Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Today, I am thankful...

Today.  Today I am thankful.

I am thankful that even though I woke up with a headache, that there was coffee.

Today, I am thankful that even though Kaylee is a terror times 12 in her toddlerness, that she is healthy and happy enough to wreak havoc on my peace!

Today I am thankful that even though Mother Nature decided to bless me with her most despised yet reliable monthly "gift," that I have ibuprofen to quiet the storm of cramps that desires to engulf me. 

Today, I am thankful that even though my beloved oldest child has had unmentionably explosive unmentionables, and I am cleaning said unmentionable-ness from even more unmentionable places....that she is resting and feeling better. And that it is not a problem with her appendix, which was a possibility for a moment there.

I am also thankful that she is the only one that has been taken down in such an unmentionable fashion...and I am determined it will stay that way!

I am thankful that even though my house is an utter disaster, that the kids are dressed, fed, clean (mostly) and very loved. And that feels like quite the accomplishment!

Today, I am thankful, that even though my child's beloved fish has mysteriously disappeared, and she is devastated...that there are still 2 more fish that have not gone AWOL. And that there is a pet store right down the street where we can replace the missing fish with minimal financial strain.

I am thankful that even though my headache has not yet subsided, that there is some leftover coffee from this morning and I have a microwave that makes it almost as good as new. 

Today, I am thankful that even though my husband is far away for the week and I am alone in a home that feels very overwhelming and chaotic, that I do have a wonderful amazing husband (here or no) that I can send texts to updating him on all the unmentionable things I have had to endure.

Today, I am thankful I went grocery shopping yesterday!

Today, I am thankful for the sun and the wind - refreshing for a tired soul and warm on closed eyes.

Today, I am thankful for a prayer for peace, a prayer for those that are hurting beyond measure. Today I am thankful that in a world rout with chaos and swarming with evil, I am thankful that my children remain gay, innocent and heartless. For after all - 

"It is only the gay and innocent and heartless who can fly." - JMBarrie

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