Friday, July 2, 2010

ER adventures

Wait.....first I need coffee...and I need to pee.

Ok,, wait...Now kids want ice water...hold on!

Ah!!!! I spilled my coffee all over my desk as I got up to get kids water! NOT my day (though it may have been funny to watch - after we knew everything was ok)luckily Ryan's camera was on the other side of the desk and so narrowly escaped baptism by morning coffee. And now, of course it has been too long and what is left of my coffee needs warming up again. Luckily there was a bit more in the pot.

Goodness this post is taking a long time to start! At this rate I am going to run out of 'Jojo's Circus' before I have even started.

Ok - I think THINK I am good what was I going to write?

Ah yes, I was going to tell you all about our adventure last night. The night started out simple enough. I had a few friends coming over so we did baths early to make sure kids would be done and ready for bed soon. Ayla had just gotten out of the bath and was running around the house naked as I watched her sister in the shower (showers are new things around here, and one 4 year old is still learning the ins and outs of washing her own hair and avoiding getting soap in her eyes). I should have known to be checking on Ayla more then every 1-3 minutes...but I am always foolishly holding onto hope that someday she will be able to be trusted for at least that long out of sight of a grown-up. Sadly I was wrong! I heard a crash in the living room and ran as fast as I could to discover what and who was damaged. It took me a moment to find her, she was in the silent breath section of crying. (This is how I know my kids have really been hurt/scared. There is a cry, then silence for about 10 seconds as all the air is being let out - then a huge breath followed by a scream that could make any soap star shudder.) When I first found her she looked ok. I asked where she was hurt and she said "hurt, head!" I felt for a bump and at first didn't find one. I was just about to get her an icepack when she turned around and I saw she had blood running down her back. Not a fun sight for a mom! I found the cut, too big to heal well on it's own; gaping open about 1/8 of an inch. I yelled for Ryan, told Taylor she needed to rinse and get out of the shower NOW. We got blood cleaned up, pressure on the head and a night dress on right as Auntie walked in the door. She had come to hang out, little did she know we had another job in store! It was perfect timing, she was able to watch Taylor for us while we buckled Ayla into the car and headed out. The walk-in clinic had just closed 15 minutes earlier so we had to go to the ER.

Along the way, of course we tried to use this as a teaching moment. Explaining as best we could to our 2 year old that THIS is why she needs to obey mom and dad. We ask her not to go on that stool because it is not safe and she can fall and hurt herself. We had to laugh at her response: "Two minutes mama? Head feel better. No doctor. 2 minutes mama?" The poor girl was asking to be put into a time-out. She didn't want to see the doctor!

I would have to say it was about the least stressed ER I have ever been in. We were lucky! Only one other person was in the room ahead of us and there were nice, kind and polite staff. We only had to wait about 20 minutes and they had us in, evaluated and in a bed. They were much impressed by Ayla's battle wound. We explained that as far as we could tell, she had climbed a stool, the one that is used for the computer desk. She had fallen backwards off it and hit her head on the edge of the subwoofer that is behind the couch. She needed 5 staples to close it up. Daddy got to hold her while they did it and mom got to hold her after. I like my job better then his! She did just fine, she got all female doctors and nurses - all of which were really good with kids which felt like a blessing. She has a pretty big case of doctor anxiety which started when she had swine flu and pneumonia last year. But she did good!

Warm milk when she got home and lots of hugs and kisses and it was bedtime. She slept great - and this morning she is bouncing off the walls! I am having a hard time keeping her down. I just want these stitches to come out before we need to have anymore!

I am interested now to watch and see if she stays off the stool. I am praying very hard this child can begin to learn life lessons with the little hurts. My mom always made it very clear that one of the prayers she prayed over her children daily was "Lord, let my kids get hurt just enough so they are not stupid, and let them always get caught the first time they do something they shouldn't be doing." It is a hard prayer, but a good one. Thank you God for teaching my kids in the little things. Help their hearts to be open to the lesson and please, help us not to have another lesson for at least a little while. I could really use a break!

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