Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Coming to you LIVE from my own website!

So you've gotta try this:

See?  No more "blogspot" in the title!  Ok, so it still goes to the same place, but it is kinda fun for me! 

This will be a short post (Hey I saw that!  Rolling your eyes at me, as if you don't think that last comment could possibly be true.  it will be a short post! You'll see!) Before picking Taylor up from school today I have to stop by Target to check on my clearance items.  Either today or next Wednesday I am predicting the garden section will go 75% off.  I actually think it will be next week, but I have been wrong in the past so Ayla and I will stop by there just to check.  I am also waiting on a bag for my yoga mat to go 75% off and I think that will happen today.  Since we stopped by there briefly on date night last night; if Ayla and I go today, and I stop by there on my alone time tomorrow, that will mean I have been to Target  5 times in the last 4 days.  Do you think I have a problem?  I don't buy something every time and unless it is something that is already on my list and needed I never by something just because it is one clearance....unless it is 75% off and I REALLY like it. 

Oh no!  Hold on.............................................................................Oh yay!!!  Got the trash can out in time!!!  We are not always the best at remembering since we still feel new in this house and the days are different then the last few places we have lived.  But we cleaned out the garage this weekend so it was more then full!   I heard him and ran out to make sure it was out and it wasn't.  He saw me struggling with the heavy can and waited for me.  Such a nice trash man! 

Whew, now I am tired!

Oh, Ayla and I played in the dirt this morning.  We planted lots of baby seeds for our fall garden.  Hopefully the currents predictions are true and we will have a mild winter with not too much frost so my plants can make it to adulthood!  Want to see pictures?  While I wait for them to load I will steal Ayla's peaches.  She is not eating them and they look good to me! Mmmmm, peaches!
Here we have two tomato plants in the back.  Pepper plants (though you can't see them very well here) right in front of the tomatoes.  And I just planted LOTS of onions in the front of the box.  Oh, and there are chives there too. 

This one has leeks in the front just about ready for picking.  And behind those giants I planted cilantro, parsley, bok choy and spinach. 

Look, so full of promise!  Heehee, here we planted LOTS of carrots and some more Bok Choy. 

Here is my pumpkin patch. Well, what is left of it. I have given many haircuts to the pumpkins.  They will really take over if you don't watch out.  I was watching the news this morning and they mentioned how the cooler weather this summer has made for a good pumpkin harvest.  No kidding!    Here is another one just starting to change color:
And that is one of four full sized ones still in the garden (that I know of) and who knows how many more babies are out there! 

These are the only flowers I have at the moment.  My morning glories LOVE the elephant!  And the grasshoppers love the morning glories.  Pest control in my garden?

Find the grasshoppers and give them to Ayla to play with!  She will find one, run into the house for her "gloves" "house" with them.  There is always a mama and a daddy and they will go into old flower pots for their "houses."  She makes them give each other kisses and hugs and when they feebly try to jump away she says "hey guys! come back here!" and since they are usually disabled at this point it is never hard for her to find them again...and the torture continues!   I would have pity for them if they didn't cause such destruction to my plants.  But when it comes down to it, I have more pity for plants then grasshoppers so this is my revenge!  I also found another preying mantis today.  Ayla did not get to play with that one.  I left him where he was.  I figure I have enough of them as pets and I"ll leave him in my garden to keep down the grasshopper population! 

Here is my cantaloupe/watermelon patch:

See the cantaloupe growing there by the fence?  It is one of three I can see.  So excited to try it! 

And lastly, here is my oak tree! 
Ok, so this is a crappy picture.  But I was the one taking after all, so there is little you can expect.  It is about three feet tall now and so very happy.  I think he needs a name....

Oh goodness, if I am to keep my promise of a short post (and I always do my best to keep my promises)
it needs to!

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