Monday, June 14, 2010

I have a ballerina!

Want to see?

There she is!  My big girl, 4 years old.  Her first ever ballet recital!

She has "the wave" down. I suppose she is practicing for the many years ahead when she will be surrounded by her adoring fans.

         She wasn't supposed to touch her costume.  And she did so good holding her hands up so that the skirt would stay poofy.
 Waiting for practice to start.  LOTS of waiting, lots of practicing.  But she did great through it all!

Waiting for their part to start at rehearsal.

The redhead in the back is Taylor's teacher.  She loved it when she first started and her teacher had red hair just like her!

 We worked hard between practice and performance to learn how to dance without fingers in the mouth.  She did perfect! 

My baby girl danced with a boy!

The kids worked so hard to be able to hold hands as they danced about the stage.  They had some trouble in practice, but by the show they had it 100%

Bowing together, so cute!

Taylor's good friend Abby.  Abby will be starting in the same pre-school class as Taylor this fall.  I am so excited she will already have a friend.
I was so proud of my dancer.  She didn't get a bit nervous, her moms daughter!  She held her head high, followed every direction and loved every minute of it.  I have a feeling this child will love the stage.  

She got flowers from Aunty and held onto them the entire night and all the way home.  She felt like a queen. 

I know this is not really fair. 
 I haven't actually written anything today.  To make up for it I promise to write again later this week.  But for now, the movie is done and life must be accomplished somehow.  But wasn't she so cute?  I am waiting for more pictures and will likely post more when I get them.  Proud mom here!  Until next time....

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