Monday, September 28, 2009

A little known fact: It IS cheaper to eat healthy!

I apologize in advance to all.  The following is a rant that has been driving me crazy for a long time.  I also apologize to any who may have said these words - I am not blaming you in particular, just the idea out there I consider completely naive and entirely wrong!

I am a part of several online communities - some of you reading this are probably my wonderful online friends I am never met but love dearly.  Something I have run into several times recently has been driving me absolutely insane.    The words "I want to eat healthy, but it is too expensive.  It is just so much cheaper to eat junk!" I read/hear this and it makes my blood boil.  Okay, maybe I am over-reacting.  But it just screams ignorant and lazy to me!  No, it is not cheaper to eat junk.  Ah!  But you say, soda is 99cents.  Juice can be as much as $5 a bottle!  Well guess what my friend...water is free! And eat an apple or banana to get your fruit intake - again, cheap!   Mac and Cheese is $1 a box if you get it on sale.  But you know what?  So is three times that amount of macaroni in dried form. And cheese, milk and butter in bulk would probably come out to less then that box of processed junk when you are speaking percentages.   

I apologize - I am all for the occasional box of mac and cheese.  In no way am I saying you are evil for eating it.  Everything in moderation is my philosophy.  But please don't tell me it is cheaper!   

Beans, rice, flour, oil and local fruits and veggies.  You can live off these things.  And they are cheap and sooo good for you.   So I digress - healthy CONVENIENCE food is more expensive then junk convenience food.  And I do understand that when you work, it is hard to make a meal from scratch every time.  Hey - it is hard to make a meal period when you are that tired! 

So I am calling for a revolution!  I vow to think ahead.  I vow to stop using finance as an excuse to not eat what I should.  Is anyone with me?  I want my kids to grow up with healthy ideals when it comes to food.  To eat their veggies and ask for more!  To grow strong, healthy bodies and know how to keep them that way.  To know how to teach their own kids when the times comes.  And I want to be around to know my grandkids - so I will work to keep my own body strong and healthy. 

Ok - I know.  I am an extremist at times.  And as I said, I am not against the occasional junk at all.  But why shouldn't we strive to be the best?  If we do everything we can to be healthy in our meals then we can enjoy a cookie or chocolate dessert without guilt!  Well, I do anyhow.  I always eat my chocolate without guilt!  Of course I also believe there are healing powers in chocolate that we have only just began to discover.

Alright - end rant. 

On to more interesting matters - my children!    Taylor has grown up this week.  You know how sometimes they wake up one morning and it is as if their brains grew in the night and they are just a little older then they were the day before?  Let me see - what did I learn from Taylor this week?  Ah!  Yes!  I learned how you make PB&J.   According to Taylor:  "Peanut butter is just squished peanuts and Jelly is squished jellyfish!  No, jelly is dead, squished, baby jellyfish!"  Huh!?!  We couldn't stop laughing.  In the words of parents everywhere (say it with me now) "Where on earth did she get that!?!?" So everyone, think the next time you bite into that delicious sandwich.  Think how many jellyfish had to die for that bite.  Baby jellyfish no less!

The daycare at my gym learned about Ayla this week.  I went to pick her up on Saturday after working-out and she had gotten the battery section of a pretend phone open.  Somehow had opened the screw and everything.  This child!  Speaking of ayla - just went and checked on her.  She has been watching a show for the last 30 minutes....yet somehow her face is purple. smell.  No evidence of a purple something anywhere around her.  Yet there is evidence all around her mouth.  A crayon perhaps? A marker? What is purple that this child could have eaten?  Oh well, I give up!  

Oh, and Ayla is in a big girl bed now!  So proud of her.  She is doing so good.  Ryan took the side off the crib just so the girls could play in it when I had my Friday night out and put her to bed that way.  She has done wonderfully every since!   My baby is growing up was bound to happen!  Now the next step?  Thinking of potty training.

Ah - time is getting short.   I will however ask for prayer on one matter.  Ryan and I have discussed me looking into a part-time job evenings and/or weekends.  It would help us get out of debt faster, and take some of the financial pressure off him.  Pray for clarity on if this is the right choice, and speed at finding something if it is.  The idea of working again actually makes me excited. 

Until next week my friends - be well.  Ha!  It was a purple crayon!  Thank God, I don't want to get a reputation with poison control!


Monday, September 7, 2009

A Monday Off

Ah - holiday weekends.  Beautiful, are they not?  Especially when they arrive on the heals of a wonderful weekend away. 

All that to say:  I have decided I will do my best to update this blog every Monday - holiday or no. I am, at the moment, sitting and enjoying the smell of freshly baking bread while my little ones have just gone down for a nap.  Isn't the beginning of nap time such a delicious feeling?  Knowing that at least for the next hour, I can breath.  Today, since my wonderful husband is home on a day off we will be watching an episode of HERO's together before we go our separate ways and have some alone time.  I am trying to decide if I should attempt an escape to target for an hour.  Hold on one moment, let me check my target schedule.....markdowns are as follows:

-Mon. -- Electronics, Kids Clothing, and Stationary (Cards, GiftWrap, etc.)
-Tues. -- Domestics, Women's Clothing, Pets and Market (food items)
-Wed. -- Men's Clothing, Toys, Health and Beauty, Lawn & Garden items
-Thur. -- House Wares, Lingerie, Shoes, Sporting Goods, Movies, Music, Books, Decor and Luggage
-Fri. -- Auto, Cosmetics, Hardware, & Jewelry

Though I happen to know that my Target marks down toys on Thursdays and House ware's on Fridays.   My husband tells me I have a problem.  I just consider it being a savy shopper!  Hmmm....Wednesdays are lawn and garden and so the window box I am watching is most likely still at the 50% off.  I would like it to plant my baby herb garden in now that they are big enough to ask so nicely to be taken out of their tiny pots.  And it will be a wonderful project for Taylor and I.  Is it bad I want to name my tiny herbs?  I always know I have affection for something when I have the urge to name it.  I shall ask Taylor if it needs a name and will update you all with her answer. 

My list does not include kitchen....Hmmmm.  Will have to search for a more complete list.   I am watching a few items there - and for those interested, the electronics will most likely be clearance in the next 2 weeks...alright.  I admit it.  My name is Sarah - and I am a TargetClearanceHolic.

Had a lovely weekend away with my wonderful husband, but I will not speak of that.  For one thing it would bore half of you and disgust the rest.    And for another...when something is truly so wonderful it is almost dreamlike...I don't like talking about it in case it turns out not to be real after all.  That is also the reason I hate taking pictures on trips like that.  Who really wants to see pictures of us without the kids anyway?

I have decided to post here on my blog-thingy once a week. While posting, I intend on enlightening the general public on several things - #1:  What I learned from my children in the past 7 days.  #2: What new recipes I have decided to try #3:  I vow to include at least one new picture of my ever changing little ones and #4: I will begin and end with whatever I jolly well please.

So that means I have some catching up to do.  Firstly (is that a word?) I have learned from Taylor that according to God she no longer has to go potty.  Now, her and I have had a disagreement about this but she remains adamant and OH MY BREAD IS DONE!  er...sorry...I just love fresh bread so much!  Anyhow, I informed my little one that God does in fact want her to go potty - she was, however, not convinced.  I then changed my approach.  You see, if God did not want us to go potty - Elmo would not sing a song about it.  Too true I say!  Do you know that on the Sesame Street web page, on the "Elmo Potty Time" game that is all about listening to your body and stopping whatever you are doing to go potty; there is no pause button?  I cannot stop it, so that my child can "stop whatever she is doing and go" and start it again when she returns.  I am thinking of complaining to the management.  Think they will listen?

Secondly, I announced to my wonderful husband yesterday that I will be cooking more soup this winter.  For one, I love it.  And for is cheap!  So I need a good cookbook.  What did he do?  Did he support me by telling me it was a wonderful idea and gasp at the brilliance of his wonderful wife?  No, he laughed.  He said I say it every winter and never do.  Well!  I will show him!  Now I need to find a good cookbook so I can be true to my word.  I will not be proved wrong! (Yes, yes I know - my stubbornness is predictable and possible even laughable.  But it is me and it is true!) My conditions?  This cookbook must have pictures next to the recipes.  I want to be able to see what it should look like.  It must have a good verity without being too exotic (I want chili to be included, but could care less about "Asian inspired black bean, corn and prawn chowder with sweet and sour curry sauce") And lastly I do not want the word "canned" to be included in any of the ingredients of  bean or vegetable soups.  I want to use real beans and real veggies.  Why is this so hard to find?  Ah well, the search begins. 

And lastly (did I miss anything?  Goodness, I promise all my posts will not be so lengthy) I will include some pictures of my very favorite people.  Oh, and while we had tons and tons of fun - I am still finding dried beans in corners of my living room as well as corners of my one-years-old's mouth.  Enjoy!
A Bean Angel!! 

Until next week - be well my friends!!