Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 2010

I need to fold laundry.   I don't want to fold laundry.  So I am avoiding folding laundry by writing on here. 

This week has been a week of change.  It feels like this house is finally becoming ours again.  I was a recluse last week.  I apologize to any and all I may have avoided.  It was not you, it truly was me.  I needed to be alone.  A few months of never ever being by myself and I felt it took a tremendous amount of energy to be around people.  I think I have recovered some this week.

This week Taylor started real school.  Well, as real as a 4 year old can handle anyhow.  She gets picked up by Grandma at 7:30am.  Sits in the school office for 15 minutes coloring then goes to her classroom at 8.  She has pre-kindergarten from 8:30 until 12:00 and then home for lunch and a rest time.  It has been a little hard on her.  She is not used to having school for any more then 2 days a week and everything being new (new teacher, new students, new classroom, new school, new routine) she has been a little out of sorts.  And when big sister is out of sorts so is Ayla.  So it has been an adjustment for all.  I am hoping that next week is a little easier for all. 

See my big school girl?

Sooooo big!  4 years old.  She picked out the shirt and skirt herself.  Sunday before school started her and I went out together.  She got a hair-cut, we shared a cookie and hot chocolate at Panara and she picked out a new outfit to wear the next day.  So fun to have Mama and Taylor dates.  We are going to have to start having those more often.  I am not used to not having my Taylor around all the time.  It is weird!  But she is already excited for Saturday so she can be home.  The girl still likes being with mom and dad!  I'm glad.  Not ready for her to be THAT grown up yet!

I have a few pictures that have been lying around so I shall make this a picture post.  Ready?

Playing dress-up.  Isn't she just too cute for words? She picked these clothes out all by herself.

Of course big sister is not to be out-done!

Now - a story.  Once upon a time.  There was a little girl who's name was Ayla.  Ayla was usually a very good little girl, but she had a stinker streak that was a mile wide.  Now, one night Ayla's mother told her it was time to go to bed.  Ayla decided she did not want to go to bed.  Ayla's mother should have known, this little girl was waaay too awake and she was being waaay too quiet....

  You see, Ayla had gotten a hold of a black marker.  And she thought it would be very funny to pretend it was lipstick.  Since she was all by herself in her bed, her mother never suspected a thing until she woke up the next morning and hardly recognized her once clean little girl.  What was the poor mother to do?  But take lots of pictures to later show Ayla's friends when she is 16...

Of course this mother is also one of those mothers that is true to her word when it comes to consequences for un-acceptable behavior.  Ayla knew this, but sometimes she forgot.  She may have had fun drawing all over everything...but she also got to clean every last bit of it up!

Maybe....just maybe she will think twice before drawing on her walls again!

On another note - we took out our sunflowers the other night as many of you know.  It took about an hour to cut and clear them all.  The girls stayed pretty far away the whole time because of the wasps.  But Taylor was over-joyed when Daddy found something fun and insisted on holding it.  Much to my surprise!

The poor frog!  I am not 100% sure it survived.  But oh Taylor was so excited!  We put it in the garden so it could eat slugs and grasshoppers. 

Ah me - MUST I do laundry?  We could all wear our underwear another day right?  Oh fine!  I shall sign off.  Hope you enjoyed my pictures.  I shall write to more length soon.  I think I need another regular writing day.  Any ideas on what day it should be?

But for now...may all your freckles be spotted and your frogs full of tasty slugs!


  1. Love the pictures.

    You're a good mom, Sarah, for enforcing consequences.

  2. I love how she's holding the frog with gloves on.
    So cute!


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