Friday, August 3, 2012

A Very Merry Un-Birthday!

Do you know it is my un-birthday today? It is. Taylor told me so. And to celebrate she and I are looking at cakes. I like cake. At first I said I wanted a pirate ship cake for my un-birthday. So we found one:

 But it seemed a pity to stop there. See, Taylor reminded me it is her un-birthday too and she wanted a Barbie cake. I was less than pleased. But decided I would humor her. This is the one we picked out as our favorite Barbie cake. There are A LOT of Barbie cakes out there!

She also said she liked phineas and ferb cakes. So we chose this one because we like Platapus-i?

At this point she told me that it is her fish's birthday today (Not un-birthday, REAL birthday so I suppose it counts more. Though I don't see why) And her fish likes pheneas and ferb as well and would like this cake. She said her fish is turning 30. I have my doubts, but she sounded certain so I will be going with that.

Next we thought it would be fun to look up bug cakes. She didn't really understand when I said I liked this one best:

I got the "mom, you are crazy, but I am not going to bother asking you or I run the risk of you telling me." look. Is she supposed to have that look at 6? I thought that was more a teenager thing....

Then we had lots of fun looking at Hat Cakes. It was Taylor's idea and we found lots of fun ones.

Next we found a bath cake:

 And a TV cake:
And a tooth cake:

Taylor said she likes Cat Cakes. So we looked up those:

I like dragon cakes. To which she replies: "Mom, we are looking at happy cakes!" See how different we two are?

Don't those make you happy?


It is just me then?

Oh fine!

Now the ideas are coming faster then I can look them up, and Ayla will be up soon with even MORE ideas! So for now I will end my search with the best cakes of all:

And just for more dragon cake!

And my favorites:
Hope you enjoyed our play this afternoon.

Oh I want cake!

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