Friday, January 15, 2010

One misty, moisty morning, When cloudy was the weather...

...I chanced to meet an old man
Clothed all in leather.
He began to compliment,
And I began to grin,
How do you do?
And how do you do?
And how do you do, again?

A little known Mother Goose nursery rhyme that rather fits the weather today.  

OK - I have a bone to pick with "Super Why" the PBS TV show my children are currently watching.  For one thing, they sing the ABC song to a different tune.  Why mess with perfection!  The real tune is used in what...3 different songs?  Something is obviously working!  Secondly - the characters use their own created swear words all the time.  "Lickity letters," Oh my Chinni-chin-chin!" etc. I know it is supposed to be cute.  But it bothers me.  And thirdly?  I'm sorry - but Cinderella not only is supposed to leave the ball when the clock strikes 12, but she IS supposed to deal with the pain of losing the slipper and the hardship of evil step sister that care nothing for her self-esteem.  She does not, I repeat NOT choose to stay after her clothes turn back to rags and "be herself" only to discover that they liked her for who she was, not for her beautiful clothes.  OK - I understand the message that they are trying to teach.  But the story doesn't go that way!!!

Of course, this is one of my missions as a parent.  Excepting Disney (that in my head is just telling an entirely different story) I want my kids to know the real stories.  I'm sorry - but the wolf EATS little red riding hood and her grandmother.  He does not shove her in a closet like our "updated" story tells.  That is why there is a woodcutter, so he can use his axe to cut them out of the wolf's belly.  How they survive I am not sure - I figure as in all good stories the answer to that is simply "Magic." It is the fairy tale answer equivalent to the Children's Sunday school answer of "Jesus" for every question ("Who loves us? Jesus!") Not that I am comparing Jesus' love to Fairy Tale magic...though I do believe that Jesus loves fairy tales.  After all, he did tell lots of stories.  And there is much to be learned from hearing old stories.    Of course I have yet to understand the moral of my favorite Brothers Grimm story:  The Story of a Son Who Set Out To Learn To Shiver.  Please do tell if you can figure it out the moral of that one!

Would you like to hear my goal for next week?  Take pictures of my new house.  Yes, I am planning on taking one room a day and fixing it up to the point where I can snap a shot and send it to all you lovely people.  That way you can see my loved house...and of course tell me how much you love it too!  Ok - so that last part is not necessary.  But trust me you will want too when you see it!  I am very happy here, it still feels surreal and such a blessing.

Oh the last few days, after the fog clears, we have been playing in the backyard.  It is so lovely!!  This whole house feels like such a present from God.  Fits our every need, and most of our wants.  And is just the perfect size for us.  But next week you will see - perhaps I shall post a very small post everyday of each room as I make it picture ready. 

My Adventure to Becoming Organized has been going very well this week.  I have started a campaign to make un-savory jobs more acceptable.  For instance; I clean the front bathroom when the girls take their bath.  Just a wipe-down and small cleaning every two days keeps it tidy and clean and I never feel overwhelmed (The only thing I can't do during that time is clean the bathtub.  So that still has to be scheduled). Perhaps once a week or so they should get a special "Princess Bath" in mama's bathtub.  That way I can do mine too!  And I have just decided to find a new fun show to watch (to get on netflex...any suggestions?) that I am only allowed to watch when I fold laundry.  So then at nap time I can relax and watch a show in my room while getting laundry under control.   See?  I'm getting there!   It is a slower process then I thought it would be because my children can't seem to stay healthy for more then a few days (Ayla has a 101 fever out of no where again today).  But I am def. getting there!

Well, I just ran out of words....funny how that happens every so often...

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