Monday, April 26, 2010

Hat Quote Goes Here:

I looked to find a good one.  But I have discovered I have no patience today so I apologize, but you shall have to come up with your own! 

I will share however, that I have decided to become a hat person.  At the risk of sounding conceded, I think I look good in hats.  Or perhaps it is the draw of not having to work so hard on getting my hair to look like I did something to it...   Now I am not talking here about baseball hats.  Those I hate and always have.  No, I am talking about hats that you look at and think, “I like that!  I wish I had it in me to wear that” Well I have decided that I do.  I shall buy my first the moment it goes on clearance for 75% off.  I may desire to be a hat person...but I am also painfully frugal so since a hat does not fall into the "need" category I refuse to pay more then $4 on it (which is about what this hat will be once it goes down all the way).  If by chance I miss this one (though when I really have my eye on something at Target I rarely miss my lovely 75% off number.  It is a talent of mine.  Then I may have to give up and pay a little more.  But for now, eye on the prize!   Oh, and along with my soon to becoming hat-ness I am also thinking that come Fall I shall also be a scarf person.  That one may take a little more work.  Since they have to be tied a certain way and it takes a bit of a learning curve.  But hey, I figure if I can become an expert at tying a Moby Wrap, a scarf should be cake right?

My big four year old had a lovely birthday.  Would you like to see?  Ah, hold on - my coffee needs warming for the 3rd time.  Why must it get cold so fast!?!  I know it is just my dead mouth nerves right?  I make a hot drink for my wonderful husband; he takes one drink and has a blister for the rest of the day.  Yet I can drink it no problem.  I do wonder if there is something wrong with me. After all, shouldn't human mouths blister at the same temperature?  One would think...and yet I can drink it directly out of the boiling teapot.  Yes, yes, fine!  Come on people, I don't drink it out of the teapot itself.   I wait until it boils, put a tea bag into my cup, pour said boiling water into the cup and take a drink.  And you all laugh when the directions on the little snack bags in the airplane read "open bag, eat nuts." It is because of people like you!  And yes, you know who you are.  It is fun to see the faces of those at Starbucks when I order my drinks at 200 degrees though...

Oh yes, pictures! 
 My silly girl!  We went to the zoo.  Her choice, then it was McDonald's for lunch and home for a movie rest time. 

She so badly wanted to feel the giraffes.  It was the whole reason she wanted to go to the zoo and she was so excited we got to do it first thing!  

After rest time friends and family came over for hot dogs and mac and cheese for dinner, cake and rice crispy treats for dessert 
and of course...presents!

A good birthday.  And my baby girl is 4 years old now!

We have dubbed Sunday nights our family movie night.  Sunday naps always come late because of going to Grandma and Granddad's for lunch and before, I would stress that often Ayla would sleep until 5.  But now, I let her/them sleep as long as they need too.  Then we play outside a tiny bit and come back in for dinner and a movie.  Half way through the movie we stop it, jump in bath and get ready for bed.  Then it is back to cuddling on the couch as we watch the rest and then into bed.  It worked beautifully last night and we were all in bed by 9:30!  It is nice to start out the week heading to bed early.  5:30am comes all too early Monday morning!

We changed up our living room this past week.  I am loving it!  I went to Target (the land of plenty-of-deals) and found some 75% off items.  A small bistro table and 2 stools for only $25, and a storage ottoman that can also be used as a seat for $14.  So my large desk got trashed and now the table and one stool is my desk.  Much less room for clutter!  And the bookshelves are now out of the way and not creating more chaos.  I always love it when I can make changes that help my brain rest.  A restful brain is good!  

Though on the other side of that, a lazy brain is also not good.  I have decided the time has come for me to go back to school.  I have one class to complete and who knows what else to make up for time lost.  My kids are asking less of me now so I feel I have some time.  In fact, right after I write on here I shall email the Admissions office at APU and ask them what my first step needs to be.  Wish me luck!  The idea of going back to school gives me some anxiety, just because I don't know what exactly it will involve.  But I have been forgetting things and I feel it is mostly from too many small things to keep track of, and not enough actual brain work-outs.  What better way to work out my brain then to finish my BA! 

Perhaps my hats and scarves will be a sign of the new student in me.  They do feel rather student-ish.  I may also have to add to my coffee budget since I can imagine class and/or homework will require it!

Alright, I am thinking of it right now and have the motivation.  So I shall quickly close so I can get that letter off and my adventure started.  Pray it goes well!


  1. So Sarah, pursuer of hats, I have a bunch o' hats that you might be interested in. What sorts are you thinking of? If they sound like what I've got, I'll send you photos. Some of them I am willing to give you. How's that for 100% off?

  2. I will take any and all hats that are 100% off! I am still finding my style so at the moment I am open to all. Thanks so much! I would love to see pics of all. I love items that have stories beyond being bought in a store.


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