Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It is not the first day of Fall.  I am not sure why, technically it is...and it feels it outside.  But it is not.  Now, before you get all huffy that today is not "technically" the first day, that tomorrow is...I beg to differ.  Actually here in the US it starts tonight - all calendars that claim it starts on the 23rd must have been made in Europe.  it won't start there until tomorrow...look it up! 

K, I just checked and my calendar (which claims first day of fall as the 23rd) was printed in China.  Hmmmm

I think that it might be a mental thing on my part.  I can't claim fall when it is supposed to be 100 outside next week.  90 degrees on Michaelmas just seems wrong.  Oooh, I shall have to do a Michaelmas post and tell you all about it why I love it.  I have been writing on Wednesdays lately and as luck would have it, Michaelmas falls on a Wednesday!

I just realized that in the last three paragraphs I managed to drink an entire cup of coffee and I have no memory of even tasting it.  See people, this is why I order my Starbucks at 200 degrees, I don't want to miss it! 

Life has been tinged with purple lately.  I would even venture to say it is pink with a purple rim.  Almost like the very end of a magnificent sunset.  Peaceful, a good thing!  I am feeling better.  Things have settled into routine.  Though the routine feels far busier then I ever expected this fall would be.  Some days I feel as if I am in the car all morning carting people from place to place.  And I know it will only get worse! 

I have been taking a bit of a break from Target.  I have only been twice this week.  Nothing really interesting is on clearance.  And they made me mad yesterday so I am boycotting them for the day.  They wouldn't take one of my coupons.  Scandalous!  It would have meant I could get a dress for under $2 but when the coupon wouldn't scan (and they don't scan all the time, the machines are very finicky) they said it was because it was for just the dress pictured on the coupon (not computer failure - I don't remember ever seeing the dress pictured for sale there) and not any Merona brand dresses like I had thought.  Perhaps they are right, it still made me sad!  I will spend under $2 on a dress that I like but don't need.  I wont spend $4! Much too expensive. 

This morning Ayla and I are taking it easy.  Perhaps later we will make a small grocery trip to Walmart.  Though if I am going to do that I should do it soon to avoid the crowds.  Any ideas on what to make for dinners this week?  I have been coming up stale lately.  I need some new ideas! I know I say that all the time.  But it is always true.  I get so bored so fast!  There is such a frustrating divide in recipes.   Healthy and interesting vs. not so healthy and easy.  Sadly interesting almost always means more work, which is ok.  But it means I have to think ahead and I am not always good at that.  So when I am faced with only 20 minutes to make a meal I then have to choose a tried and true meal that I am bored stiff of, but I know I can fit it into the time I have to prepare.  So let me think - you all can be my sounding board.  A meal list for the week.  Ready?

Chicken Taco's - boring, but fast

Hamburgers?  That means I need to get some beans and buns (unless I make them, I really should just make them).  Ryan will likely BBQ then for us.  He has been having fun with his charcol grill lately

How about meatballs and rice?  I should get a veggie to go with that.  And I should check and see how much ground beef I have....only 1lb.  Guess that should be added to my list...maybe I should actually be making a real paper list here.

BBQ chicken pizza.  Perhaps we will have that for dinner today.  Not the healthiest with all that cheese and pizza crust.  But ok. Ooh, that reminds me I need to add cheese to this list.  We have been going through it too fast lately.

ok, that is 4 meals.  I should do at least 3 more. 

BBQ Bask chicken and home made rice pilaf?  That sounds good.  And I have everything to make that (Except a veggie - we should go to market tomorrow and get some).   Always good! 

And with the leftover rice I could make fried rice.  Oooh, reminds me, we are low on eggs. 

1 more.....I think I will find a recipe for cheese and veggie stuffed pasta shells.  I have some of those.  I used to have a good one and lost it.  Anyone have a good one?  I like having at least one meat-free meal per week. 

So have you enjoyed this my dear reader?  Or did I loose you long ago once you discovered I really had nothing interesting to say?  I know my shopping list is not the most exciting...but just having your ear made this dreaded task less gruesome.   I hate making this list, and hate even more the shopping for it.  But it must be done, so I shall close and off we go to the store.  Wish me luck!

Oh, and happy Autumn to all.  Perhaps I shall get some apple cider to celebrate.


  1. I just caught up with your blog after being in IRELAND. I always find more things that we have in common. The cooking thing, getting bored with the same old, needing quick recipes that are also healthy. Having a cookbook stuffed full of papers and cards with spilt food.

    Can I have your fried rice recipe? I've never made that.

    Check my facebook page for Ireland photos. I'll have more soon, and also a slideshow on my blogsite hopefully by next week.

    Now, about those hats...

  2. I saw your photo's. LOVED them! Made me long for an adventure. So when are you going back?

    Honestly my recipe is just me using leftover rice, a little soy sauce, peanut oil, sesame oil, a dash of ginger and garlic. Thrown together with whatever veggies I have on hand, shredded chicken and scrambled egg. I often cook like that. It never comes out the same way twice, but that is what makes life interesting right?

    Hats have been evaluated and processed - check your email!

  3. I too am addicted to Target clearance. Clearance with a coupon? Perfection! They should have taken your coupon. Go back and try a different cashier. It makes all the difference. I got Archer Farms frozen pound cake in a bundt shape(normally around $4) yesterday for free (on clearance with a coupon!). They get finicky with me too on coupons, so I feel your frustration. Do you follow the blog I'm afraid it just adds to my addiction, but helps me get great deals. Keep up the great blogging!

    P.S. I like getting a small pork shoulder at Walmart (farmland brand) and cooking it in the crockpot all day with a bottle of BBQ sauce poured over it. Take it out and shred it to put on sandwiches. Easy and delicious.

  4. That is an awesome site - thanks!! New addiction here I come!


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