Monday, October 18, 2010

What makes a GOOD book?

“Poetry and Hums aren't things which you get, they're things which get you. And all you can do is go where they can find you.”                              - Winnie the Pooh


Too true! As are blog posts.  I refuse to offer excuses when I don't post as of' as I would like.  To be sure, this is my thoughts laid plain is it not?  So I can post as I see fit!   I also hate it when I have post upon post of grocery lists and inner dialog that is of no real consequence.  True, it has it's own purpose.  But it then starts to look too much like your average blog.  And we can't have that!  

So what is new in my life?  Well, I am in the middle of reading a romance novel.  Yes, I know!  Terrible no?  Well, it was highly recommended by a dear friend of mine, she in fact begged me to read it.  When I agreed I had no idea it was a romance.  But as I had agreed to read it, I couldn't very well go back on my promise.  I try very hard to always keep my promises!  I searched and searched in the bookstore.  Not finding it, I dared venture to the romance section.  I place I have never been!  And low and behold, there it was.  No, it is not one that has half naked people on the front clutched in an embrace that may or may not actually be humanly possible.  It simply has the name of the book and the author on the front.  Encouraged by this fact, I decided I would give it a try....goodness I can not type today!  I am going back over half of what I am writing fixing letters. For instance, it took three tries to correctly write "fixing." Truly embarrassing to be honest.  So I apologize if this post has more typo's then normal.  I don't always have time to go back and edit.  

Anyway!  I bought the book.  It took a little to get into it.  As my normal genre is closer to fantasy or science fiction this whole "real people in real life" thing was just a little odd.  At first it was alright.  The romance didn't start right away.  I suppose it needed a good amount of time to build up.  Well, now I am half way through the book and I am afraid it is in full throttle.  I will finish the book.  But I am aware that this is one of MANY in the serious.  I don't believe I will read any others.  I could say there is not enough blood and gore, no magic or things to stretch the imagination...but if I am being perfecting honest there is just too much sex!  Now again, I could claim that I just don't want to fill my mind with things of that nature.  That I am above that, my sense of morality tight and pristine.  But to be perfectly honest I enjoy it a little too much, and it is exhausting!  I don't get my housework done, I get frustrated when my kids get up from rest and I want too much to go find my book to read it more.  As Joey from Friends so cleaveryly stated it when he found a book of this nature in Rachel's possession (yes I did go there.) "You've got porn!" I don't think it is really good for me.  

I suppose, avid reader as I am, it is actually pretty good to make it to 28 without having read a real romance.  The thought of one has always rather bored me.  I have read a few innocent pseudo romances, and I have read my share of books that have some in them, but the book is not centered entirely around it.  Perhaps I just don't feel old enough to read something like that.  Which is laughable in theory since as stated before, sex is one of my favorite topics!  Perhaps it bothers me because it is not real.  I have often said I hate chick-flick movies because I know the people are not real and I get personally offended when the movie expects me to cry and care about these obviously fake characters.  I have never felt that way about books, until now.  My rebellious nature starts in, and then I get frustrated with myself when I start looking foreword to reading my book.  Which means I then will go days without reading it because I don't want to feel at all addicted to something that I know is not really good for me.  I hate the "I am so looking foreword to reading this, but sooo can't wait until it is finished" conundrum.  My middle ground?  I will finish this book, but only this book.  I like the writing style, the author is very talented.  I will attempt to read it as a work of skill rather then an otherwise un-tapped fantasy of sexual imagination.  I will not, however, buy anymore of them.  I don't think I can handle it.  And certainly my house, including the mountainous pile of clean laundry in need of folding can't!

I will admit though, in my ever going quest of learning who I am - I have certainly been entertained watching myself through all this.  I suppose I have always wondered how I would react to a book of this nature.  But again, my rebellious nature would never have allowed me to pick up a book of this nature on my own.  I will not be THAT person!  Pining away for far away imaginary lovers, getting frustrated at my husband for not living up to the storybook fantasy.  Neglecting my house and family for an escape into a world that does not exist.  Though let me add, I don't actually know anyone who fits the above mentioned situation - but I know myself.  And if I were to throw myself into these books there is a chance it could be me. Instead, I find the urge to throw down and run away irresistible.   As it should be!  Hmmmm, perhaps I should try my hand at writing a romance?  "As she gazed into his eyes she felt herself burning with a desire for...for.....!"   No, I can't do it!  It makes me laugh just to even think!  Perhaps that is another reason I have trouble with this book.  I simply can't take it seriously.  

So what I ask of you dear reader, is another book!  I need something that better fits me.  I am ok with a little romance, even a little sex.  But only a little.  And if it is not there I am ok with that!  Something that will grasp tight my attention for the right reasons, but not so intriguing that I can't put it down without trouble in order to take care of those around me in REAL life.  Any ideas? 



On a very different note, the girls went to their first football game this last week!  Want to see?

 Taylor and her best friend Abby

My little one!

They LOVED watching the cheerleaders and were so sad when we had to leave.  I think we will go again, there is lots of room for kids to run around.  And it is fun for mom and dad too.  

Oh my, Ayla's show is over.  So for all my beloved readers? May your books be full of innocent romance and your games slow and covered in flowers!   

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