Wednesday, August 3, 2011


These crippled limbs may not be healed today
But God will use me in another way.
I am the empathy for those who come to pray
And through my pain they'll hear his call

I cannot walk or talk or run or play
But you respond to what I cannot say
God has a purpose for the way I am today
For as I stumble and I fall.

I teach compassion to us all

I had a vision of the cross today
I saw the Son of God and those who turned away
There was a tiny child who bowed her head to pray
Above the crowd her faith stood tall

You find compassion in us all

If I was born to perfection
Ever searching for direction
Would my life have touched so many hearts?

As you walk with compassion
As the storm of life is crashing
Then the light of love will guide you
Through the dark

So as you pray that I am healed today
His faith will move you in so many ways
If I'm the reason you get on your knees and pray

You will be cushioned as I fall

By the compassion in us all.

- Thaddis (Kuk) Harrell 'In the Arms of the Father'

Rachel with her 7 hour old son Gabriel.  So perfect and beautiful.

 A day and a half old.

"At 12:20AM today (Thursday, August 4th 2011) our dear grandson Gabriel quietly died in the arms of his parents Rachel and Zak. Val, Nancy and Mark (Zak's Parents) were with them as Gabriel passed from his parents arms to the arms of Jesus. In the 40 hours that Gabriel was with us we saw the incredible love between Zak, Rachel and their son Gabriel. They responded so wonderfully together. Zak and Rachel comforted Gabriel and helped him with such care. Gabriel responded to them well beyond what we expected was possible. We want you to know that prayers were answered and God's presence and grace were so evident. Thank you for your love and support."
  - Jerry and Val Reddix
I have always imagined heaven – the place where our children play before they are born, to be the 100 acre wood. Pooh is doubtless there, as are all the rest of them. They play Pooh Sticks and search for Eeyore's tail together. Perhaps that is simply true innocents in my eyes. Kaylee turned 2weeks on Sunday. There is not a bit of doubt in my mind that her and Gabriel were fast friends within that wood together. A regular Pooh and Piglet
I can remember my dad talking once about newborns. He would laugh as one would stare fascinated at a blank wall, transfixed it would seem, on nothing at all. “They are not long enough away from their heavenly home.” he said. “They still have the eyes to see the spectacular. Perhaps it is the Holy Spirit or an angel in that spot right now. Smiling and laughing at God's little one.”

For some reason this gives me comfort every time I see it. Angels all around, protecting us, protecting our babies. I always imagine the angels making silly faces, perhaps playing peek a boo or something equally as ludicrous and un-angelic.

So Gabriel, you are king of the woods now! You got to come visit us for a time and oh how we cherished that time! Know that Kaylee misses you. She told me so. And even if you two didn't get to meet in this life, you will get to play together again. I hear the secret of Pooh Sticks is to drop your stick in a twitchy sort of way – of course you are probably an expert at that! I, who am long from the woods has forgotten you see. So someday, when I see you there, you can show me how it is done. Gabriel, you are beloved more then you will ever know. Piglet actually says it very simply and beautifully to Pooh 
“If there ever comes a day when we can't be together keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever”

Of course within that wood, there is absolutely a Christopher Robin.  And I may get in trouble for writing this, but as the one that knows all and is the comforter to all - I see it as being Jesus.  After all, how often have we in our own lives heard the loving chastise of "silly ol' bear" with our own names fondly inserted. 
I have often seen AA Milne as having been divinely inspired.  Perhaps it is just me.  But I can't imagine God not having had a part in creating those pages.  And through my prayers for Gabriel and for his family (as well as myself, for I feel in myself a loss greater then words can describe) I have felt these words as a comfort from my own personal Christopher Robin. And these words - call it a prayer if you like - I will leave with you, just in case you may find some sense of comfort from them as well. 

"If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together... there is something you must always remember. you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart... I'll always be with you."  - Christopher Robin


  1. Tears, here.

    Beautiful, poignant.

  2. I think the only thing harder than not having children (and wanting them) is losing one. My heart is breaking, but these words you have written have lifted me. I hope that Rachel and Zak are lifted up as well. God bless you Sarah and your amazing heart.

  3. oops, major typo.

    Sarah, that was lovely, and had me crying.

  4. Wow,what a beautiful friend you are. I am praying for your friends.


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