Friday, February 12, 2010

My Morning - a humorous story:

My Morning - a humorous story:

The day started out good - I actually got to sleep in a bit.  Was wonderful!  Ah, but that was not to last!  My lovely children had a much different morning in the works.

This story is in honor of those that have children and laugh maniacally saying "Yes!  I have been there too!" In honor of those that have only babies (or are waiting for their first) that think it is hard now (not to belittle the hardships of your first infant.  It is most certainly hard. I am of the opinion that two is not "harder" then one.  What you are capable of simply grows.  It is the same difficulty level if you were to rate it, having one is only easier in hind site as you sigh and think that you never knew how easy you had it! I imagine have 3, 4, etc works about the same way.  I just have no personal reference) .... and lastly, in honor of those empty nesters, that can read and say "ah yes, I remember it well!"

Tantrum #1: Taylor didn't want to watch the news and refused to come out of my room. She wanted to listen to chitty chitty bang bang instead.  This resulted in time-out and she will have to wait until tomorrow to listen to that particular music.
Tantrum #2:  Taylor believes that since she got in trouble and endured the evils of time-out she now can be mean to her sister and yell at her if she tries to play. Right back into her room she went!   Breakfast #1 burned.  
Tantrum #3: Taylor was not willing to take turns sitting in the rocking chair. When told it was now Ayla's turn she simply curled up in the chair and held on. 
She is informed that the chair will be going in daddy's office - tears and more time-out.  Breakfast #2 burned. 
Ayla decides while mom is busy she will go in my room and spread make-up EVERYWHERE.  Ayla goes in time-out.
Tantrum #4 Taylor wont let go of the chair as mom takes it away and gets dragged out with it.  Both girls screaming, it is not yet 8am and I haven't had my coffee yet!
Tantrum #5 Taylor doesn't want the breakfast I made (finally!) and gags and spits egg everywhere.  She cleans it up and is put in front of a yogurt cup.  She finally eats it - stupid mom sits for a moment.  BAD idea!  Ayla sneaks into the frig and gets herself a yogurt too.  Now there is yogurt all over the table and the child.   

Ah me!  I think I need some coffee, but sadly there is not time.  I hope my story brought a smile to your face.  Now I am off to face my day!

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