Wednesday, January 20, 2010

As we all know, the sky above us is blue...

But wait just a minute, that's not always true.  Sometimes I've noticed, I"m sure you have too. the sky turns a purple, green-brownish gray hue.  And that's just how things were looking today on that planet of Priscilla's not so far away. 

For Priscilla in fact, there had been no blue for days.  It started last week with a yellowish haze.  Each day the sky darkened, it thickened like soup.  And then the whole sky just seemed to droop.  The first raindrop fell, then the second and third.  Then the clouds opened up and rain was the word!

It came down in buckets.  It came down in sheets.  Rain flowed like rivers through backyards and streets.  The fish thought it grand and the frogs sang with glee and the ducks' kooky quacking seemed quite to agree.

Well, Priscilla is neither a fish nor a duck.  By her way of thinking, this rain was bad luck  But bad luck aside, Priscilla's no poop.  She belongs to the do-what-you-gotta-do group.

She passed a few hours reading in bed.  Did somersaults, back bends and stood on her head.  She made up a language to teach to her doll.  But sally couldn't learn.  Her brain was too small!  Instead they had tea, but the water got cold.  The crumpets were crusty; the jam had a mold.  Now this one may stretch the bounds of belief, but Priscilla thought chores may bring some relief.  So she watered the plants and fed her pet fishes.  She swept out the dust balls and did all the dishes.  She fluffed up the pillows ... then flopped to the floor.  "Oh bonkers," she cried. "this rain is a bore!"

It rained all that day and the day after that.  It kept coming down, this was no pitter-pat!  By the third day, Priscilla was in quite a stew.  Spinning in circles.  Cabin fever beaucoup!   "Egads," she groaned grabbing fistfuls of hair. "All this rotten rain is really no fair.  One day of rain, one day would be fine.  But THREE days," she fumed, "is way out of line!" 
(Excerpt from Priscilla and the Splish-Splash Surprise -  by Nathaniel Hobbie and Jocelyn Hobbie)

This is our anthem today!  We tried to be productive and go the DMV (registration frustration...heehee)  but the line was out the door and already curved around the building.  Why!?!  What is going on there that no one has told me about?  Or is it just that all the other people who are experiencing the same frustration as I also got their notifications in the mail yesterday.
Needless to say, we all of a sudden had a un-controllable urge to go to Target and buy Ayla her ball (Taylor got a new ball with some Christmas money.  And Ayla was promised one too as soon as we had some free time) So the girls were happy!  They played in the toys for at least half an hour and then we wandered a bit before coming home to hot chocolate and Sesame Street.   A nice rainy day so far.  Though as a nap time story I want to read the book above.  It has been in my head for the past few days and I need to get it out!  Would anyone like to guess how far into that story I was able to get before I actually had to look at the book to see what came next?  It is a popular one in this house.  You see, it has fancy words.  Taylor likes fancy words.  Oh!  That reminds MUST see the outfit she picked out for herself today!

So fancy!

 ju......................................................................oops, sorry about that.  A couple hours break there. 

We have now eaten lunch, played a bit (Taylor had one tantrum) and the kids are abed.  Ahhh....listen to that silence!  Oh - and Taylor didn't want the Splish Splash suprise book.  "It's too long!" she said.  So Ayla got to choose a book and Taylor decided to go to bed without one.  She has been very sulky lately. 

The little ones have pushed today.  A bit more then is strictly normal.  As a result they will not be allowed any more shows today and they have to prove to me that can have good attitudes in order to earn the right to watch any tomorrow.  I like for TV to not be taken away as punishment.  But rather, as a reward for good behavior...does that make sense?  The result is technically the same.  But instead of me saying "you were bad! No TV!"  I am saying "You chose not to have a good attitude.  The consequences of not having a good attitude and not obeying is not getting the priveledge of watching a show.  When you show me you can control your body and your attitude then you get to watch a show!"  And then we can celebrate together when the attitude is good.  "Yay!  Taylor had a good attitude!  That means, you get to watch one show this morning!!  I bet, if we work really can have a good attitude ALLL afternoon too and then you get to watch TWO shows today!" 

Ok - maybe the second example just had a lot more words in it.  But yes, I"ll admit.  I really do talk to my kids like that.  We have probably had those exact conversation many times.  I figure - use small words all the time and that is all they will use!  Not that I am against using smaller words all the is just not my style.

Want to see one of Ayla's many moments of tempting my patience today? 

                                                                                                             She looks all cute and innocent.  But that mess had gotten under the drawers almost to the back of the frig, not to mention all over her hands (and probably in her mouth).  I am thankful though...that it was only one egg!
Still - we have had a good day.  I  found lacy undergarments at Target for 75% off.  Usually I am a Vicky's only girl.  But who can resist when you are in need of more, they are pretty and the most expensive was only $1!  And Ayla chose a green ball.  She likes it.  "BALL!!" She kept yelling down the toy isle.  Ah, to be so entertained by something so simple.  Shouldn't we all?  Life would carry so much more joy.  All a toddler needs to be in heaven is a butterfly to chase, a ball to throw, a dandelion with the fluff just asking to be blown.  These are true beauty.    

I know, I know, I promised more house pictures.  And I worked hard on my bedroom yesterday.  I put a picture up and everything!   But at the moment I don't feel like making my bed....and I am still waiting on a bookshelf to go in there and my quilt rack needs to be hung.  So it is not technically done.  Though I was very proud of the progress I made!

I have just gotten the craving for another cup of coffee.  So I think I shall flick on the Senseo and sit back and read a bit this afternoon break.  It is a blustery day and sitting with something hot in one hand and a book in the other sounds delicious! 

May you all have grand rain-soaked adventures....

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  1. I love stories that rhyme. Priscilla sounds wonderful (pun intended).


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