Monday, November 30, 2009

Déjà vu

Haven't we been here before?  If I remember correctly, I excitedly mused last Monday about experiencing my last day in this house....I was wrong - so very wrong!  Here we sit, still here.  But just like last Monday, we are supposed to fund today and thereby close could it be that TODAY is my last day in this house?  Please please please?

On a complete change of subject (because I am sick of all the house stuff and I am sure you are too) I love Trader Joe's black mango tea.  Love it!  With a little milk and a little sugar it is delicious and just the ticket to make a slow morning more enjoyable.  Oh dear, now I am sounding like a commercial: 

"The day getting you down?  Do you need a lift of body, soul and mind?  Try new Trader Joe's Black Mango Tea.  Guaranteed to turn even the grayest day a delightful shade of delicious!" 

Heehee, ok - I'll stop now.  I know you are all out there shaking your heads and thinking she has gone a little loopy.  But hey, loopy is good!  What better way to maintain sanity then to purposely give a little up to the cause and accept the loopy in it's place?  Ah, another drink.  Simply lovely!

Ok - time for bragging on my kids:

Taylor made a flower!   See it? See? See?  She was so proud, she made it all by herself with no help at all.  We were very proud of her too, and since we can't keep play-dough, the picture is helping us remember her first real great work of modeled art. 

And guess what else she made?  Can you see it?  I know it is hard with the picture made little-er.  You have to look close - she did all but the 'R' all by herself, she needed a little help on the R, so I made it lightly and she traced it.

Funny how when it comes to our kids, even a chalk drawing can bring a tear to our eyes and make us want to show it to everyone we meet. 

She got all the letters 100% right, just got them out of order.  We are working harder on it now and I bet she will be writing it perfectly before long.  I was very proud. 

Ah, just turned around and Ayla was on top of daddy's desk taking apart a mechanical pencil.  Lovely!  At least she didn't try to eat it...that I know of...

I have learned from my kids this week that Taylor considered underwear an appropriate conversation for the dunner table.  Twice in the last few days it has been brought up while we are eating with extended family.  I will spare you the details, but let us just say it produced much laughter from the adults present.  Of course, I need to make sure and write these down before I forget them so I can bring them up in front of her boyfriend when she is 16.  Gotta have that!

Ayla is saying more words together now.  I love the birth of language stage.  It makes me feel so un-worthy as a parent.  This little one that came from me is all of a sudden speaking, being understood and becoming a real person.  That feels so beyond anything I am capable of nurturing!  Luckily it is one of those God nurtured gifts that I get to just do my job the same as always, and watch Him create this masterpiece of a person.  One of the many blessings of parenting, watching the God nurtured abilities like walking, talking and growing.   Her attention span is also getting bigger.  This morning we spent about 45 minutes before Taylor woke up and we read 13 books together.  Yes, I counted the pile afterward.  And that is just one 45 minute span today - there will be many more!    Every time we would finish one, she would go get another and sit back down next to me in the exact same place and pull the blanket up over us. It was nice, I don't always feel I get enough one on one time with her and the quiet of the morning with a fire in the fireplace is just so cozy and lovely.  These are the memories I relish.

We are trying to save right now to get the girls bunk-beds for Christmas.  I have bought all the stocking stuff and the little gifts (got most of them in July/August when Target toys went 75% off) But Ayla needs a big girl bed - and it would be nice to have real beds to put them in.  Not just a mattress on the floor which is what Taylor's is now.  The bunk beds come apart so we can wait until they are a little bigger before we actually put them together - esp. with my dare devil of a 1 year old.  She would waste no time at all climbing to the top and jumping down - and would probably attempt it in the middle of the night if she knew her sister was up there and she wanted to play. I hope we can manage it.  And then we could get rid of the crib altogether!  Always good to get rid of a piece of furniture we no longer need.  We will trash it, with all the recalls of adjustable side cribs I doubt a thrift-store would even take it.  Many memories with that crib, but so exciting to move on to the next stage. 

Ok - so my list for the day....oh! oh! Just got an email saying they are set to fund the loan today...hasn't actually happened yet but they are planning it!  And if they fund it today we will get our keys tomorrow.  Oh thank you God!   This is good news, will update when it is funded for 100% sure.  Yay!

A walk is in order next.  Need to get rid of this nervous energy.  Taylor gets a story everyday on our walk.  Today I believe it will be about a little boy who cries wolf.  We have been dealing with this subject lately.  Funny how her stories everyday always involve kids learning lessons related to things we are dealing with at home.  How long do you think it will take her to figure it out?  Ah well, at the moment she LOVES her walk stories and several times they have really helped with the behavior (like the little girl who wouldn't pick up her toys and so they all went into time-out until she proved to her mom she could be responsible and keep them clean)  So for now the stories stay. 

I love you all - will keep you all up-dated via facebook.  Many blessings on you and your homes today.  And may you have a week filled with much adventure and even more chocolate.


Monday, November 23, 2009

In the ebb and flow of living, as we wander through the years....

Could it be that this is our last day at this house?  I daren't believe it to be perfectly honest.  And yes, I just checked and "daren't" is a real word.  See:


  1. Contraction of dare not, with a connotation of fear.
    c1865, 1998, Leo N. Tolstoy, War and Peace, page 161 - "The bigwigs here think so too, but they daren't say so."

 So exciting to discover a word I am using is actually a real one!  Ok - now my font is all messed up.......hold on..............

 There, that's better.  

My wonderful friend Kristin came over this weekend and helped pack up the kitchen.  Sooo nice!  We got a ton done (even if Ryan is sad he can no longer use the toaster).  So today I am working on getting laundry done so we can un-hook the washer and dryer and get them ready to be moved.  Tomorrow night after Ryan gets off work we are doing a marathon move.  We will have a truck and get all the big things that we absolutely need (like the beds, the couches, the frig.) and then we will sleep at the new house, and use the next week to get all the smaller things a little at a time.  Of course, we planned this badly er...for a bad week that is.  We are moving Tuesday, having thanksgiving number 1 on Wednesday night (so no moving then) and Thanksgiving number 2 on Thursday in LA (leaving at an ungodly hour in the morning and returning home at an even un-godlier hour that evening) and then using Friday, Saturday and Sunday to finish moving and get our old house all cleaned up.  I"ll admit, a little stressed thinking of it all!!  

Speaking of...anyone who is free to help move tomorrow night?  We would love your help!  

I have been thanking God this week my babies are healthy!  Ayla has recovered nicely - aside from a HORRIBLE diaper rash from the antibiotics.  She has been downing a ton of yogurt, but if this doesn't get better I will try some chewable acidophiles and see if it helps.    

For those of you on Facebook, you saw Ayla's new friend - but just in case: 

Isn't she so cute and sweet looking when she sleeps?  This is Nini.  He has quickly become a part of the family and we are hoping his size will discourage any children from asking for a dog...or maybe even a pony.  I think Ayla needs a big-girl bed now just to hold him!

I was pleasantly surprised when we got this for Ayla (since it was a last minute, for free thing) that Taylor was just excited for her sister and did not seem to mind that she was not getting anything.  It has been very clear that the tiger is Ayla's - though Taylor has said that Ayla shares it with her.  She has not made any move to take possession or even play with it.  Maybe giant white tigers are just not her thing, but regardless I have been proud of her!  At three (or three and a half!) what is and is not fair is a big deal.  And so far she has not even mentioned the fact that Ayla got a rather large present and she got none.  She has just been happy for her sister!  Now, if this can continue on through the holiday season we will be good!

Taylor has been so very very good these last few weeks.  And aside from a melt-down last night, she has kept her cool and been very obedient.  I think God has been helping her, He knows mom cannot handle it right now!  I am learning more and more about my daughter though, one thing is she DOES NOT like change.  So moving concerns me a bit.  At first we were moving on a Saturday, and she almost started crying when we told her we were moving on a Tuesday instead.  "But no mama, we are moving on Saturday, not Tuesday, on Saturday!"  I fear she may battle her ocd tendencies her whole life!  For instance, one day after school I opened the car door for her instead of letting her open it.  "Oh no mama!" She says "I needed to open the door!  Now I have to do it all over again!" Oh poor Taylor.  Her mother has no patience with these things.  Daddy has more pity when something NEEDS to be done a certain way.  At least she has him!  But me?  Nope, we don't close an already open door so that the itch can be scratched.  We get in the car and do what we need to do - next time you can open the door.  My poor child!

OK - Who came up with the idea of the 'Dinosaur Train' show on pbs?  Learning about dinosaurs I am very ok with, but they get on a train and are all rather friendly with one another regardless of specie.  Wouldn't the baby T-rex eat the baby pterodactyls?  Forget that....wouldn't the baby T-rex eat the mom pterodactyl?  Wouldn't he technically  be bigger then she?  Sorry - I have a tendency to over-analyze kids shows, it is a failing of mine.

So my next post I promise to include pictures of our new house.   We WILL be moving tomorrow night, I have faith!  Thank you God for everything going through perfectly and us closing in record time - I speak it!  And may the transition go smoothly for all of us.  Anyone have tips on helping toddlers move houses smoothly?  

Dinosaur train is over.  So now it is time to get ready for our day, go on a walk and do more packing!  Say a prayer for us if you think of it.  Pray we will not be too stressed, that the house stuff goes 100% smoothly from here on out and that the kids have an extra dose of obedience and I have an extra dose of patience through the week ahead.   

I'm so excited!!!!







Monday, November 16, 2009

I am truly thankful

I am thankful for the sun outside and the chance of rain this coming weekend.  That my husband has a job, that I am healthy and my girls are on the mend.   I am thankful that we have a house to live in (and one on the way) and a kitchen full of food (oooh, I can't forget to go get eggs today).  I am thankful for children's motrin and warm blankets.   I am thankful for supportive family that risks exposure to swine flue to help out a tired mom.  I am thankful for microwaves to warm my coffee after life prevents me being able to drink it while it is hot.  I am thankful for double strollers so we can go on walks. (Hmmm, maybe later we will walk to rite-aid and see if they have eggs.) I am thankful for God's strength and support at 2am when a little one wont go to sleep.  And for his patience beyond reason that he occasionally loans me - and always shows me.  I am thankful for doctors that can help make my babies better (did you know all of Hanford is out of the Therma-flu stuff?) and for thermometers that tell me whether or not we need to go see the doctor...again.  I am thankful for fly traps and dishwashers.  I am thankful for music, for laughter, for my children, for my amazing supportive husband (and I'll say it, I am thankful for God's gift of sex!) I am thankful I can be thankful for whatever I want, and the freedom to tell anyone I wish the things I am thankful for...did that make sense?  I am thankful God helps me to discover a thousand times a day the ways to keep my little one alive - where she got that small piece of plastic just now I have no idea.  But it is out of her mouth now.  I am thankful that despite the odds she seems to create for herself a thousand times a youngest is still alive!  I am thankful for my big one's soft heart, even if it means we have tears all days some days ("why are you crying Taylor?"  "I don't know, I just can't stop!").  I am thankful for one car that works, and a husband that is willing to share that one car so we can save money right now. I am thankful for fresh bread, for apples in my frig. that are in danger of becoming a pie today.  For blogs, so I can share with those I love the crazy things that go through my head.

I am thankful for grace, for forgiveness.  I am thankful I am loved, and that everyday I am learning to be the person I was designed to be. 

I have learned much from my children lately.  I have learned that Taylor is better at being sick then Ayla is.  Oh goodness the whining!  And she wont let me put her down, at all.  And if I DARE to hold Taylor, or give daddy a hug, or even LOOK like I may want a moment without touching anyone at all?  Oh the tears, the it is one thing when she is well.  It is a quick reprimand and a trip to her room and a moment alone and she gets a little better (or at least gets the idea).  But when she is sick?  Well, for one, I feel bad punishing her for wanting to be held.  But I get to the point where I am in tears because I really really can't take it anymore!  If I put her down she is immediately glued to my legs.  Have you ever tried to cook, do laundry...or really tried to do anything while dragging along a sick toddler?  I have thought I should get out my baby carrier again and see if she would allow herself to be put into that.  If this does not improve today I may.  Though knowing her escape expertize she may try to get out of it just so she is not contained (and if she wants out, she will figure out a way even if she has to use her teeth).  She wants to be held, but she wants to be held on her terms. 

Taylor is very patient.  I am very proud of my big girl.  She has a fever of 100.7 today and has had one about like that for a while now.  You really would never know.  She just kinda hangs on, and she has been so good at obeying lately!   She has made these past few weeks easier.  She will come out of her room and proudly announce "Mama!  My coughing is all gone now!"  and then a second later cough and say "Oh, I guess I just had one more...NOW my coughing is all gone!"

Ayla has taught me lately that I really don't feel any different during the day whether I get 4 or 8 hours of sleep...of course it has been so long since I got a full night now that maybe 4 is just the new 8 and I have gotten used to it.  I DO feel different in the morning.  Oh so hard to wake up at 6 when I was just up 4 hours ago trying to get a little one to go back to sleep!

Well, we sign more papers tonight.  If all goes well, then we are set to close on the 23rd.  Yes, that is one week from today.  And no, we have not started packing.  I am still scared!  We will start this week if it looks like all is going well.  Thanksgiving week will be a whirlwind - pray we will not be to stressed.  We are going out of town right in the midst of it all.  Anyone want to help us move/clean the weekend of the 28th?  Come on, you know you want to!!

Let me see, 9:33am.  I think bbq chicken pizza for lunch which means I need to put the dough in the bread machine in the next 30 minutes.  Oooh, that is if I have bbq sauce...hold on, let me check........................ .......................................................yup, just enough.  k, good to get the decided.

I will close today with a prayer for all.  May God be with you all - through the joys and sorrows of this day and the week ahead.  Funny how this time of year thankfulness becomes almost a fad.  I am not saying it is a bad thing mind you...and I could be cliche and chastise us all for not being this way all year.  But I wont, I"ll just jump on the wagon and spend some extra time each day counting my blessings and wishing joy on those around me.    May you be filled with the ah-inspiring thankfulness this time of year helps us remember. 

And may I remember to buy eggs....

Monday, November 9, 2009

My coffee is getting cold... I think I will go warm it up again.  Ok - written a couple emails I owed:  Check.  Made Ryan's doctor appointment: Check.  Eaten and served breakfast to everyone who is home: Ch...oh Ayla must you dump the blocks there!  Oh....oh....ok, who cares.  We will clean them up later.  Ayla why are you eating the blocks?  I have a little T-rex on my hands.  All our toys are proof of this.

Ahhh!   Hot coffee, lovely!

Can you tell I am having trouble focusing today?  I have lately had trouble.  I have a confession, it saddens me to make it.  But it is true...I have become a un-reliable person.  I hate hate hate it, but I am not sure how to remedy it.  I will have the best of intentions, I will make myself notes, remember at the wrong times (such as in the shower), even start it!  But when it comes down to it, I don't always remember to follow through and I hate it!  It makes me want to not make any commitments...but that is not right.  I just need to get better at this, perhaps I need more sleep?   Regardless, I WONT be that person, I WONT!  Even if at the moment I am...but I wont stay this way!!  I need a system...just not sure what that system is. 

I need a new book - I know that.  I have been enjoying my current series...but it is getting depressing and I don't do well when I am reading depressing books.  So I think I need a new one.  Any recommendations?   Something that will keep my interest even if I can only read it for 20 minutes a day...I have enjoyed more grown up books lately (after spending so many years enjoying ones written for kids/teens) I think it is an attempt to break free of the dr suess, sesame street and amelia badelia I read every day to my children...not that I don't enjoy the kids books.  But I need a break every so often and a chance to be a grown up!

Ok, enough rambling. 

I know, I know - but better late then never right?  We enjoyed pumpkin carving, Taylor had a Pirate pumpkin and Ayla's was about the cutest little jack-lantern I have ever made if I do say so myself!  Will post pictures of them completed and lighted as soon as I get them.    

They were both Ballerina's on the 31st this year:

All together now...Awwww!!!   So cute!  Oh goodness, I am a slow writer today.  The kids show is over and we need to get dressed for our day and go for a walk.  So I will try to come back later (we all know how well that always works!) So enjoy your day...and hope you enjoyed my babies!