Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sleep, baby, sleep!

Sleep, baby, sleep!
Thy father guards the sheep,
Thy mother shakes the dreamland tree,
And from it fall sweet dreams for thee;
Sleep, baby, sleep!
Sleep, baby, sleep!

Yeah, it is not going to happen. Want to bet? Why on a Tuesday? Why can she not have trouble going to sleep say...on a Thursday when I am alone with children while Ryan works late. But see, Tuesday is my date night, so she will be up late tonight no matter what. On a Thursday, I could exchange not getting a break at naptime for early bedtime. I suppose it is rather selfish of me. After all, I get a break tonight no matter what so it doesn’t REALLY matter. It is the principle perhaps, or my ever human need to complain, or perhaps I just need some..... I have been told that I talk about tea way too much on here (or that is the idea I am getting from the "so you really like tea huh" comments.) Therefore, I shall have...a...hot liquid that will remain nameless for reasons of not annoying my readers. But I will add that I take it with cream and one spoon of sugar!

Silence. Could it be? I don't dare check, time will tell! My big one is in the living room with a friend at the moment. Jack is visiting while his mother goes off to an appointment. Jack is almost 3 and has been a good friend of Taylor's for a good year and a half now. They are watching cartoons slyly as I try to get the little one to take a nap. I have been dashing to catch her every time I hear the doorknob to he room turn. Squeaky doors are such blessings when you have toddlers! It is the little things right? So far I think it has remained a secret that a friend is over.

I have lost the cord to my camera...err my wonderful husbands' camera. So as much as I am itching to show you pictures of my lovely garden and beautiful children I cannot! The pictures exist, just not where anyone can see them unless they want to squint at the tiny screen. I have bad luck with cameras! First, my little point-and-shoot refuses to turn on no matter how many times I change the battery. And now I have lost not one, but TWO cords I had for the other one. I have trouble enough taking pictures as it is! I always feel as if taking pictures takes away from me enjoying a moment. I am so concerned about someone looking the right direction or saying "cheese" in just the right way I forget to savor the moment and end up with ok pictures and no memories of the actual event at all! Lucky for me, I have wonderful people in my life with wonderful cameras and a truly exquisite God given talent that I am sadly lacking.

So it has now been a little over a week with no processed desserts at all. I am proud to announce I have not cheated even a little, even once. I have not changed the rules in between or figured "just this once." As long as I can have coffee or...er...another hot beverage I am just fine. Funny, have you ever moved a clock in a room you are familiar with? (Yes I am going somewhere here.) See, when you move a clock you realize just how often you looked at the time. A small little shock goes through you every time you look and the clock is not there. I have felt the same with dessert. I didn't realize just how much I was having until I stopped. All of a sudden when I want something sweet or I am just bored I will catch myself looking for a small smackerel of something. It is the same shocked feeling every time I remember I can’t have it, as looking for a clock that is not there. I really had it THAT much? It was just a jellybean here, a piece of chocolate there. The ice cream in the freezer, the cookie dough in the frig. And the list goes on and on. I have decided that my fast shall break on Saturday, a day early. I know, I know - my reason is that it is Taylor's birthday. I shall not go overboard. I shall have just one piece of cake. And then after that I shall start eating only half of what I would have before. For instance, I would have in the past grabbed two cookies or a whole piece of cake. Mind you, I generally stopped at two cookies or one piece of cake, but I shall take it a step further and take one cookie and half a piece of cake. I figure, if I really want more I can get up and get more. But often I don't, and that will cut down on my dessert snacking. I will also keep my desserts to social settings only. There is no reason for me to snack alone. But now I can have something on LOST night and not feel guilty, or our family Sunday lunch, or cookies with my wonderful husband on a date night.

Ha! I checked and she is asleep. Yay!

The kids are now off the play in the playroom. They are searching for Jacks lost Thomas train. It was left here a while back and the girls recently found it. "Gack, Tain?" Ayla always asks when she finds it now. The girl was making me laugh today. Over and over she was saying something and I could not for the life of me figure out what it was. "Wanday mama? Wanday? WanDay mama!!" I finally realized she was saying "Rainy day" and she was so excited to put a title on what she was seeing outside. She is going through a naming everything she sees phase. I love these phases!

I have come to a conclusion, after today we will have LOTS of May flowers. The April showers were more like April torrents today, coming in sheets and buckets. Ayla thought it was grand, I was a little apprehensive driving in it. But we all survived! Yay, they found the train. Taylor is very excited about that. Now Jack is making me cookies. Pretend cookies are absolutely allowed even on a dessert hiatus.

Speaking of, those leftover strawberries on the counter are calling my name. I think I shall have to go answer that call. They shall, after all, go so nicely with my cookies!

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