Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I love cookies. I really do, my favorite is oatmeal chocolate chip. However, there has to be a little added extra flour to make sure the cookies stand up instead of go flat, they need to have about 2/3 of the sugar called for, they have to be slightly undercooked so they don't get tough and crunchy and the chocolate chips have to be Ghirardelli Chocolate 60% Cacao Bittersweet Baking Chips.  See?
Those ones. They used to only be sold at Savemart for $4 a bag, and I was known to buy 3-4 bags at a time if I was lucky enough to find them on sale.  But now Target and their blessed new grocery section has them for half that price and I am elated! Yes, I really love them that much. 

Cookies are my down-fall.  I am generally a very healthy eater. I mostly cook meals that I would consider on the high end of "good for you" (though when Kaylee is fussy that high-end moves a little downward due to my lack of hands. It is harder to cook in general without hands...even harder to cook healthy. boxed becomes much simpler) and I am good at controlling my portions. I can pretty easily say no to cheap out of the box desserts, or have just one and be content.  But homemade cookies, especially of the chocolate chip variety have me helpless. I have some in my frig now, hold on and I will get one.  You see, after talking about it so much I have decided I need one.  Be right back....................................................................................... ..........................................................................................................I got two. You see, they were sticking to one another and it seemed sad to just rip them apart...right? 

I am eating these cookies now as a demonstration to you of my addiction. Why you ask? Well, just in case you didn't believe me. I needed too....right? If I had just written down that I liked cookies you would have nodded understanding and moved on.  But now you know I REALLY like cookies and you are looking at me with your head cocked to the side and your eyes a little squinted. See now you shake your head just slightly and smirk a bit...starting on my second cookie.  I must re-unite him with his lost love lady cookie! It is for the sake of the cookies that I eat them.  We can't have a depressed cookie on our hands, that just wouldn't do! Now your eyes look up for a moment as you smile in pity and shake your head again, it is almost a laugh, but could also be taken as a guffaw.  Admit it, you did!

I have been on a weight loss mission since Kaylee was born.  I was my ideal weight and in pretty good shape when I got pregnant. I had worked hard to get there losing to 30lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight after having Ayla. I then got up to that weight again while pregnant - and added a few more. I gained 15lbs while pregnant with Taylor, gained 25 with Ayla and this time I gained close to 45. I think I better stop with three kids or who knows how big I will get! So after Kaylee was born the first 20 came off right away and then stopped. So I was faced with 25lbs still to go. 6 weeks pp I decided I needed to work a little to get the extra off or it would stay put so I started working out and watching very close to what I eat. Weight started to come off. I am proud to say that in three weeks I have now lost 8lbs and I am starting to feel more like myself. There is still a bit to go, but somehow 15ish lbs seems much more doable then 25. 

Goodness I am distractable today!  Is that a word? Firefox doesn't think so and he just put all those squiggly red lines under it. Makes me feel like I am being yelled at "BAD SPELLER! You wrote that word wrong! See? See? See those lines? That means you spelled it WRONG!" And yet none of his suggestions are correct. You see, I am a sight reader which means that I may not know how to spell a word, but I will recognize the correct spelling when I see it which means that spell-check is my friend - including Firefox and his wiggly lines. Well for now those lines will just have to stay there! 

You see what I mean by distractable? I joke that I have the attention span of my youngest child in order to keep-up with them.  That means that at the moment I can only pay attention for the same amount of time as a 2 month old.  I would also like to claim that this means I need a 3 hour morning nap and will possibly cry this afternoon for a few hours for no apparent reason.  I'll claim that is why my house is cluttered. I was busy crying...and possibly had eaten too many chocolate chip cookies....

Well I just caught myself staring for several minutes at a toy bear on the floor so I believe my blogging abilities are limited this morning - and you, my reader are probably very bored.  Would you like to see some pictures of my babies?

Here is Ayla on her first day of school - and just for good measure I will add one of Taylor on her first day too: They both feel so huge to me! Taylor is starting a bit of an awkward stage, which for some reason I love. It means she is getting bigger and we have some of our best conversations then. Her mind is just growing by leaps and bounds and I am shocked every day by her cognitive abilities. And Ayla? This morning out of the blue she said "Are you thinking what I'm thinking Mama?" I had to laugh, where had she heard that? But when I asked her what she was thinking she got all embarrassed and would only say "I don't know"and ran off to play elsewhere. She doesn't like being laughed at.

At one week old Kayle was just over 5lbs

See how big her newborn clothes were on her?

Kaylee was 7lbs 3oz and 20inches at one month old.

Almost a smile there. We got her first real smiles at just under 4 weeks

You can see the clothes fit her a little better. She rolled over for the first time at exactly 6 weeks. We were shocked! She did it three times in a row and now does it often when she is put on her tummy.  She rolls tummy to back, hasn't yet rolled back to tummy but hey, we have have time!

She just had her 2 month and now she is 9lbs 6oz and almost 22inches. The girl is huge! 
 Now we get smiles all the time and sometimes a chuckle that sounds very close to a laugh.

No wonder most of her newborn clothes don't fit her anymore! Now I need someone to give my newborn girl clothes too, anyone need some? I like giving my baby clothes where they are truly needed instead of just dropping them off at a thrift store. If I don't have any takers I will likely donate them to a shelter.

Now the little miss has woken. But I will add a few more one handed just because I like them. Enjoy!

All for now. Be well!

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