Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In my attempt to be organized....

I shall make a list!  ...or five.  But I shall start with one and see where that takes me.  I know this blog has become less my inner thoughts and epiphanies and has become a place to vent and attempt to make sense of my brain.  Don't worry, I have no doubt it will go back to where it was eventually.  But for now my unsuspecting readers, I have you caught! You get to be my sounding board so I can try to be organized - and you can't get away Hahahaha!!!!  Ok, so you can.  But somehow it is easier to do all this when I know someone is listening.  


To Buy

Cloth diapers - oh goodness, that has already branched off into it's own list.

This is my current plan of what I need to get.  I will have to double check what I already have...but since I didn't start with Ayla until she was 4 months old I know for sure that I have no newborn things and I also know my diaper pail liners are no longer completely water proof.  Everything in bold is what needs to be bought and prepped before the baby comes.  Everything else can be bought more slowly and things such as the diaper sprayer can wait until baby is 6 months old/eating real food.

Green mountain

Newborn orange $28 /dozen, (1/12)
Small yellow $33/dozen, (1/12)
Workhorse fitted - 7.95 for snaps closure, size small and up (1) 
Cotton Velour Wipes - 12 for $12.00 for size large 8"x8" (2)

Cotton babies

Kissaluvs Hybrid One Size Contour Diapers - $10.95 (3)
Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liner - $16.50 (2)
bumGenius Diaper Sprayer - $44.95

Pin Stripes and polka dots 
Kissaluvs Marvels One-Size Diaper Cover - $15.95 
New Blueberry Coveralls cover - $16.95 
Thirsties Duo WRAP Covers - Snap Closure Size 1 - $12.75 (3) 
Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners - Pack of 3 – approx $7 (3)

Any cloth diaper pro's feel free to weigh in.  They don't HAVE to be bought from the places I marked.  But those were the best deals I found.  Though buying only snappies from Amazon and paying an extra $5 in shipping works out to be more then adding them onto my green mountain order even if they cost a bit more there.  So I will have to evaluate all that.   I wash every 1-2 days.  Just can't stand a diaper pail sitting dirty for to long, especially during the summer.  So I figure I will start with less, and buy more if needed rather then over stock only to discover I didn't need as many as I thought.   That also reminds me I need to get a clothes line up in the yard.  BTW, I will now be color coding words I use in conversation that need to be added to my list.  I can use the current pail I have now, but the lid is broken on it.  As it is, it bugs me (I still use it for dirty rags and clothes that have endured accidents) but I can deal when I only use it once every day at most.  Make that 10-20 times a day and it will drive me insane. 

I am late in buying these things.  I don't know why but I have a major mental block with buying anything baby until the last minute. I guess I don't want to be one of "those" moms that has everything prepped and ready months in advance and then has nothing to do the last few months and ends up washing and folding baby clothes all over again.  Not that there is any thing wrong with those moms...they are likely wiser then I!  It is just not me. 

Ok, what is next...?

You know what, screw this - I am first going to make a list of what I HAVE and then I will work onto what I need.

I have:

An Amby bed 
A Beco Butterfly baby carrier (my pride and joy, though I still need to get it from the friend who was borrowing it - hence the blue)
A pocket sling
A nursing cover
A baby swing

24 Cloth diapers for 4 months and up and at least one cover.
A take home baby outfit (covered in monkeys!)
One very soft polka dotted unisex baby blanket I couldn't resist right after seeing two lines on a test. (Goodness I hope I remember where that is!)
Avent manual breast pump
2 breasts that I am betting will start leaking any day now.

Is that all?  Hmmm.  Alright, so let us see how this next list goes:

To Get (before baby is born):
Cloth diapers
Diaper pail
Clothes line
Swaddling blankets
Diaper changing pad
Lanasoh (soon, need to start prepping)
A few baby bottles (you never know - this one might actually take them!)
B. milk storage bags
Carseat/strollar (I believe our only big ticket item)
Possible new carseat for Taylor (so we can fit three across)
Medicine/toiletry type stuff (diaper rash cream, baby lotion, gas drops, baby wash, etc)

My brain just stopped working.  There has got to be more, I have come to a stand-still.  I know I don't need as much this time.  3rd child you just don't need as much.  I know I hate boppies, I know I need very little new-born clothes until he/she is born and we know the gender and size.  Then a few packages of onesies and some pj's should do it. A crib we can wait a long time for since we have the amby bed and that will be fine for 6ish months at least. What am I missing?

Ah well.  I will come back to these lists I am sure.  That wonderful "edit post" button will be my friend and I shall just add things (or take them away) as needed.

Next on my list of list making is what needs doing before baby is born.  Once I have that done I can start assigning myself tasks.  But that will have to wait for another time.  Right now I am tired.  I think Ayla and I will go on a walk in a little bit and perhaps stop by the grocery store before getting Taylor. 

Thanks for listening, it truly makes all this easier knowing you are there to bounce ideas off of.

Until next time...

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