Monday, April 30, 2012

I've got a Golden Ticket!

I do I do! It comes in the form of a clean blood test and 2 months grace.

Remember my last Eeyore post?

Well, I went to the Endocrinologist again today to get my most recent blood tests read.  I was not expecting much, I really wasn't. Neither was my doctor. He had made it more then obvious that he was certain there would be no good news.  My husband was peaceful, he had said just days before "don't worry, we will get the results and they will be 100% normal. I know it." And you know what? He was right! I like it when my husband is right!

I am not exactly sure what all happened to be honest. My numbers were bad, the doctor - 2 doctors were sure. I don't know if I really do just have a bad case Postpartum Thyroiditis that is now finally passing on, or if I do have Graves and it has since gone into remissions...or if the power of prayer has shown itself to be above it all and I am clear and free. I am ok with that! But the evidence stands, 4 weeks ago my tests showed everything wrong - and I know they had been wrong for months. Some of these symptoms I have had for years. And a week ago they were supernaturally fixed.

I was truly so astounded at the out-pouring of supportive emails and messages telling me people were/are praying and thinking of me. I feel so very very blessed. It was the very day after I posted on here, once prayers starting pouring, that I woke up feeling 1000 times better. It truly was night and day. Since then I have had good days and bad, but prayer works guys, it is truly amazing to me!

I have most of the symptoms still - though the lump in my throat is very noticeably better. Still there, but MUCH better.  From what I have read it can take a while for everything to regulate and for everything to go away.  There is a very good chance my symptoms will swing into hypothyroidism in the next few weeks. From what I read, it almost certainly will.  The doctor says there is about a 50/50 chance of it being chronic and needing a lifetime of treatment...but honestly, if that is how it needs to be I am ok with that.  Do you know what the best thing I heard was today?

"You require no treatment at this time."

I feel like I was handed a hall pass for 2 months, my golden ticket. And that makes me so happy! At the end of 2 months my baby girl will be very close to one year. One year means she will be able to easily take a sippy cup and can transition to cows milk. It means that if weaning is needed, it is very doable and will not cause to much stress for her or I.

That 2 months feels like it makes all the difference! And if at the end of these two months I end up with bad numbers again, sure it will be frustrating. But I know I can handle it. My family is more supportive then I could ever have imagined. My baby girls, I love them!  Taylor said I have Spring Fever. That is her word for it.  I had explained things as loosely as I could, not wanting to scare them in any way - but also wanting to make sure they knew I was not at my best and it was no fault of theirs. She would ask "Mama, is your spring fever acting up again?" When I would get flustered and snappy. As we came out of the doctor today Ayla asked if "the butterfly in my throat was better now." And how exciting to tell her yes!!

 I will not keep you all long tonight. But I wanted to update and to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart. My Spring Fever is getting better. I am praying for it to go away all-together and a completely clear test in 2 months. But I am also praying for God's will. I know he has plans for me that I cannot even begin to understand. And if struggling with Auto-Immune and/or thyroid issues for the rest of my life is part of it then I know there is a greater good in His plan.  This is my adventure for now, and I am so completely honored I have not been adventuring alone.

I love you all...

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