Monday, November 9, 2009

My coffee is getting cold... I think I will go warm it up again.  Ok - written a couple emails I owed:  Check.  Made Ryan's doctor appointment: Check.  Eaten and served breakfast to everyone who is home: Ch...oh Ayla must you dump the blocks there!  Oh....oh....ok, who cares.  We will clean them up later.  Ayla why are you eating the blocks?  I have a little T-rex on my hands.  All our toys are proof of this.

Ahhh!   Hot coffee, lovely!

Can you tell I am having trouble focusing today?  I have lately had trouble.  I have a confession, it saddens me to make it.  But it is true...I have become a un-reliable person.  I hate hate hate it, but I am not sure how to remedy it.  I will have the best of intentions, I will make myself notes, remember at the wrong times (such as in the shower), even start it!  But when it comes down to it, I don't always remember to follow through and I hate it!  It makes me want to not make any commitments...but that is not right.  I just need to get better at this, perhaps I need more sleep?   Regardless, I WONT be that person, I WONT!  Even if at the moment I am...but I wont stay this way!!  I need a system...just not sure what that system is. 

I need a new book - I know that.  I have been enjoying my current series...but it is getting depressing and I don't do well when I am reading depressing books.  So I think I need a new one.  Any recommendations?   Something that will keep my interest even if I can only read it for 20 minutes a day...I have enjoyed more grown up books lately (after spending so many years enjoying ones written for kids/teens) I think it is an attempt to break free of the dr suess, sesame street and amelia badelia I read every day to my children...not that I don't enjoy the kids books.  But I need a break every so often and a chance to be a grown up!

Ok, enough rambling. 

I know, I know - but better late then never right?  We enjoyed pumpkin carving, Taylor had a Pirate pumpkin and Ayla's was about the cutest little jack-lantern I have ever made if I do say so myself!  Will post pictures of them completed and lighted as soon as I get them.    

They were both Ballerina's on the 31st this year:

All together now...Awwww!!!   So cute!  Oh goodness, I am a slow writer today.  The kids show is over and we need to get dressed for our day and go for a walk.  So I will try to come back later (we all know how well that always works!) So enjoy your day...and hope you enjoyed my babies!


  1. Very cute pictures.

    And I can't promise that the forgetting/not being able to focus gets totally better, but it will improve over time, as your sweet little girls grow up and need their mommy less. A mixed blessing.


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