Wednesday, June 29, 2011

You tell me:

Alright - here are some pictures.  Let the guessing begin!  I want to know from you: When you think this baby will be born, boy or girl and how big they will be.  I am currently 37 weeks and 2 days.

To make things a little easier I will post my current kids beginning stats:

Taylor, born at exactly 37 weeks.  6lbs 2oz
Ayla, born at 38 weeks 5 days. 7lbs 2oz
Just the belly         
Front view

Side again - ignore the funny look. We are just looking at the belly here people

Back view(s)

Size comparison with Ayla's head?

I actually liked this picture, so it got to be added too!

And lastly:

Walking...fascinating I know!

 So since I am really not a fan of "pregnancy pictures" and even less so the posed "I am standing in front of a wall, look at my belly" pictures (nothing against anyone who likes these, they just always feel awkward to me).  You get some playing at the berry patch ones! I tried to get all the angles - thanks so much to my sister in law Diana for taking these!

We decided to go to the berry patch again this morning because we had such a wonderful time last time, and this time aunty could come too!  Amazingly, it was kind of cold. I figured we should take advantage of possibly the last coolish day of summer and spend it outside.

And now, because I am tired of looking at myself, I will post some of the awesome pictures she got of my babies!  Just to warn you, there are a lot of not babies.  Though soon that may not be so true... 

 That's all for now folks!  Thanks for looking.  We had tons of fun again, this is absolutely one of my very favorites summer activities.  And the kids love it too! 

Soooo - give me your predictions.  I want to know who ends up being right!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

blackberry picking!

Blackberry picking, blackberry picking
we're going blackberry picking,
the berries are sweet but the thorns are prick'n
We're going blackberry picking!       - Gary Rosen

Well, and blueberries (Ayla's favorite) and boysenberries, and raspberries and one other that I can't remember the name of.   In short, we went berry picking this morning and it was lots of fun!

I know, but I have not forgotten you all.  I figured it was time that I put some pictures of my kids up so friends and family can see them.  And what better excuse then this?  

I was glad we went before 9am.  It was already hot!  But oh, nothing tastes better then a sun warmed blueberry, perfect ripeness eaten right off the bush! I am not generally a blueberry fan, but these are pure heaven!  The farm is about 10 miles from my house, maybe even closer.  All you do is show up and ask to pick.  They hand you a basket and tell you everything is organic so feel free to eat off the bushes as much as you want.  You only pay for what you take home.  To walk through where all the bushes are takes probably about 40 minutes, more if you are picking a lot.  So perfect for little ones - and pregnant moms!

Taylor is being silly here.  She is going through a "be silly for the camera" phase while Ayla is in a "I am shy of the camera" one.  I think it means I need to take more pictures.

 Taylor always wanted a berry in the picture with her.  She liked the blackberries best though there was a constant competition to find the biggest blueberry and Ayla was constantly finding "good blueberries to give to the new baby."  Yes, that means mom gets to eat them!

Ayla got tired pretty fast.  She doesn't like the heat.  "I'm too hot mama, I want to go home and eat my blueberries."  Luckily we found some shade and picked there for a while. 

Taylor on the other hand could have stayed for another hour or two!  She was having lots of fun.  I think next time we should bring some friends with us.  Anyone want to come?
 I think this was one of the "big ones!"

Always with a blueberry in front of the face!

I feel almost guilty that we have lived here as long as we have and this is the first time we have gone here.  It is so perfect for spring/summer.  One of the wonderful things about a place like Hanford is the summer fruit.  You can't do this in LA!  At least not where you have total run of the farm, can take as long as you want and eat whatever you can't fit into your basket. I have decided that until the baby gets here Wednesdays are our "do something fun together" day.  I  have to schedule these things or they don't always happen.  But we need it, and soon there will be little chance to do these fun things together, at least not without a baby in tow!  

Here is a little picture of what the bushes looked like.  LOTS to choose from!

So that was our adventure of the day!  I will soon come on here and update about Taylor's dance recital, our baby birds, most likely more baby lists and of course, you never know when I will wake up in the middle of the night and come on here to spout philosophy and/or opinions that perhaps are better kept un-posted....

But anyhow, I love you all and may you all be covered in berry juice.  In my humble opinion, one of the best ways to be!