Friday, February 18, 2011

Ayla Grace

I am starting a new tradition with my kids. To watch them grow (and because it is fun) we will have an annual birthday survey. I stole the idea from a friend and so far I am loving it.

My little one turned three yesterday. Hard to believe I know...and even harder to believe that I have become one of those that says “they grow so fast!” but I have. They do! Three years old, wow. And I know it will only get weirder the older they get! 


What is your name? Ayla 

How old are you? (this took some time. First she insisted on holding up one finger. When I finally asked her to tell me she finally answered with a very annoyed “mom, are you daft” look on her face) Free

When is your birthday? Somebody (she was dead serious about this answer)

What is your mommy's name? Sarah

What is your daddy’s name? Um....eeee....Ryan
What does your mommy do all day? Works on the wall, putting pictures in my clock (huh?)

What does daddy do all day? Works at work

What do you like to play with mommy? Games. Kid games.

What do you like to play with daddy? Play a game too

What is your favorite color? Purple
What do you want to be when you grow up? A bumblebee. A sting bumblebee!
Where do you want to live when you grow up? Outside like a bumblebee (duh!)

What is your favorite food? Chicken nuggets

What is your least favorite food? Sauce

Do you know what church is? For my birthday!?! (that is all I could get)
What is your favorite thing to eat at a restaurant? Chicken nuggests (again with the “didn't we already say this?” look)
What is your Sisters name? Sissy

What do you like to play with Taylor? Playing chasing!

Do you have any friends? Who are they? I have my friend Lonny at school (I have never heard of this child) and my friend Jack and Molly and Mia and church.

What is your favorite thing to wear? Clothes

Where do babies come from? Cradles

What is your favorite show? Curious George movie with bubbles

What is your favorite toy? I like my elephant

What is your favorite thing to help Mommy do? Make a list

What is your favorite thing to do outside? Play in the sandbox. Pepsi not poop in the sandbox. I like to play in the sandbox with my imaginary friend Matthew.

Where do you like to go in the car? Go to Molly's house

Where do you live? In our house! (silly mom!)

What do you like about being three? Have lots and lots of birthdays! Play in my sandbox

What new things can you do now that you are three? I can make a sign! I don't know how to make a sign, I need help!

I am so excited for my big three year old. At the moment you are very much discovering that you are your own personality. It has become the new favorite thing to always disagree with mom. If you think I am trying to get you to pick something, you always pick the other. VERY independent, I hear “I do it myself” a lot. You have started telling Taylor “You're not the boss of me!” which of course can turn your sister instantly to tears, I am afraid you find this power very interesting and use it whenever you think you can get away with it. 

But with all this growing up you still like lots of mom cuddles. You rarely sleep all the way through the night and usually come into my room at least once. But luckily all you do now is come into my bed, cuddle for a few minutes and as soon as I ask it you go back to your own bed and back to sleep. You just can't make it that long without hugs!

I believe you have set a record in this family with ER visits and calls to poison control. Always the adventurer. I joke that you are like a cat. You need to be as high up as you possibly can. This is an impulse that drives you and is very hard for you to control. But you are learning! You and your sister will play for hours outside in the yard climbing the elephant, running, digging, watering plants and each other. Crying when mom says it is time to come inside because you are having so much fun! It makes me happy.


 I see a lot of myself in Ayla. The one that always has to be first to face the danger. The one that always has to prove to everybody and nobody that she can keep up with the wildest of boys. I am so happy to have you everyday! You make my world a little more adventurous even if I have become old and boring. I love you so much Little One and can't wait for another year of growing together.


  1. Sarah what a BEAUTIFUL person Ayla is! I love her wanting to be a Bumblebee : )
    Happy Birthday Ayla!

    I think I just might steal this idea when the next birthday comes around. I only wish I had done it with the boys.

    Oh and Ayla, Molly LOVES it when you come to her house too!!!


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