Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh a pirates life...

Guess what - it is sunny today!  Or it will be, once the morning fog burns off.  It must be, they promised!  And if it is sunny today then we will be outside playing pirates.  Because I like playing pirates and we need some outside time so bad.  I can hardly stand being cooped up for too long.  Especially in a house that is in dire need of some tidying up.  So hurry up sun!  We miss you, we want to go out and play. Okay?

Today is my dear Father's birthday.  And so in honor of him we spent some time this morning looking at old Looney Tunes cartoons.  The Plucky Ducky ones in particular.    "Water go down the hole, toilet pinter go down the hole!"  will now ring through my house all day today.  I must admit, I love these cartoons as much as my kids, perhaps more since I can get all the hidden jokes and appreciate the classic humor - as much as I can at the ripe age of 27ish.  It makes me feel old as I watch them and think "They don't make cartoons like this anymore!"  Of course, technically they can't.  Because as innocent as we may think they are, and as corrupt as modern cartoons may appear to be...the old ones are not technically PC. So we lose the charm and old fashioned laughter because Bugs Bunny occasionally dresses up like a girl, Yosemite Sam shoots guns and of course no one seems concerned at all about the other characters' self esteem.  But here - for anyone with small children: watch this.  You will not regret it...ok, you might.  But it will make you laugh!

We had a beautiful weekend.  House was warmed with lovely friends, and then we ate chicken wings and brownies (not together, not that crazy!) and laughed at commercials as we watched the super bowl.  I feel rather sluggish today.  Ayla has taken our lessons on sharing a bit too seriously and has passed her cough on to me.  So everything is happening slow today.  That is how a Monday after a busy weekend should be though, slow and simple.  Gearing up for cleaning up the kitchen (that still holds remnants of past festivities) and folding laundry....not to mention playing pirates in the backyard.  Come on sun!

I have a confession - I didn't take pictures at my party.  I am a terrible picture taker!  Thank God I have a wonderful husband who enjoys it - as well as a sister in law and several lovely friends...(one of which has promised me a family portrait every time I buy him a pack of silly putty)...but none of them had their cameras out at the no pictures were taken.  Dare I say I will attempt to re-clean a couple rooms and freeze them eternally in digital format for your viewing pleasure?  How about I just hint at it and then if I end up not getting around to it (as has happened the last few times I made any kind of commitment) I cannot be held liable. Agreed?  Agreed! So we shall leave that subject be for the moment.

I thought yesterday that I should have asked those that had extra's lying around to bring to my party one plate, mug or bowl.  I am determined to have a 100% mismatched set.  I have two different sets together at the moment since I don't have enough of either for more then a few people to eat.  And it just feels mismatched instead of I believe 100% mismatched will be.  Ok, perhaps it will only be stylish to me, but that is better then to no one right?  I think I will start buying one at every pay period.  So two new ones a month.  And then I am not spending too much (I will visit thrift stores and get them for 10cents each) and my kitchen slowly becomes more eclectic and chic. 

Taylor just told me we need to buy chalk so we can play hop-skotch.  I agree. After all, what is a child's patio without chalk drawings?

Say a prayer our truck can be fixed soon.   I know I have mentioned it before, perhaps we need prayer for time to work on the truck, as well as divine knowledge for my wonderful husband on how to fix it as cheaply and quickly as possible.  I really want to go to the gym everyday again.  It is truly therapeutic for me, but I can't right now without pre-planning and disrupting everyone's schedule since I either have to wake children and take Ryan to work first thing in the morning (6:45ish) or he has to use his morning break to come bring me the car...if he remembers, has no important meetings and/or I am actually able to get a hold of him to remind him.  It just takes more effort then I often have to spare lately.  And I feel the "blah-ish" affects. 

Well, this sun is still not out.  But the day needs to begine.  I have promised Taylor we can make banana bread to day.  So I shall sign off for now.

May you all have mismatched plates,  high leaps and bounds, and of course - pirates!


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