Friday, May 28, 2010

I've a pocket full of dreams to sell

"I've a pocket full of dreams to sell.
What d'ye lack? What d'ye lack? A dream of success--a dream of adventure--a
dream of the sea--a dream of the woodland--any kind of a dream you
want at reasonable prices, including one or two unique little
nightmares. What will you give me for a dream?"
                                                                  — L.M. Montgomery (Emily Climbs

As many of you beloved readers know:  I like quotes.  I realized recently that this is not a new thing.   May of 1997 - I would have been.........15 years old.  Ah, so right at that awkward teenage time where you are really not sure if you are yet an adult or still very much a child.  I started a book.  I suppose it could be called a journal.  But only one entry in it is actually mine. Perhaps I shall share it with you someday.  All the rest is simply lyrics of songs and quotes from books.  Ones as deep and moving as "But all the wickedness in the world which man may do or think is no more to the mercy of God then a live coal dropped in the sea."
(M. L'Engle) and as simple and cheery as "time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana."  All words for different times.  I think I averaged about 4-5 entries per month over the span of 4 years.  My last was late 2000, I imagine I left the binder at home as I went off to college.  I picked up that book again this afternoon.  I was surprised I remembered where it was.  I don't think I have looked at it for several years.

Funny - this book is not a journal.  Yet I can see myself so clearly in those words.  I quoted Madeline L'Engle, Patricia McKillip, LM Montgomery and Cynthia Voight, even my own dad in this book.  Perhaps little by little I shall share bits with you all.  It almost makes me wish I had started this Blog with the start of that book:

"Where hopes and fears, built up by all the years can be put on paper, frozen in time, and remembered forever."

I have no idea where that is from.  Not sure if I wrote it or if I borrowed it.  It sounds kinda LMM-ish...but then I do sometimes.  It ends with:

"Here concludes this book of words.  And while history, unlike mortal pen, does not cease, the records beyond this point remain as yet, unrevealed."

I don't know what that is from either.  But I am fairly certain that one I did not write.  Though I will admit - I got an odd chill writing it just now.  Perhaps I shall request it be written on my tombstone.  Now there is a lovely thought.  Though as I look at it again, it is not really tombstone appropriate as I know very certainly the story that comes after.  Well, I know a glimmer; singing, lots of singing. 

Anyhow - on to other things.  My children have been keeping me on my toes lately.  Ayla is VERY 2.  Much more so, I will admit, then Taylor ever was.  See?

She thought the cat needed food here.  She had just bounded out of the picture herself having been caught.  And here:

She helped herself to the chocolate chips.  Notice not a bit of regret on that face.  She may know consequences for her actions are coming up VERY shortly but in her mind, it was all worth it!

I have spoken previously of our butterflies.  Taylor named all five of them "Oscar" and "Up"  I suppose five different names for five identical butterflies seemed unnecessary to her logical 4 year old brain.    Well, on a cold and windy morning (as they have all been lately) We let the butterflies go.  To Taylor's delight one of them staying on her finger for several minutes.  Long enough for me to grab the camera and take several shots at least.  I apologize, it was a misty moisty morning and cloudy was the weather....err....there was lots of shadows and glare:

Since then we have seen an orange butterfly once while out for a walk and Taylor still talks of how "Oscar" came back to visit.  I fear we shall be hearing of him for months every time we venture out into our field.  Just look at the utter joy on that little girl's face.  To hold a butterfly, bliss!

My garden is doing simply splendid.  The peas are done and the green beans and cucumbers are barly poking their heads up.  I know I am a bit late, but then the weather has not really been normal this spring so perhaps it wont matter.  But for all those out there that are considering starting a garden yourselves (or for those that already have) let this be a lesson to you!  You know how they tell you to thin the plants once they sprout?  Well....

 Listen! They know what they are talking about (whomever "they" might be) this is what will happen if you do not head their wise advice.  I should have taken another picture once I took it all apart.  Sad really, but it did make me laugh when I first pulled it up!

And this:
Tell me that is not lettuce growing in between my flowers?  My mom gave me some dirt that she knew contained some primrose roots.  As you can see the primroses grew beautifully.  But this also came up among them.  I believe that bag of dirt also held one lettuce seed.  It is very happy!  Ryan does not trust that it is lettuce and refuses to use it as such.  I know the picture is washed out, but what do you all think.  Lettuce?  Nothing else looks even a smidgen of a bit like it.  And it has the consistency, smell and even taste of lettuce.  I just hate for it to go to waste over the truly small chance that it could kill us if we are wrong.  Ah well.

A small few more: 

We had an evening just us, daddy was working.  As we were eating dinner it started to rain outside.  Now, as ever small child would; Taylor immediately wanted to run outside in her rain boots and jacket to play in the rain.   But sadly we were not fast enough.  The rain had stopped by the time we got out there and surprisingly, The sun actually came out.  But, not to be discouraged.  Taylor had a brilliant idea.  We made rain! I simply pointed the hose at the sky and we "played in the rain" for a good 20 minutes.  The girls were soaked when they came in, but what better excuse then being cold and wet to take a princess bath?  So a bath they took!  Followed by hot tea with hunny (heehee) and a good long read of 'The Secret Garden' 

Perhaps someday I shall post picture of my children fully clothed and looking dainty and distinguished?  Though I will admit that rarely happens in this house! 

I have discovered something.  I am a better mother in the evenings.  Perhaps it is because I truly am a "night person."  But games and playing I feel incapable of in the morning is just so effortless at night.  I should pay more attention to this, take advantage.  Hmmmm. 

Ah, my afternoon is whittling away while I am barely noticing!  Pay no attention to my odd language today and "creative" grammar today.  I a mood and have no time to spell check.  Times like this I write whatever is in my head whether it makes sense or not.  And you, my beloved reader, get to hear it all!

So I end with a story....The sun was shining on the sea, Shining with all his might:
He did his very best to make The billows smooth and bright -
And this was odd, because it was - The middle of the night!
May all your nights be shining and all your days shaped like cabbages!

Monday, May 24, 2010


It is 12:30am. I can't sleep. I'm not sure why...perhaps because tomorrow is Monday. Last week was really hard. I'll admit it, I don't want to do it all again. One of my earliest memories in life is being lonely. I have been lonely a lot. My friends have a funny habit of moving away. Eventually, every single one of them. I apologize, it is late. I am scattered in thought and mind.

Funny, we go through these periods in life - good ones, full of life and joy. Hard ones, where taking each step feels like the weight of the world is on us. They all have their purpose. I have been through many lonely periods. God has taught me a lot through these times. 6 months ago was a time of plenty, I wasn't lonely. But a few things have been shifted around since then. Now I sit here on a Sunday night knowing that tomorrow Monday starts. Starting tomorrow, aside from my date on Tuesday night I will scarcely see or talk to another grown-up until Friday.

Funny, some moms love their jobs. They love being home, playing with their kids. Learning as much as they can at every opportunity. They smile and say that this is "the most rewarding job ever" and that they wouldn't give it up for the world. It is enough. Some on the other hand, talk about how they are not cut-out to be a stay at home mom. That they would go stir crazy being home that long and that they are better parents when they are not there constantly. All too often I think I am the later. Please, don't miss-understand. I love my kids very much. I love playing, dancing to music and digging in the dirt together. But I am able to do this job only because I have a certain amount of experience being lonely. I give my fair amount of tears when the kids are down for rest and I can breath for a moment. I love my daughter, who always has a hug for me and will just sit holding my hand until I feel better.

I fill my week with as much as I can. But more often then not I have no car. I used to go on long walks, sometimes as much as 4 miles at a time. But I can't really do that here. I can't enjoy it anyhow - too many loose dogs and not enough sidewalks to feel really safe. That and the girls don't like the stroller anymore. Friends have been busy or sick lately. And funny how, lonely as I may be, sometimes I just don't have the energy to have people over. By Thursday I kinda forget how to talk to another grown-up. Regular middle of the week plans have been canceled or moved to weekends. And so I hold my breath, trying hard to just simply be with my children and enjoy them being babies. Trying hard not to watch the clock, feeling guilty at my joy when evening rolls around.

So tomorrow is Monday. God, give me strength. Strength to face the unknown trials that may come in this coming week. Strength to be a mom who is home with her children all day everyday. Strength to face the loneliness. Thank you that I have the gift of being with my kids all day everyday. Help me to focus on that joy. Give me strength to stand:

With visible breath, I'm calling your name
With visible tracks, I'm finding my way
With a sorrowful heart, I honor this pain
And offer these tears to the rain
In a moment of truth at the top of the hill
I open my arms and let go of my will
And stand with my face to the wind
With the storm beating down on this sacred ground
If I stand for the grace that I've known
For what I believe
Then I won't stand alone
No I won't stand alone
There's a new pair of eyes to embrace all I see
A new peace of mind and it comes quietly
There's a joy in my heart that you've given to me
And I offer this soul's melody
So I beat on my chest till my song has been sung
And I cry like a wolf at the top of my lungs
And stand with my face to the wind
With the storm beating down on this sacred ground
If I stand for the grace that I've known
For what I believe
Then I won't stand alone
No I won't stand alone
When the thundering voices of doubt try to shake my faith, oh
I'll be listening from inside out and I won't be afraid to
Stand with my face to the wind
With the storm beating down on this sacred ground
If I stand for the grace that I've known
For what I believe
Then I won't stand alone
No I won't stand...I won't stand alone 
                                                           - Susan Ashton: Stand

Friday, May 21, 2010

Now we are six!

When I was one
I had just begun,

When I was two
I was nearly new,

When I was three
I was hardly me,

When I was four
I was not much more,

When I was five
I was just alive...

Some woman on their birthday's claim to be 21 or 29 or 34 or some other age that is somehow acceptable in their own minds. They never admit to being older, regardless of the years going by. Somehow, to these women this is considered a very funny joke.  I have never really understood it.  But I believe the root of it is not humor, I fear the true root of this "joke" is sorrow. Sorrow at growing older? At leaving behind a piece of joy, innocence or simply time that cannot be brought back. 

Perhaps I am wrong; perhaps I just don't get the joke.

I made several vows to myself as a child. I also made lists - I should post some of them here before the plain paper they are on comes up missing or destroyed. Perhaps I shall go find them....hold on............Found them! One of the vows I made as a child is that I would never regret getting older. I would always state it proudly, being sure to add the "and-a-half" of needed. Now, this promise is easy to make when one is young. And at the ripe age of 28 I believe I am still young and still cannot grasp the magnitude or even impossibility of this promise. So perhaps I shall change it; I vow that I shall focus on that which is new and full of life, and never allow myself to become consumed by that which is old and nearing extinction. Ok - perhaps that is a little extreme. But a personal vow is an extreme thing. After all, none of us knows exactly how soon the end will come. I am reminded all of a sudden of some sacred words:

When we've been here ten thousand years...
bright shining as the sun.
We've no less days to sing God's praise...
then when we've first begun.

Do you realize what that means? Look at the words again. It means that if we are 3 or 3000 it doesn't matter. We have forever with God. So what is a number?  At the end of a thousand years eternity is still eternity.  And that is a GOOD thing, it is not something to roll our eyes at and joke away.  I am excited to my toes to spend eternity singing praise!  So what is 28?

Ah, now it sounds like I am trying to convince myself that age doesn't matter. That is not my intent I assure you. Age does matter. We celebrate birthdays bigger then everything else after all. Even most of our yearly holidays have their root in birthdays. Be it the birth of a new season or the re-birth of a savior raised again.

Birth has been all around me lately. Birthing of new lives, birthing of nephews, birthing of friendships, birthing of marriage, birthing of pumpkins from their seeds, of butterflies and new responsibilities. But today we are celebrating MY birth, and I say that unashamedly! I claim this day.  So please, celebrate with me! I suggest a lovely cup of tea. Oooh, that reminds me; I have a new tea! I am drinking it now. It has a lovely bite to it and that makes me smile. It is a spiced orange black tea. I have been enjoying it because from the moment I took a sip I thought of the Huntington Gardens.  Did they have an orange spice black tea they served?  I can't remember. All I know is this tea tastes like I am there.  Perhaps I shall fashion some cucumber sandwiches to go with it?  Ah, but that would mean cooking.  I am not doing any cooking or dishes today.  It is my gift to myself!

Oh yes, my list!  In honor of getting older - I shall share my list of what I don't want to forget about being a kid.  This list was put together over many many years.  I think I started it when I was 11ish?  Feel free to add to it in the comments if you like, I am always looking to expand!  

Things I don't want to forget about childhood

1. The joy of opening a letter that came in the mail, especially if it has your name on it
2. Getting something new
3. The feel of mud in-between your toes (this was written before the "mud incident")
4. Playing in the hose with bare feet
5. Getting to have a fire in the fireplace
6. Having money as Your Own
7. Joy at having the undivided attention of a teenage
8. The simple magic of life!
9. Getting to do something Big People do
10. Eating ice-cream after stirring it into goop
11. Having an adult read to you
12. Picking a flower and getting to go home and put it into water
13. Finding a penny, nickel, dime; especially quarters!
14. That wonderful feeling you get before a holiday
15. Getting to spend the night at a friend's house, just you
16. The joy of surprise gifts
17. Getting to stay up later then normal
18. Getting to spend the day just you and a mom, dad, sister, brother
19. Someone truly listening to your stories, explanations, etc
20. Sitting on a loved one's lap
21. Getting to do something, not only a little challenging, but dangerous!
22. Blowing bubbles in milk.  
23. The frustration at being treated un-fairly
24. Getting your own can of soda
25. Waking up at a friend's house.
26. How hard it was being forced to go to the bathroom first thing at Disneyland
27. Eating ice
28. Your first pet that is YOUR pet
29. Singing for hours
30. Princess baths
31. Self created T-shirts
32. How real your imagination world is to you
33. Winter's first real storm, Spring's first truly sunny day
35. Opening your Christmas stocking
36. Popping bubble wrap
37. Getting a surprise treat (such as ice cream while out on an errand)
38. Receiving affirmation from an adult that is a stranger
39.  Just how LONG time feels when you are waiting for something fun
40. The importance of that special "best" friend.
41. A new responsibility that means you are finally old enough
42. How much growing hurts, both physically and emotionally
43. The wildness of the wind!
44. The satisfaction of completing something all by yourself.

I know there is more just waiting to be written.  And I also was reminded that I should start now my list of "what I never want to forget about being a mom" Though that may need several sections; ‘Mom to babies,’ ‘mom to toddlers’ etc.  I never made a pregnant one.  There was too much I wanted to forget!

Today?  Today. May 21st.  Today I am 28 years old.  But I believe I may start telling everyone I am six.  I believe, like Christopher Robin that it may be the perfect age.  And if others can claim a ridiculous age then so can I!

But now I am six!
I'm as clever as clever;
so I think I'll be six now
for ever and ever 

- A.A. Milne

Monday, May 17, 2010

Moms, butterflies, promises

I am a little dizzy today. A little teary. A little confused, scared and also excited for what could come next. I feel blessed, I feel called by God...and did I mention scared? No, I am not pregnant. I am a new mom though, to an 18 year old girl that desperately needs one. A young woman who has never really had a mom before. We always knew we might, but I never really saw it happening for real.

Friday evening Ryan's uncle came by, he said that his daughter Geneva (whom I have always loved, she often has come over to spend time with us) was no longer welcome at her current residence. She has not lived with him for a few years, she was staying with friends but the situation had gotten bad and she was left with no where to go. Needless to say we did a lot of praying and talking. I called my sister who has had experience opening up her home to those in need. She was very helpful, just knowing someone else has done this and everyone was ok gave me peace.

I think from the moment we heard we knew we would say yes - like I said, it has always been on our mind. She has always been on our hearts and we have spent a lot of time praying for her. She came over yesterday and we all talked through it. For the moment, we are focusing on the next three weeks until she graduates High School. After that everything can be re-evaluated and we will see where we all are and how things are working out.

I didn't sleep at all last night. I am not sure why. I think there is some measure of grieving - for what I am not sure. I feel ill-equipped, but who really is ready for something like this? She wasn't, I know that for sure. We learn together. We love her so very much and we know she needs us. And who knows, maybe we need her too. I have no doubt that she has much to teach and much to give. Her life has been way harder then any barely 18 year old's life should be. She has never had the chance to just be a kid, knowing 100% that everything is going to be ok. That those that have been charged with her care will truly take care of everything. She will have food, a bed to sleep in and people there to give hugs. The balance is hard, we gave set expectations high and we will stick to what we say no matter how difficult, that doesn't scare me. She is such on the verge of adulthood and I want to foster that part of her, not force her back into childhood. Such a fuzzy line, one I am praying will be as clear as possible.

So I guess I am on here asking for thoughts and prayer. I have been in a state of constant prayer it seems the last few days. Trying to think of things before they happen, trying to keep things normal for my babies while in this transition period. Staying strong as a unit with my husband so we can keep each other up and standing. Lots of prayer.

But right now, in this moment with my family and friends I am crying. For the simple life we are choosing to leave behind, for this exciting adventure ahead. For the pain she has had to endure, for the unknown pain that is ahead. For the growing up we are all going to be doing in the months ahead. My husband, myself, Geneva and my own girls. We all get to be a little ahead of our time a little too soon. I cry for childhood, for adults and for kids. Funny how 24 hours can make it all a different shade of pink, blue and gray.

Funny, almost as a sign of all that is different, our butterflies came out of their first graves yesterday. We have three out of five alive again. The other two are a little late...but you know some of us are and that is ok. God will be with us through it all.

Wow - I glanced at the butterflies as I wrote that last line and as if in confirmation, a forth chrysalis had just barely cracked open. I grabbed my little ones and we all just watched together as another butterfly rose again into a new life.

I may be a little fuzzy today. I'm not sure what the future will hold, whether it is tomorrow, three weeks or even ten minutes from now. But I know I don't have to be scared. The Master of the butterflies has everything under control. His timing is perfect. Right now, at this very moment this is what we all need. There are blessings in store for us all. I am not saying it will be easy - but I have both feet on the ground and one hand holding onto the wings of a butterfly. I am ready to take on this adventure.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Of Sobe's and paperclips...

It all started with the paperclips!

He stole them you see.  The year was 2000 - not so long ago.  I was a freshman, just starting out at a 4-year university, full of excitement and all the things 18 year-olds want and need.

Hold on, let me back up just a bit...a few months prior I had attended freshman registration only to discover that as a freshman, you don't get to decide much.  I didn't get to the front of the line the moment I arrived and so as a result, all 5 or 6 of the freshman writing classes (basically an intro to writing class all students are required to take) that looked even remotely interesting were full.    So, in frustration, with my councilor standing by I simply started going down the list of ones in the time-slots I could do.  Full. Full. Full! Finally - I found one that had room!  The topic looked less then interesting, I was planning on majoring in Musical Theater and it looked like I would be attending the “discovering the World Wide Web” Freshman writing class.  Not exactly related. Ah well, one class right?  And who knows, it might even have some good information.  I was less then thrilled but I gave up and took the class. 

I went to the first class, not very interesting.  I went to the second class, my very first memory of him: There were two Ryan's in the class.  One was...well, less then aesthetically pleasing.  The other?  Not too bad!  So as any normal 18-year-old girl would - I wasted time by watching him.  It is not really related - but I remember the instructor talking about a project that "Ryan" was working on.  I had no idea the name of the boy I had chosen to look at was Ryan, so I was confused when he met my eye and pointed to the person sitting next to him.  I was just looking at a cute boy, I guess he thought I was listening to the instructor and he was letting me know that he was not the Ryan that was being discussed!

Third day of class is when I think he stole them.   Somehow we had ended up at the same table next to one another.  Not sure how! Good student that I was I had all the proper tools:  Notebook, highlighter, multi-colored gel pens (all the rage at that time) and paper clips!  They were all pretty rainbow colors, various sizes to fit my paper-clipping needs.    Well, my paperclips were on the table next to my notebook, and without even asking he took them!  He started stringing them together, entertaining both of us - it was not the most interesting of classes.  Well, class ended - we all went our separate ways. I somehow left without my paperclips.

That night, I saw the paperclip thief in my very own lobby - so he lived close!  One floor up and one room over I would soon discover.  I remember not being 100% sure it was him, but I knew I needed my paperclips!  So I took a chance and demanded my paperclips back.  Of course he claimed he had no memory of taking my paperclips, but told me to wait just one moment as he ran upstairs.  He came down a moment later with a brand new box of paperclips and handed it to me.  They weren't pretty colors and various sizes like mine had been, but they clipped paper and that's what was needed. I still have that box.

About a week later I (and someone I no longer remember) was at Jack-in-the-Box.  Who should walk in, but the paperclip thief!   By this time I had forgiven him and so we started a friendly conversation.  He invited my friend and I back to his room to watch a movie.  We agreed, got our food and headed back to campus.  The only other thing I remember about that night is that about half way through the movie, his girlfriend walked in.  She was nice - the two if us got a long very well actually.  We came to discover that she lived only 4 doors down from me on my wing. 

The next week, in an attempt to foster hall unity my (and his Girlfriend's) RA started a mini bible study for our wing.  It didn't last long, but it did bring us all into the same room.  We knew one another, so we all sat together.  I can't remember how many times we met, but it was enough times that it became tradition for the three of us to go to his room afterward to watch a movie.  For about two weeks the three of us were inseparable - so much so that his girlfriend dubbed me their shadow.  He was already attached, so I never had to worry about all the stress that comes with a guy and girl hanging out and what that might insinuate.  We could just have fun, laugh and enjoy spending time with each other. 

About a month into school he and his girlfriend split-up.  They had not known one another well and honestly, they were not really each other's type.  We all stayed good friends (she actually became my roommate the following year and we still keep well in touch) He and I continued to spend time together just the two of us.  Our favorite thing, since we had no money, was to go on walks and spend hours talking about nothing.  I remember one moment clearly, we had been hanging out and we were both sitting on the fire-pit on campus.  Someone looked at the time and we were both shocked to discover it was after midnight.  I remember us laughing and him telling me that he could talk about anything with me.  I think that might have been when I decided I liked him.  The next day I looked out my window and saw him walking to class, I recognized him from further away then I should have been able too and I remember just wanting to watch as he walked away.      

Not too long after that, we went on another one of our evening walks.  Having exhausted our own campus, we walked to the college next door and started exploring.  Impulsively, we jumped over the vine-covered fence and ended up in their football field - I know, I know.  Breaking and entering is not really a good idea, especially for a date!  But we were 18 and stupid.  We sat in there for at least an hour until the sprinklers came on and we ran out laughing and trying not to get wet.  We were enjoying the stars so we headed back over to our own football field and ... well … HE claims I gave him "the look" and I claim there is no way he could have seen any look in the dark. But he kissed me.  I must have liked it ok because we did that for a little while before we decided we should head back to the dorm.   The next few weeks were kind of a blur.  I strung him along for a while, not sure I wanted a boyfriend but knowing I liked him.  I gave up after a while!  The rest of our college time we spent every possible moment together.  We still have a bag of bottle caps from our "SOBE dates." We would walk to the store, buy a SOBE for a dollar and walk to a bench on campus.  We would share our drink… sometimes for hours.  Once we had a car, our favorite thing to do was go on drives up in the hills behind the school.  Somehow, even when life was crashing in with stress of school and work we could leave it all behind and just drive.  We would talk about life, our future and what we wanted to be when we grew up.  We didn't know where we would end up or what we would do, but there was never any doubt we would do it together.

It was mid-June 2003; he had been gone for the weekend.  When he came back we took a drive to one of our favorite places - Huntington Beach.  We ate dinner at the Ruby's on the pier and afterward; just as the sun was setting he gave me a ring and a promise. 

May 9th 2004 in the early afternoon, surrounded by flowers and our closest family and friends I married my best friend.    We barely had graduated and had a tiny apartment and jobs lined up starting soon. We had no money, but we didn't care.  We were just so excited to be with one another.

6 years and two kids later I can proudly say I am a thousand times more in love then I was on our wedding day.  I will be shameless for a moment and say my husband is an amazing dad, a wonderful, wonderful husband and I truly do thank God everyday for messing up my schedule so badly that I HAD to take that stupid class.  It was well worth it!

This is a day late since we were celebrating most of yesterday.  I got to sleep in, a mother’s day privilege!  I woke to homemade waffles, mother’s day cards and coffee ready and waiting.  We ate together as a family and the kids tried to entertain themselves while mom and dad drank their coffee together.  Then church and lunch at my in-laws house.   The afternoon was ours to waste.  Grandma and Granddad watched the kids and we spent our time just walking around home-depot talking about life, our future and what we want to be when we grow up.

We don't exactly know where we will end up or what we will do. But of one thing there is no doubt; whatever it is, we will do it together.   

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I eat my peas with honey...

I eat my peas with honey;
I've done it all my life.
It makes the peas taste funny,
But it keeps them on the knife!
 Ok, I admit - I have never actually eaten honey on peas (or "hunny," I am always tempted to spell it like that to see who notices) but I do have peas!  And lots of other veggies too, want to see? This is swiss chard, carrots, broccoli, and sugar snap peas.  This took me about 10-15 minutes to harvest.  I have decided I need one of those flat baskets for harvesting.  And maybe a large wide brimmed hat?

Ayla likes eating them all raw.  She also likes eating green strawberries....not sure about that girl sometimes!  

This all was one harvest from about 8 squares out of the 48 we have.  We also have onion, chives, garlic, tomatoes, mint, oregano, basil, parsley, cilantro, cantaloupe, bell pepper, hot peppers, strawberries, leeks, corn, pumpkin and lettuce growing.  A thriving garden!

Taylor is also taking pictures of the veggies, she has a slightly more direct approach.  I haven't actually looked at her pictures yet, though I have a feeling they may all be slightly greenish.
Here is a closer look at the veggies.  
The carrots make me laugh.  I have discovered the importants of thinning them after getting lazy in keeping up with it this time around.  Want to see my favorite carrot?
I cannot decide if it was two carrots that somehow merged, or one carrot that developed a split personality.  You can see underneath it that we are still working on getting my left-handed four year old not to write everything in a mirror image.  She gets it all perfect, just perfectly backwards!  

I just realized that with all this garden talk I have not actually shown pictures of our boxes since they were filled.  Wait here, I"ll go take some.  

So I took some and they turned out terrible.  I shall show you one so you can get an idea...but I shall have to take more sometime when the sun is a little less direct: 

See?  Terrible, perhaps I shall ask Ryan to take some soon.  He is better at taking pictures then I am.  I have no idea what to do to fix it - he will know.  The box on the right is Ryan's; the one in the middle is mine and the one on the left is the girls.  Mine is the happiest for no explainable reason.  The girl's is slightly bare since I just took out all the broccoli (it was huge and shading the rest of the plants to much) I left just one because it had a caterpillar on it and Taylor wants to see it grow into a butterfly. 

You know, it is windy and cold today.  I think I may take advantage and make broccoli/cheddar soup for lunch.  Of course then I shall have to make fresh bread too - so I best be off to the kitchen to get it all started.  So my lovely readers, I apologize for a hastily written (and not really proofed to warn you) post. I shall be off.  I hope to pop on again soon to fill your minds with more useless philisophical jargen as well as the amazing exploits of my children.  Be well!