Wednesday, December 7, 2011

'Tis The Season

Alright - I have my cup of tea in hand, I have a sleeping baby and Ayla is set up in the living room watching Charlie Brown. I am ready for...Oh this tea did not steep enough.  Oh bother! And it is my favorite PG tips tea and it is weak.  Blah.  Should I make another cup or deal with this one?  Hold on, I have to make another cup.  I want to ENJOY my tea.  I will be back.

Alright, the water is heating.

Do you know we don't have a Christmas tree yet? It is...hold on. December 7th and no Christmas tree graces our home. Of course waiting means that there is hope for a green tree on the actual holiday. And waiting is the wise financial move, it is also better to get one when we have the time to decorate it. Ideally 2-3 hours at home without plans of going out anywhere. 2-3 hours at home has been very rare lately.  When I first became a stay at home mom I would go insane being home all the time. When my Wonderful Amazing Husband would come home in the evening all I wanted to do was get out of the house, and all he wanted to do was stay in and relax.  I don't have that problem anymore. With carting kids to and from school, dr. appointments, playdates, church activities and general grocery shopping it feels sometimes as if we are never home.  Though we are home today, and the reason is because we have Life Group tonigth which means it needs to be possible at the very least to walk through my livingroom without tripping on mountians of toys and laundry.  And as you can see I have gotten a great start on all that by sitting and writing here. Does that go under the category of housewife fail? I think it does.  Don't you think it is funny that everyone says "Fail!" now? No one said that when I was a kid. Oh my, I just had an old moment.  Did you see it? Ugg. I will admit though, I am thoroughly entertained by current slang no matter my age.

Now I must check on my steeping tea.

Much better! I'm glad. Because I was not about to make a third cup. A third cup is where I draw the line.  I may be a tea snob, but I also have a blog to write and a house to clean. No time to make a third cup of tea...although there is a good chance it would have taken me a shorter amount of time to make said cup of tea then it took me to write all that out up there.  Heehee, that also entertains me.

I have enjoyed life lately. I have discovered that there are very specific things I need to stay content. I need kids that learn their lessons the first time. I don't mind the occasional tantrum or two. But I cannot stand multiple tantrums about the same thing. I need sex (won't my kids love reading that someday?) I need a once a week date with my husband and once a week alone time. I need some time once a day or so to spend alone talking to God and at least 3 books a day read to my children. I need kid hugs and baby kisses and at least a few hours a week spent with dear friends. I need coffee and tea, I need chocolate (especially in cookie form) and bread fresh right out of the oven with butter. I need a house that is clean-up-able.  It does not always have to be clean, but I need to be able to make it clean in 15 minutes or so if I need to. I need sun and occasional rain, a good book and a warm husband. I need a hot bath every few days or so (I'm a mom, it is a rare thing) and a well rested baby. I need a place to go everyday and a reason to stay home on occasion. I need a place to pour out my heart if needed and a captive audience that enjoys reading my ramblings. I need to sing, even if I am not very good at it anymore. And I need soul-moving music to grace my home.  I need beauty and poetry, I need my Father in heaven and my family on earth. I need pictures and videos and Oh!  Guess what.  I have been watching old videos of the kids lately. So much fun!  I wonder if I could put some on here...

And this one?

Aw it is not letting me do more! One more try...


Oh isn't it fun!?!  Ok, so maybe my old home videos are pretty boring for someone that is not mother or perhaps grandmother to my kids. But they make me smile so much! I love it. I should also post some new pictures of my kids shouldn't I. Alright, here you go:

There are my big girls.

And my baby - She is getting so big I can hardly stand it!
Oop, baby girl is awake! I will try to write more soon.


  1. I love reading your posts. It's like I'm sitting with you on your couch listening to you which is something I miss very much. (no I'm not crying, I have something in my eye) sniff sniff.

  2. Awe, I miss you so very much Jenn! I cannot even tell you how I wish I could take a vacation to Hawaii right about now.


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