Monday, March 1, 2010

At LEAST 20 books, 2 shows and a whole pot of tea

A lazy Monday.  We need these every so often.  Dear friends were set to come over this morning, but plans changed and as much as I will miss is nice to have a lazy Monday! So we have passed the morning so far with breakfast, reading together for a good hour and now the little ones are entertained by PBS as I drink some tea and steal a moment in time to talk to all of you. 

Ginger peach black.  What do you mean "what."  Ginger peach black.   My tea.  It is ginger peach black tea.  Yes, I know you didn't ask...I was telling you.  You don't care about my tea? Why not!?!  It is very good tea.  I got it from cost plus so it has to be good.  Everything you buy from that store has to be good.  It is the law.  Like gravity - though Taylor has recently started yelling at gravity every time is is not cooperating with her wishes.  "Gravity!  Don't do that!" I told her that her ball falls to the floor because of gravity.  That gravity is a law and she said "I am just going to change that law!"  I have not yet told her that she, a mere three year old does not hold the key to cosmic law.  It is just too funny to watch!   

I am waiting everyday now for the first day of spring.  I pay no attention to the calendar.  The first day of every season is decided by me.  Taylor may not be able to change gravity - but I decide the seasons!  It is based completely on the weather and my current mood.  I always know when it is the first day of a season, not sure how.  I just do.  And of course as soon as it comes we have to celebrate.   I always get a bit giddy at the change of seasons.  I am not sure if it is because I love change, or if I simply have such a short attention span that I am just sick of it all after a month or two.  I would probably love to live somewhere the seasons are more distinct.  But alas, this is where I am supposed to be!  And perhaps if it were not so subtle I would not appreciate it so grandly.  So I make the best of it, and today that means I am delighted we have sun.  After the extra show my kids are delighted to be allowed, I believe we will be going outside.  My leeks and carrots need thinning and I will be challenging my small ones to a race.  (though the biggest small one cheats and starts before we say "go" and the smallest small one says "go" randomly whenever she wants to start running, so I suppose I am the odd one out trying to have rules at all!) Racing is a wonderful outside activity.  Exercise for me, and activity for them! We all win (except at the racing part, I always win at that!)  Perhaps today we will pretend we are racing through the jungle.  With all our rain I have a very happy lawn that has escaped mowing due to its perpetual bath for several weeks now.  So it is rather jungle-ey out there!

Ah, another cup of tea.  What did I ever do to deserve you!?!  I am truly blessed. 

No!  I just realized I forgot to write my to-do list today.  Our mornings are simple.  Daddy goes to work and the first thing we do is sit together, read something spiritual-esk whether it is a devotional book or just the Bible.  Then we pray for our day and make a to-do list.  As much  as I love change, I need structure to my day or I go crazy.  But today we did the first two activities and then an unusually fussy almost 4 year old distracted me from my list.  So I shall make it here:

1. put away folded laundry - and wash and fold more, it never ends.  Ever.
2. email a friend who is LONG overdue (I have been terrible with that lately.  So if I owe you an email, I still love you!  I am just forgetful...and I have no real excuse.  I am behind.
3. play in the backyard
4. do some toy purging.  An uphill battle.
5. send off netflex - and check the mail!  My mailbox is too far away, I have forgotten it for too many days.  

Today is actually pretty empty.  Nice actually.  I can relax a bit this afternoon. And just like that I have run our of things to day.  Funny how that happens so suddenly at times.

And so ends this post, a light post with no real value.  But true just the same.  May you all grow wings like grasshoppers and enjoy your brand new view of the world!

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