Sunday, July 11, 2010

Midsummer - a family vacation!

The car is loaded up...
The house is locked and the windows are shut...
The kids are in the backseat - we're ready to go!

Ok - not exactly.  But almost!  So far I have packed the "kitchen" and the girl's toy bags.  We have set up the tent to make sure it is still sound, gotten out the sleeping bags and made lists.  Annnddd...that is all.  We leave tomorrow and with church and Ryan's birthday lunch and dessert I will have no chance to get anything else done until 3ish this afternoon.  Is that enough time?  We had a midsummer present planned.  But it is looking like it will have to wait until next year.  Taylor got sick late this last week and that threw a wrench in getting things done ahead of time.  That and financially we are pretty stretched and I want to make the smart decision.  Next year.  Of course, it could be argued that I should be taking advantage of the time right now and packing instead of writing on here.  But I will admit - I have not had much motivation.  That is another reason I am so behind.  I have had SUCH trouble getting to the point of actually packing things up.  Not sure if it is because of being tired or if it is that I am not really sure where to start. 

So on the agenda today?  Well, it is Ryan's sleep in day. So the girls are watching a Blue's Clues while I write.  Then I will get them popped into the bath and dressed for church.  Church starts at 10:45 but I think that I may have patio church today.  For those of you who don't know: Patio church means a group of people who love one another sits outside in the scorching heat (or inside where there is food and ac) and have "church" together.  Sometimes we listen to the pastor and talk about the sermon as we listen.  Sometimes we sit silently together drinking coffee and worshiping softly along with the music - and often we talk to one another about life.  I try to limit patio church to once a month so that I do not get in the habit of missing out on sitting in church.  Funny - some Sunday's I just know we need to be outside and almost always either someone has something they need to share or there is someone new that is blessed by a church and a group of people that don''t fit into any known "church" box.  I love it.

After church it is to my in-laws house.  We usually go to their house for lunch on Sunday's.  I love not having to cook right after church!  Ryan's birthday is on Thursday of this week so we are celebrating that today.  Then - it will be a flurry of packing and getting ready!  I am trying to decide if we should have a rest time today.  See, I might get more done if the girls rest.  But since we rarely get back until almost 3 they will sleep until 5 and then not want to go to bed until at least 9.  We have to get up at 4am in order to leave when we want to.  So should I have them sleep in the afternoon? Or should we skip a nap and go down for bed at 7:30ish hoping for more real sleep before our early morning?

Oh I just got a glimmer of excitement!    I feel as if I have not had a chance to be excited yet.  But I should be!  Amazingly everyone will be there this year.  TRULY amazing since there are 31 of us now.  Up from the 7 kids and 6 adults as it was when I was Taylor's age.  4 camp-sites this year to house us all.  We will go hiking, eat food together.  Rest and relax, play games, sing songs - oh so many midsummer songs!  They are fun, I promise!  Talk about memories and make new ones.  Sadly we can only stay for a few days - but I am hoping that is enough.  I get to see friends I have not seen in years, some who have never even met my babies.  I also get to see a new baby (my nephew) that I have not yet met myself.  Yay!

Well, my husband is up.  I should think of something for breakfast and get kids ready to go.  Say a prayer for our safety - that one adventurous little one doesn't feel the need to escape and explore.  That the car rides go quickly and are un-eventuful.  That we will have an amazing time with our beloved friends and create memories that will last forever.

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  1. Sarah, please know that this week is covered in prayer from this end. Have fun!

    PS Those pictures are great!


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