Wednesday, April 7, 2010

There's a tiger in my book, And a lion in my book!

There's a tiger in my book, And a lion in my book
There's a sneaky alligator I can spy on In my book
Sometimes all I need, Is a book to read

There are pirates in my book, On an ocean in my book
There's a sorcerer with secret magic potions In my book
And to learn where the story will lead, I just read

On a quiet day I could go outside and play
But there's adventure in my book, So exciting in my book
Turn the pages, See the pictures, Read the writing in my book
Yes, sometimes all I need, Is a book to read

Quick - what is this from?  Guesses?  Yes!  You are right, of course deep down we all knew the answer right?  I always laugh when I see the PBS add "read to your child 15 minutes a day" 15 minutes, that's all!?!  Mind you, there are days like yesterday for instance where we are so busy that we probably didn't make 15 minutes...though even on that day we were close.  But they were at grandma's in the evening and I have no doubt she made up our time. 

So today is our day off.  About three weeks ago we had a hard day and it was announced (not sure by whom) That we needed a day off.  So, I got out a calender and flipped it to the month of April.  I asked Taylor to point to a day and she chose today!  We started the day with making banana bread bread together and reading stories. Then Taylor got to pick a show and now they are watching one of Ayla's choosing.  We will most likely play outside next.  The rules of today; we can stay in PJ's as long as we want and we don't have to get anything accomplished...though I should probably think of lunch soon.  Day off or no, daddy still has to eat! 

But first things first, my beautiful children:

We took a picture taking trip to a local ranch-ish house.  There were horses that Ayla insisted were actually elephants ("El'phant! There!") and lots of things to climb and explore.  And best of all?  Lots and lots of dandelions!  (which thanks to our childrens seeding talents will have quadrupled in about two weeks) We had fun.  

From left to right: Molly (our pastor's daughter, almost 3) Taylor (Mine, almost 4) Ayla (Also mine, 2) and Mia (daughter of dear friends, also 2)

 I love how different they all are.  We have a dark brunett, a blond, a redhead and a curly lighter brown.  they all love playing with one another.  Perhaps in 10 years we can take another picture of all of them again in this exact pose. I love love love to see picture like that, and to see how personalities are the same through-out time and place.  We are who we are that is for sure! (Didn't Popeye say something to that affect?)

So I have started on a quest - no sadly, it is not that sort of quest.  Though quests like that are certainly exciting!  No, my quest is rather dull in comparison.  But important to me all the same.  I am on a quest to make my house more organized (I know, I have been on this quest before.  Honestly I never stopped, I am just now re-doubling my efforts) And to decorate my house.  It looks rather droll to me at the moment, and I think that needs to change.  So all you decorating savy people, do you have any tips?  I feel very impotent in this area.  I honestly have no idea where to start.  I spent some time looking at books last night, but I have trouble visualizing my house when I look at these examples.  I know I want to paint, but I am not sure exactly what.  I know I need more decorative pieces in my living room, but I don't want things to be over-crowded.  So I am at a loss.  I have a feeling this is going to be a long journey!  But I will be victorious!   Hmmm, Ayla just gave me a small piece of silly-putty.  Where oh where did she get that!?!  Ah me, this child....ok she just gave me another one.  hold on, I have to investigate this: She wont take me to it, she has a stash and she is not willing to share it.  I will just have to get sneakier.  You must be sneakier then your children!  My parenting tip for the day.  

I apologize for the delay.  First we played in the back yard, then Taylor had "A great idea!" and so we went on a walk.  PJ's and all!  Once we were home of course we had to swing on the swing and sing the swinging song and then draw with chalk a bit.  So it has been a good hour and a half at least.  Now I have pizza dough in the bread maker and kids are drinking ice-water watching sesame street.  Is it a special day or what!?!

Funny, I have discovered that while playing in the back yard kids want constant entertainment.  I can't just sit and observe.  We have to be racing, playing pirates or taking care of the garden.  However, in the front yard they could care less what I do.  They are off exploring the dirt, drawing with chalk, riding the tricycle and finding worms and aphids (Taylor spent some time this morning taking aphids off our rose bush) The toys are the same.  They drift from one yard to the other - there is chalk at both.  Perhaps it is because they are used to being in the front with daddy while he works in the garage.  It is more normal to be on their own.  

So back to my decorating efforts.  Perhaps I should take picture and have you all make suggestions.  Of course no one is allowed to get offended if I choose not to use your ideas.  I wish I could have like 8 different people come and decorate and choose what I like from each.  That is the problem - you see, I am very opinionated...I just have no idea what my opinion is.  But oh I know what it is not!  I will beat this yet, though I have a feeling it never really ends.  I need a house that changes with my mood, is that possible?  

We did change one thing, we moved the girls into the same room this last weekend.  Taylor has been going on and on lately that her room is cold and creepy and she is scared in there at night.  So she is now in with her sister and the extra room is their playroom with ALL the toys.  That's right, I took all toys out of the living room and bedroom and they have to stay in their home now.  They get homesick you see, if they are out of it for too long.  So they are happiest and play the best in the playroom.  It is always good to keep your toys happy!  Otherwise they may break or run out of batteries or accidentally get lost.  Toys get lost when they are not played with properly.  I know these things!  It is simalar to socks, but see socks run away because they think feet are smelly.  Sadly all feet smell at one point or another which is why we are constantly chasing after our socks!  My socks get holes in them rather often.  My wonderful husband says that it is because I hardly ever wear shoes, I think it is because they are airing themselves out.  Or perhaps it is because they are forced into the same laundry hamper as his socks!  Yes, that must be it.  MY feet don't smell bad after all!

Ah, I am getting sleepy.  That is what I get when I have to much time off. A sleep deprived mother can continue as long as she never stops.  But take a moment to breath and it all comes crashing in!  So to prevent a crash I think I shall go and start grating cheese for our pizza today.  

As I take my leave I beg you all, read to your caterpillars 12 times a day, for if you do not they shall grow spots and start spouting off Shakespeare while standing on their heads.  And we can't have that now can we!
So please, for the love of all that is Tuesday, read to your caterpillars! 


  1. Oh Sarah, there are so many things about us that are alike. Opinionated, stubborn, that little rebel inside. Yet artistic, creative, loving. I love coming here to visit you, though your spelling is atrocious. I feel free to say that because you are a voracious reader and you really should know better. :-) Taylor looks just like you and Ayla is a movie queen. xo, mary

  2. Ah too true. I am a sight reader which means I have no concept of grammar and phonics, all memorization - not to mention having such small windows of time I don't always go back and proof... My husband often rails on my spelling. Perhaps I should hire an editor?

  3. I really enjoy reading your blog =). Sounds like a good day! And for someone who can't spell, you certainly have a way with words my friend!

    As for your home and decor, I would love to help you with that and so I will bring over magazines tonight so that we dream about your ideal situation. Also, I am awfully good with a budget so start thinking about it and lets start there. I can make suggestions and you don't have to take them. But I want to get in your head first and see what you like! See you soon!!


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