Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the lists go on...

Alright...first I have to pee.

Ugh, yesterday I slipped on something spilled at Target, which must have weakened my already stretched to the limit stomach because later in the day I was swallowing water (which apparently needs to takes my complete attention now) and it went down the wrong way, causing me to cough and pulling something in my stomach even further...which means getting up and down is now painful, sneezing is terrible and anything else that takes stomach muscle control (trust me, you don't realize how often you use it) such as laughing, coughing, etc is a painful process.  On my list today was cleaning the bathrooms and trying to get control of some out of control kids rooms...we will see. 

But I am procrastinating still...

Ok -To Do before baby comes. (This will be a long list.)

Buy diapers (you know, I should go do that now.  Hold on....) Done!  I bought diapers.  Aren't you proud of me?  I now have 12 newborn prefolds, 12 small prefolds and 12 wipes.  I feels such a sense of accomplishment.  So much so that I can now make a list and NOT include that.  Now I shall start with something else:

To Do before June 20th (I will be 36 weeks, and since Taylor came at 37 I want to be fully prepared)

Prep diapers (see what I did there?)
Buy diaper covers and accessories (ok, so it is still on the list, but I got the diapers!)
Take inventory of baby clothes/items I have up in closets
Wash all baby items found up in the closet
Wash Amby Bed
Wipe down baby swing
Figure out how my bedroom with work with changing table and amby bed
Research freezable meals
Make and freeze meals!
Register at Babies R Us (I am not expecting a shower seeing as this is baby #3.  But registering helps with organization AND you can get discounts for items on your registry.)
Figure out baby names (can't forget that one!)
Choose welcome home outfits for big sisters and possible gifts from the baby.
Pre-register at Hospital
Look through baby book my mom left, and possibly watch "the business of being born" if I feel up to it.

Ah - Ayla's show is done.  Will have to add more later.  Though I am well pleased that thus far it is not too overwhelming. 

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