them very well.

In the past when I had taken supplements of any kind, they made me feel funny, often jittery, and they always upset my gut. I don't have any of that with the LLV. They give me increased energy, I believe they have a strong role in balancing my hormones, and I have had all sorts of "happy side-effects" that I attribute to LLV. My hair and nails grow crazy fast. My eczema is gone. And, I have had all sorts of aches and pains just go away.

Because they are sourced from whole foods, these are bulkier than most synthetic supplements. The LLV pack is composed of three different bottles of supplements: Alpha CRS, Microplex VMZ, and EO Mega. The daily dosage is 4 pills from each bottle. That shocked me at first, but it is a great reassurance that these are whole foods and not synthetics. Because I have a normal diet rich in veggies and fruits, and because I am trying to save where I can I actually take a half dose everyday (so two of each daily) Even on the half dose I have felt a great improvement! 

This is a great link to learn more about doTerra's Lifelong Vitality Supplements. You can click on each bottle to see a brief overview. From there, you can also click on the "Product Information Page" to download in depth information about each supplement. You will notice there are 4 bottles listed. This is because EO Mega comes in two forms: xEO Mega, the original formulation, and vEO Mega, the vegan formulation.

The main resource that I use when learning more about using my oils is my Modern Essentials book. This book is not made or sold by doTerra, but it certainly caters to doTerra oils. It compounds a lot of oil research in a user-friendly format. It talks about the history of using essential oils, how to apply them, the science behind why they work and then it goes through all of the oils one by one and talks about how they are used and what their chemical property is. Then it also has a section where you can look up ailments and learn suggested oil protocols. And everything is cross-referenced. I love it.

Not really as an incentive (though you are welcome to consider it that if you like!) but more as a key resource, I do want to let you all know that if you sign up with a whole-sale membership under me (with an order of 200pv or more – we will talk about what that means in a little bit), I am happy to gift you a Modern Essentials book! I think it is just such an amazing resource, and truly important to have as you start your journey.

This is where I buy my book:  or you can also get it from amazon.

This is a video all about the book:

I also use the site all the time – several of you will probably recognize it since it is my #1 resource while doing research on specific health concerns online.

When you enroll as a wholesale, our team also has a wonderful Facebook page where you can ask questions and converse with others who have potentially dealt with the exact same concerns you will be addressing for you and your family. On your computer, there is also a "search box" at the top right-hand corner of all Facebook groups. This is so helpful on our Facebook page, because you can search past posts and read past conversations that people have had months before. It is a huge time saver for me. And, it is nice to know that the group is private and I have some sort of connection to everyone in the group.

This wraps up the education portion of our class!

We will now enter into your purchasing options for the oils. Like I said before, I LOVE being a part of educating. So if that is all you are here for then I am so glad you were a part of this journey. But if you are interested in getting some oils to use for yourself, then please keep reading – and as always, please ask lots of questions!

There are two main ways to purchase your oils: retail and wholesale. There is also a 3rd option, known as the preferred member. The attached image explains the difference. Honestly, I have never had anyone choose the preferred member option. Most people enroll as wholesale members and most of them get their membership for free. So, that makes it a bit of a “no-brainer."

I think of the wholesale membership as a Sams Club or Costco membership. It is an annual membership that gets you 25% off retail prices. There are further discounts and opportunities for monthly free products. You can also choose to enroll in Loyalty Rewards and you earn money back on your purchases towards purchases in the future.

To get your wholesale membership you can either pay $35 (and then get whatever you would like for 25% off) or enroll with an enrollment kit. That math works out that when you enroll with an enrollment kit, your enrollment fee is basically waived. This is a link to the different kits that count as enrollment kits.

These are my three favorite enrollment kits...

The smallest kit that I find to be really popular is the Family PhysicianKit + Slim and Sassy.

A lot of people love the Family Wellness Kit. It has the Family Physician Kit and the Lifelong Vitality Pack, along with a few more great items to get you started. This is the kit I started with, and I love that it gives you a great start in taking care of your family with oils.

The other kit that I love is the Natural Solutions Kit. It gets you some of the most popular oils, your supplements, and even your diffuser. Its a great option for someone who really wants to start out with a broad experience of the oils and how to use them.

Every Wellness Advocate has their own retail site. Mine is You can buy retail directly from there if you feel that fits you best.

If you are choosing to get a wholesale pricing, we can walk through that together.

But - if you are anxious to join ASAP, here are some basic instructions:

1. Go to your
2. At the top, right corner, click "Join."
3. When you do, on the righthand side of the page, choose to enter into the new enrollment process. There is an picture with flags on it.
4. Select your country and select "Wholesale Prices."
5. On the first page, you fill out your personal information.
6. You also need to enter your Enroller's ID. Make sure that this is there! My number is 866006.
7. On the second page, you choose whatever enrollment kit you are choosing to enroll with. If you would prefer to just pay the $35 you can choose to get the "Introductory Kit." The following section allows you to add individual products to your order.
8. When you are done with that, you enter your payment information.
9. When you are enrolled, it will pop up a screen that will give you your order number and your Membership ID. Make sure you write down your Membership ID for future reference, though I think they will also e-mail it to you.

Remember, you do not have to walk through the enrollment process on your own. I'm more than happy to go through it with you!

 Ok - this last picture is just for fun:

 But in my case, it really has been true! My heart is to share these oils, and in many ways it has felt really blessed. I have not tried at all to make money with Doterra, but I have found that it truly fits a need that so many people are missing. I have taken the time to simply answer questions, do research and be an example of what these oils can do and I have been overwhelmed by the interest. If anyone is interested in sharing with their friends, I would be happy to help you! If you sign up as a wholesale member and want to hold your own online class, I can provide all the info (Any new members would be signed up under you, unless you don't feel comfortable following up on training, then I am happy to sponsor them!) or if you wanted to have friends over for a girls night, I would love to come and do all the teaching in person. (provided I can get to you.) And then we get to play with all the oils hands on! Just private message me and we can schedule a time (I also offer a free citrus oil to those just wanting to host a class).
That concludes our online class! You all have made this a truly wonderful experience. I have had so much fun! I will leave all this info up for another week if you need to catch up, please do so at your own pace. No hurry! And of course let me know if you have any questions at all.
May you all be truly blessed - and happy oiling!!

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