Friday, April 8, 2011

You know you are pregnant with your third child if...

Stolen from someone - because it made me laugh! This also applies to 4th, 5th, 6th pregnancies I am assuming. I of course don't relate to every one of these.  But they are still fun!
  • You completely forget what week of pregnancy you are in and have no idea when your next OB appointment is.
  • You don't bother buying anything new (or putting together baby furniture) until it is actually needed.
  • You refuse to buy Dreft, and haven't pre-washed any of the new baby clothes. Whatever detergent is on sale will do.
  • You have no time to even think about taking "belly shots" much less documenting yourself week by week - this is related to #1.  After all, you have no idea what week you are in unless you count it all out every time.
  • You understand that you will never get your pre-baby body back (without plastic surgery.)
  • You look forward to your hospital's practically a spa after all.
  • What To Expect is no longer your bible.
  • You have your own opinion about exactly how you want to be treated through pregnancy, labor and delivery.  None of this blindly following whatever the health professionals tell you and then being scared and confused when it contradicts. You know your body - you also know it is always different from last time.
  • People are already asking you when you are due and there are MONTHS still left to go.
  • How your pet will react to the new addition is of no concern to you - whether your current kids will learn how to not damage it is much more important.
  • Remember that list of little things you can't do during pregnancy?  Not talking the big things, I mean the "no cold cuts" or "no hot baths" or "zero caffeine." Yeah, not a big deal.
  • You briefly contemplate hiring a professional stylist to do your hair and makeup at the hospital, after all you know those first pictures are going to be all over Facebook.
  • Nesting? What's the point? A well-organized nursery will be destroyed approximately three days after baby comes home.
  • You don't take sleep for granted.
  • First timers make you go "awe. I remember thinking that!" and make you shake your head knowing that soon, soon they will know.  For now, all you can do is listen, smile, nod and let them enjoy knowing everything. 
  • You get jittery anytime someone tells you that they are jealous of your maternity leave, envious of the long "break" you will be getting. You resist the urge to ask them if they have ever had a vacation that involved major surgery, sleep deprivation, dieting and cracked nipples.
  • You are even more excited about the arrival of your newborn than you were with your first. You have been there before, and you know that there is nothing, nothing, more exhilarating than holding your baby for the very first time.

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