Monday, February 1, 2010

Murder, Mystery and...Ministry?

Gonna be shameless for a moment.  Not the first time, probably not the last!   First - what are you all people doing for Valentines day weekend?  I'm talking Friday and Saturday night.  (That is Feb 12th and 13th) Nothing? No plans?  Not sure?  HA!   I have something to fill your time! 

Some dear friends of mine have started a ministry called "The Wish Project" in the past they have focused on providing clean water sources to countries that don't have clean water available.  But with the growing need in Haiti they have decided to do a special "fun"d raiser and send all the profit straight to those in need. 

On the before mentioned nights, WISH is hosting a murder mystery dinner and show here in Hanford. I get to play one of the characters, so fun!   There will be dinner, a spectacular show (that is guaranteed to keep you on your toes!) a silent auction, a 50/50 raffle and more!  Tickets are $25 for dinner and show (starts at 7) and $15 for show only (be in the door by 7:30).  If you are local, or would simply love to come and have a fun evening then PLEASE go to or call/write me to get your tickets! Tickets purchased online will include a small fee to cover paypal costs - tickets purchased from me will have possible toddler "T" and "R" scribblings and/or smiley faces.  She is getting very good at smiley faces!  They need 25 confirmed guests per night or the city will not allow the event.  PLEASE come and support this wonderful ministry!!!

Ok - that done...on with the next order of business!  A test:  who does the foot belong too?

Awe, my girls are so cute!   And once again the age old parent parable.  Never, ever ever spend money on fancy toys when boxes are free!!!

The girls had their very first REAL princess bath this last week.  Daddy was working lots of overtime saving the world and so mom had to come up with things to do to entertain in order to not go crazy!  So we made cookies, banana bread.  We did projects and took a princess bath!  I was VERY tired by the end of everyday.  But tired is better then crazy!

We decorated the bathroom (Ayla insisted on her potty being in there.  She carried it all the way from the other bathroom all by herself) We made tea while the water was filling.  Chamomile tea with a spot of honey in it.  And then lounged in the bath listening to classical guitar and playing with the lavender bath petals until they melted.  They loved it!    I think Taylor has asked just about every day since for another one.   In time!  I told her they have to stay special so we can't have one everyday.  She insists that it will still be special if they have one everyday.  The girl has logic, but also one tired mom!

Oooh, we also got our garden beds filled with dirt this weekend.  It was very exciting!  Next order of business?  Seeds and plants!  We have a few that are ready to be planted.  With three garden boxes we each get one.  Well, daddy has one, I do and the girls get to share.  The girls are planting broccoli and strawberries.  I am planting sweet pod peas (a late crop) carrots, swiss chard and leeks and Daddy wants to do a salsa garden.  I will take pictures later - at the moment they are just boxes and dirt.  Not so exciting, but we are getting there!

So are you all ready to come to my housewarming party this weekend?  Don't  forget k?  4ish on Saturday until we get tired of you all.  Come and see my house!   There is also rumor of a poker tournament that night.  so if you feel like losing money, bring your $5 and deposit it directly into my wonderful husbands pocket (well, that is what he would tell you to do).  He needs new people to play with.  The more he wins the less people are willing to come over...someone needs to beat him!

Alright - off to start my day.  The gym, cleaning this house and getting control of laundry are on my list.  Anyone want to come and join me....?  No?  Oh fine!  

Peace to all - may you be well - and please order tickets to come see my show!

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  1. Love the pics of the girls! Hope you and Ryan have a great house warming party!


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