Thursday, June 24, 2010

At Midsummer time the fairies come out!

At Midsummer time the fairies come out!
If children could see them with glee they would shout!
On Midsummer's Eve even gnomes try to dance,
In fairy-ring revels they awkwardly prance.
On Midsummer Day elves and fairies all fly
From acorns and buttercups up to the sky.
                                                                   - Follow the Year

I realized today that I never officially announced the first day of summer.  My only answer for this is that it hadn't happened yet.  But then thinking deeper, I believe it was yesterday.  So let today be my official announcement.  Yesterday was the first day of summer!  For those that don't know me so well, yes - I KNOW that technically Monday was the first of summer according to the calendar.  But when have I ever been technical?  Yesterday was a simply lovely day.  The gym in the morning (40 squats, 20 lunges, 10 minutes of arm weights and 75 minutes, about 6 miles, on the elliptical.) Needless to say I am sore today.  But oh I feel so good when I can spend that time on myself!  We came home and had a smoothie and sandwich picnic in the back yard.  Then rest time, and then girls got into bathing suites and played in the hose while I watered the garden.  They came in soaked and giggling.  Sounds like the first day of summer to me!

Of course this also means we need to fully prepare for our midsummer vacation.  Perhaps someday I shall attempt to explain exactly what midsummer vacation involves, trust is far more complicated then you are thinking.  Just a few things that are necessary:  A bus, a BIG dog, shrink-big-kids, slime, losing at least one flip-flop, chocolate cake, stinky feet, bears (and the methods at which they can be scared off - they are scared of snakes you know) blood thirsty deer, old ladies and their flashlights, singing (LOTS of singing) laughing, alittleboyinthebackofthebuswithadanialboonhatandarubberknife, a sailboat that may or may not be turning the right way up, bright green jackets and of course; a pound and a half of fudge.  And that is only the tip of the iceberg!  Perhaps this afternoon I shall sing some midsummer songs to my children.  They have to learn them sometime!  

Oh yay!  I just got the thrill!  Ok - off track here:  But you know something I love so much about parenting?  You know that fun excited feeling you got as a kid before your birthday or on Christmas morning?  It always came with the knowledge that something exciting was about to happen.  The feeling that your stomach is going to fly away and you will be left behind giggling uncontrollably.  The same feeling that made you jump up and down at the thought of going to Disneyland or visiting friends you love.  Now - maybe this is just me...but remember somewhere around adolescence when that all went away?  When all of a sudden your birthday is just another day and "Christmas Magic" seems just out of your reach?  Sure, you can fake it still.  But why bother?  

Now, for those of you that don't have kids yet...listen carefully.  Every bit of that magic, every bit of that excitement!  Every joy, every butterfly and 100 more, comes back!  Oh it comes back a thousand times over!  It comes back in getting to share and teach that joy.  Come on, think about it: YOU get to be the one that tells your kids about those days.  YOU get to help them decorate the Christmas tree.  YOU get to be Santa! YOU get to surprise them on their birthday and share the car ride on the way to Disneyland.  Can you imagine it?  I truly cannot contain my joy at this - can you tell!?!  And this summer, for the very first kids get to go to Midsummer!!!!  

I need to make a list...lots of lists… 

And speaking of Christmas, my Christmas shopping is just a few weeks away.  The clearance has started!  Target clearance that is.  July is Christmas shopping time for me, because that is the month that Target almost completely re-does their toy section.  Now, it works in waves - the first wave has already started.  I predict the next will start in the next week to two weeks. And if I can time it right, I will be there the morning all the toys are marked down to 75% off.  I predict it will happen somewhere around the third week of July.  Hopefully not the week I am gone!  If things go right I will get a good collection of books, crafts, dress-up clothes and a few toys - usually about $200 worth, for about $50.    Perfect for Christmas! 

Target also has a bookshelf at the moment that I would love. It is currently 30% off and I am skeptical that I could get it for 75% off.  But a girl can dream right?  Thursday's are the sweet day for home stuff like that.  Perhaps we shall stop in real fast this morning....

Speaking of this morning I must go.  We are off to the library shortly.  You got my ramblings today.  This is how you see how my mind really sounds.  On days I just write whatever it is I am thinking at the moment!

Much love to all - And remember to eat your chocolate cake quickly, or you might find yourself stuck in the door of a bus teetering off the edge of the Rookie Driver's Revenge!

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