Thursday, April 1, 2010

A windy windy windy day, this is a windy day today!

I just ate too many jelly beans.  Why do always lose track and eat to much when it comes to those fruity buggers?  I beleive a cup of tea may be in order to slow the demise of my stomach, hold on a moment while I get my water heating...................................................................................................................................
......................................................................................there we go.  Water is heating, kids are resting and I have a moment to myself to sit down and think on all things life related.  My life in the past week or so has suddenly become less complicated and terrible busy all at once.  I am honestly not even sure what we have been doing lately, however I do know that I am behind on laundry (again) and we have not had even one morning at home yet this week.  No, I am wrong, we were home Monday.  But Monday was a bit odd since I was not sure the whole time whether or not I would have a it didn't feel open and free.

My life has become less complicated since we bowed out of a few commitments/obligations - mostly church related - that have been taking away from needed family time.  Seasons in life are rather interesting, some seasons things just seem to drift by.  No one is in a hurry, no one takes offense, no one really seems to notice in general.  And then other times?  Oh it seems as if the whole world is watching and waiting...for what I am not sure but they are not waiting very patiently!  This season is a mix tea!  Err, I mean water.  My water is done, I have to go make my tea hold that thought.  Disaster!  Calamity!  I have only 2 tea bags left!  Well, not in all.  I mean I still have lots of tea both in bags and out...but I only have two bags of my current favorite tea left.  Would someone in Lemoore like to volunteer to get me some more berry plum black tea from Fresh and Easy?  I would greatly appreciate it.

Anyhow - what were we talking about again?  Ah yes, the seasons of life....and I have lost my train of thought.  But it was for my cup of tea so it was worth it.  Airplane! Airplane!  up in the sky? going overhead? I am channeling my daughter...sorry you didn't get that.  No, I am not crazy!  Oh, oh!  But hold on a sec and I will write what my lovely redheaded daughter said to us the other day.  I wrote it down as she was saying it between peals of laughter and bumps in the road (we were going to Grandma's house at the time).  I had been telling those in the car of the cat I had seen a few days earlier.  It had been an odd color and rather large and I had been contemplating whether or not it could have in fact been a fox or a mountian lion.  From the back a small voice piped up:

"I have a fountain lion.  It was in the jungle, we saw it on a field trip."  Of course hearing this makes the parents in the car chuckle and make side remarks about how cute the small one happens to be.  I believe one of the grown ups must have asked what a fountain lion looks like because she went on to tell us: "It looks kinda like a bear.  It was in the jungle.  Me and Caroline (a schoolmate) and the boys and girls had to carry it down.  We carried it to its family and when we did a little bear ran over and bit me on my leg so someone else did that one." (why were you in the jungle Taylor?) "I wanted to explore that jungle, and explore and explore and while we were there there was a little tiny earthquake but the ground didn't shake a lot, just a little and then it stopped all by itself and then we stopped it for it....but don't tell anyone else cuz it is a secret.  And then we saw a mountain lion and we had some muscles with us in a box so we put the muscles on so we could carry them down..." And she went on and on until I could no longer keep up writing!  I feel as if all the words above should actually be all together with no spaces in between.  She never stopped even to take a breath!  Constant entertainment these children are.  I'm sorry my small one, I couldn't keep your secret.  It was too funny!

I have been less scattered lately.  Today I believe I am a deep purple.  I feel at rest and rather cocky (a dangerous combination) perhaps it is the tea?  The sun has come out to play!  It has been resting most of the day, too much time out in the last few weeks it needed a break.  I am not against a break.  I simply consider it a excuse to make soup for dinner and drink hot chocolate.  And yes, I shall enjoy it while I can for I know it will not last!  All too soon even hot chocolate will lose it's appeal. 

I have been at the gym more lately and have loved it. I have been doing an hour on the elliptical runner burning between 530-600 calories according to the little counter, not sure how accurate it is.  Through life I have in fact discovered that I have an slightly different view of health and being healthy.  I know some of it comes from the fact that I am lucky enough to be genetically pre-disposed to being more slender then not and I was blessed/cursed with crazy stubbornness.   I rarely lose battles of will against myself.  I also realize that I am one of those blessed to enjoy exercise and even consider it a hobby.  Now, please don't take this the wrong way.  I am not thinking of any one particular person as I write this. As most of you know 99% of woman want to lose weight.  And a good percentage of men as well.  I have been there, I was at one point 30lbs over where I should be, and successfully lost it.  Either by diet or exercise or breastfeeding and chasing toddlers...or a combination of the two I am not sure.   But I will admit that lately, I have grown tired. I am so completely proud of anyone in my life that works hard to be where they know they should be but I have also discovered I have zero patience for anyone who is a chronic complainer and not doing even a little bit to change.  Now, conversation about what you are doing, rejoicing over achievements met, even voicing disapproval over goals not achieved do not bother me.  It is the "yeah, I should lose weight" or "yeah, I need to start being healthier" that tend to itch me.  If you know you should, then do it!  One of my very first posts on here I talked on how it is a little known fact that eating healthier is actually cheaper, not more expensive as the myth tells.  I believe here in the valley the obesity rate is around 40% (I could be wrong, that is a grapevine number) and that baffles me.  Why?  Laziness?  I can come up with no other answer and it saddens me.  Please, I am not trying to put on any "holier than thou" front.  I am truly saddened.  I want to do something, but I have no idea what.  I go to walmart to shop and I want to yell at the parents of small children who have nothing but junk in their cart.  I want to educate the kids that play outside my house, the parents of the kids at Taylor's school when I see the lunches the kids bring.  Ok, so I am taking this too far.  I know it is none of my business and there are kids that will not eat anything but a corn dog, cheeto's a juice pouch (contains 7% real juice!) and oreo's every day for lunch...and maybe it is a turkey corn dog...but really! 

Alright - off my soapbox (for the moment).  And again, I do not mean to offend, but if a blog is not for spouting my own opinions on matters at hand then what is it for? 

Ayla is up now, and she is asking for bubbles to be blown for her.  So I shall close - I have a new favorite book character.  The Duchess in Alice makes me laugh everytime she is in it.  Shouldn't we all look for the moral in every situation as she does?  My favorite of her quotes so far?

"Be what you would seem to be -- or, if you'd like it put more simply -- Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise."

Take it to heart, better advice you will not be quick to find!

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